Key Democrats Turn Their Back On Broward’s Democratic Elections Supervisor





Dozens of Democratic activists have turned their backs on Broward County’s Democratic Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes.

David Brown, a Hollywood-based marketing executive and long-time local political operative running against Snipes, announced this week he snared dozens of endorsements from key Democrats.




David Brown


Brown released a list of those endorsing him as of October 14. It contains the names of 22 current elected Democrats and numerous leading party leaders. He has a signed authorization from each of the Democrats as required by Florida law.

Democrats are flocking to his campaign because he has pledged to work to increase turnout if he is elected, he said.

“They know that increasing turnout in Broward means getting more Democrats to vote,” Brown said.

A blatant pitch to only Democrats works in Broward because county elections are dominated by Demo voters. The election for supervisor almost certainly will be decided by the 2016 party primary.

Brown has repeatedly complained that Snipes did little to promote higher turnout by failing to make it easier to early vote, vote by mail and register.

The importance of the endorsements is not so much that these activists will help him win the Democratic primary, although they surely can’t hurt. The significance is that Snipes, who has been Broward’s chief election official since 2003, has been rejected by so many in her own party.

There is another factor at work.  Snipes is one of the most visible African American office holders. Activists in a party with an African American base must really believe Snipes is doing a poor job to endorse her white opponent.

The list released by Brown is below. Note that most if not all the elected officials who endorsed Brown won office through campaigns he worked on.




