Klenet Plans Big Democratic Fund Raiser in Parkland


Forget about Broward County.   The real money for lobbyists is in Washington and Russ Klenet is slowly moving his business there.

Russ Klenet: Living the Good Life

Part of the move is raising and giving money to Democratic members of Congress. 

So Klenet he’s Mr. Stacy Ritter — is putting together a brunch fund raiser for one of the biggest Democrats of all, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The majority leader is facing a very tough reelection in Nevada.  A February poll by Rassmussen indicated Reid was running behind four potential Republican challengers. 

Since this is Broward, Reid will be munching on “bagels, said Klenet. “We all grew up on bagels here. Our political system runs on bagels.

Klenet made a point to emphasize: “This is a Russ Klenet affair, not a Stacy Ritter affair.

County Commissioner Ritter is Klenet’s wife.  The brunch will take place at their Parkland house

Klenet and Ritter were early supporters of Barack Obama when the rest of the Broward political structure was backing Hillary Clinton.

The lobbyist  has opened an office in Washington and has been expanding his list of federal clients.  In November he gave $5,000 to Chris Dodd’s now-aborted re-election.

Klenet is somewhat controversial, even for a Broward lobbyist.  He has been under attack by bloggers for years because he lobbied for Mutual Benefits insurance before authorities of Klenet realized it was a ponzi scam.

7 Responses to “Klenet Plans Big Democratic Fund Raiser in Parkland”

  1. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    And by the looks of it, diabetes will be following nice.

    Nice vest Russ! Went with a medium?

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    And by the looks of it, diabetes will be following shortly.

    Nice vest Russ! Went with a medium?

  3. knowledge says:

    stacy and russ originally endorsed bill richardson governor of new mexico before obama.

  4. Right Wing Reactionary says:

    Not much to hold Klenet here since Pat Salerno was kicked out of Sunrise.

  5. David Brownnose says:

    Russ must stay in Broward long enough to testify at Steve Geller’s upcoming corruption trial.
    Steve introduced Russ to the mutual Benefits insurance fraud CEO Joel Steigner. Geller and Russ are all tied in Mutual Benefits ponzi scheme together.

  6. Stacy Not Russ says:

    It’s Stacy that has to make a move in that family not Russ. Stacy needs to get back to the State so that Russ can do business locally. DC is where the NFL quality lobbyists play, and face it, Russ plays in the Pop Warner League. Stacy’s county paycheck is nothing compared to what Russ could make with his wife more strategically positioned. They need a different game plan and you will see that emerge soon.

  7. Coolio says:

    I can only assume Ritter made a play for a job in D.C., but the Obama people took a long look at her and her significant other and smelled something suspect. Or am I wrong?