Dave Brown for Broward Supervisor of Elections – Democrat


Dave Brown for Broward Supervisor of Elections – Endorsements 10/14/15


School Board Member Nora Rupert

State Representative Jared Moskowitz

State Representative Joseph Geller

County Commissioner Stacy Ritter

Coconut Creek Mayor Becky Tooley

Coconut Creek Vice-Mayor Mikkie Belvedere

Coconut Creek Comm. Lou Sarbone

Coconut Creek Comm. Josh Rydell

Coconut Creek Dem Club Treasurer Lois Stermer

Coconut Creek Dem Club VP Vivian Jones

Davie Mayor Judy Paul

Davie Town Councilmember Marlon Luis

Davie Town Councilmember Caryl Hattan

Hollywood Comm. Peter Hernandez

Hollywood Comm. Linda Sherwood

Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis

Pembroke Pines Comm. Carl Shechter

Sunrise Comm. Joey Scuotto

Weston Mayor Daniel Stermer

Weston City Comm. Angel Gomez

Weston City Comm. Thomas Kallman

Weston City Comm. Toby Feuer

Davie Dem Club Michelle Clawson

Cong. Lawrence Smith

Ret. Circuit Court Judge Ronald Rothschild

Fmr. Broward School Board Member Karen Dickerhoof-Fortman

Fmr. Circuit Court Judge Joyce Julian

Fmr. Pembroke Pines Comm. Jack McClusky

Fmr. State Rep. Ron Greenstein

Fmr. State Rep. Steve Perman

Fmr. State Rep. Franklin Sands

Fmr. State Rep. Jim Waldman

Fmr. State Senator Steven Geller

Fmr. Weston City Commissioner Mercedes Henriksson

Former Weston Mayor Eric Hersh

Randy Fleischer

Philip Fortman

Gerald Olivo

Stavros Moforis

Hubert Klomberg

Stanley Kravitz

Arthur Spector

Dorothy Rae Abram

David Altermatt

Kamala Anandam

Jasmin   Barnaby

Carole Behrman

Barry Belmont

Joseph Belmont

Phyliss Botoff

Dr. Laurie Brown

Jessica Brown

Janet Burnett

Amy Cagle

Pradip Chhadva

Dr. Rashmi Chhadva

Florence Cohen

Darren Covar

Rebecca Dahl

Junior Dennis

Ethel Fink

Bina Fink

Harvey Fleishman

Rebecca Fleischman

Jenise Finkelstein

Norma Goldstein

Sharon Grad

Norman Grad

Joel Greenwald

Elaine Groper

Daniel Halpert

Bette Heidenrich

Marvin Heidenrich

Judith Henry

Jared Hermanowski

Rochelle Horowitz

Constance Kalish

Alison Kallman

Pres. Dolphin Dem Club

Rabbi Noah Kitty

Mindy Koch

Shirley Lewenberg

Simon Lewenberg

Mary Macfie

Susan Malter

Maria Manno

Neil McShane

Ellen Moltz

Stavros Moforis

Michael Moskowitz

Evelyn Newman

Gerald Olivo

Victoria Olson

Edwin Osias

Ruth Packer

Eileen Pangione

Daljit Pannu

Lydia Papadopoulos

Milagros Pinal

Shirlene Pitter

Richard Poirier

Louis Reinstein

Timothy Ross

Roslyn Roth

Dorothy Rubin

Paul Salver

Constance Saunders

Gene Schneck

Bea Schwartz

Ben Schwartz

Steve Seigel

William Sherwood

Wilma Silver

David Singer

Sheila Smith

Renee Smoley

Daniel Sohn

Barbara  Stuart

Mitchell Stullbey

Anita Steinberg

Luis Suarez

Ronny Sydney

Tina Wadner




19 Responses to “Key Democrats Turn Their Back On Broward’s Democratic Elections Supervisor”

  1. Party Problems says:

    3 things:
    1) He needs to proofread what he writes.
    2) Dem Club President’s and Vice Presidents using their title to endorse? That’s just wrong.
    3) Daniel Sohn

    While I have no desire to cast my vote for Dr Snipes, this guy is not a qualified alternative.

  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Yeah it is a proverbial “who’s Who?” As in Who? All or most of David’s old candidates, come on.

    I always love how David disrespects elected officials on these lists by forgoing protocol of listing by the highest office first and putting his friends on top.

    A Broward School Board Member atop current members of the legislature and a county commissioner?

    Credit to Nora if she held out for top billing.

  3. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I would bet (good old snake eyes here) Dr>Snipes as impressive as this endorsement list is ,is of no surprise to her. My take here her executive staff(think fat) stinks and are overcompensated. I will tell you one thing Mr.Brown don’t get to cocky Neferdidi here(Snipes) is a seasoned pro who is no joke….

  4. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    Dr. Snipes lacks an ethics policy, which she has the authority to institute. She allows her attorney to politically support and provide financial contributions, to races which her attorney may be called upon to make a legal opinion. She continuously allows her employees to contribute to her campaign in conflict which clouds her judgement in performance reviews and promotions within her office effect The office impartiality is highly suspect since she allows her employees to support campaigns which they are supposed to be impartial to including her own.

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Rabbi Noah Kitty

    Are these real name, or porno stage names?


    Noah Kitty is the president of the Dolphin Democratic Club and the executive director of Congregation Etz Chaim in Wilton Manors, a synagogue.

  6. Broward Voter says:

    I’m not too sure about the activists listed, but there sure aren’t many (if any) African-Americans on that list of current and former elected officials.


  7. Energy, Experience & Expertise says:

    David Brown has the knowledge, intent & goals to increase voter turnout of all party affiliations. Broward County has ranked below state averages for too long. Apathy at the helm breeds apathy all around. The lines have been too long for too long. David understands what needs to be done to simplify voting procedures with accuracy and increase voter turnout. David has the plans to accomplish his goals. It is time to put David Brown’s contagious energy, enthusiasm & charisma at the helm of this office.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Dr>Snipes you know Comm.ritter was a given. No surprise there. How about Randy Fleisher. Oh you should have seen him kiss her ass and that amazon that worked for her regarding my hearing for my voting rights. Poof gone. Oh maybe him Dr.Snipes ,him and his cowboy boy boots. Lookin like he hadn’t showered in days….That endorsement for Brown is no sweat on Neferdidi’ back. The others well, me thinks you better get Rev Sharpton and Jackson down here to save the day. Don’t look to Norris -weekes(her atty_ ) she is as useful as tits on a bull…We will see……

  9. sto says:

    If Randy Fleischer is supporting Dave Brown, then I am most definitely voting for Dr. Snipes. Piss off Randy

  10. What a list! says:

    Wow, this list is impressive.

    It’s a literal “Who’s white” in Broward County!

  11. WestDavieResident says:

    Interesting how Mr. Brown’s major campaign theme is “We must increase voter turnout in Broward” and not “We must ensure the integrity of the elections in Broward”.

    Also, Ms. Snipes has already committed to spending an unlimited amount of tax payer money to pay for the postage on the “Absentee” ballots which is already a guarantee for increased voter participation if not increased fraud. So why is she not being rewarded by the local Dem pols?

    With the national Dems likely to nominate an old white person as their Presidential nominee, and the mostly white local pols abandoning the most high profile local black elected official, it will be interesting to see how well black turnout will be in the General Election after Ms. Snipes is eliminated in the Dem Primary.

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    With all due respect, except for State Representative Jared Moscowitz, none of these “names” have a chance at higher office and are mostly Jews representing Jewish-dominated areas. As an observant Jew and strong supporter of Israel, Chaz Stevens shows his ignorance if not anti-Semitism once again in insulting a Jewish, albeit so-what leftwing, activists. So here on this entry and blog BOTH JEWS and BLACKs who are the Democratic Party in Broward County if not South Florida in general, can feel insulted!
    This blog entry is why we have a Right Wing, Conservative, White Christian dominated State! The leftwing loonies, the somewhat less crazy leftist West Broward parlour pink bourgeois Jews, and the too-often-not-willing-to-criticize-their-own Blacks simply CANNOT GET THEIR ACTS TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY ARE SO FULL OF THEMSELVES THEY CANT WIN ELECTIONS OUTSIDE THEIR OWN GROUP’s “TERRITORY”!
    The argument that the the head of the Elections Department of Broward County is responsible for “brining out the vote”, LET ALONE ONLY THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE, is so poisonously evil, unethical, immoral verging on criminal misfeasance I can’t believe anyone who passed the bar would say it.
    The Democratic Partyl in Florida elected great Governors and U.S. Senators UNTIL IT FELL INTO THE HANDS OF unemployable LEFTS being paid as employees of non-profits and rich SPECIAL INTERESTs such as yuppie scum LOBBYISTS or a combination of both as not entirely dissimiliar list of egomaniacal fifth raters intent on DEPRESSING THE BLACK VOTE in 2016 by ousting a not that terrible Black elected official! STACY RITTER judging “worthiness” of an ELECTED OFFICIAL? Don’t gross me OUT!

  13. Snipes says thank you says:

    I wonder where Mark Bogen stands on this? He complains that Norris-Weeks shouldn’t be involved in races as SOE attorney if she is contributing to campaigns but if I am correct, Brown is running and managing Waldman’s campaign.

    Irony is that Brown would have come off as a more sincere and serious candidate if he had openly distanced himself from his career as a campaign consultant. Instead he rubs it in everyone’s face.

    Just like when he lost running for this office before, no one wants a campaign manager running SOE. Snipes may not be the best choice but many will see she is the only choice over Brown.

    Brenda has to be laughing her ass off about now. If she couldn’t get in unopposed, she got the next best thing getting dave brown as an opponent.


    Brown is not managing Waldman’s campaign. He is a long-time friend and unpaid advisor to Waldman, but others are handling the campaign.

  14. Count LF Chodkiewiccz Chudzikiewicz says:

    TO BE CLEAR: Dr. Brenda Snipes should be RE-ELECTED in my opinion.

  15. Howard the Moron says:

    Everything in Broward has to do with RACE not qualifications unless you are Jewish. Pathetic.

  16. A reader says:

    David Brown lost all credibility when he listed Daniel Sohn as a key Democrat.

  17. Keep it Fair! says:

    Look at David Brown’s record – he has been responsible for some if the sleaziest campaigns in Broward! Look at the list above… mostly people who have a vested interest in an elections office that would be biased in favor of Democrats (and Mr. Brown’s political friends) at every turn. I am a hard-core Democrat that does not want the Supervisor of Elections’ office turned into a partisan political machine, which David Brown would certainly do!

  18. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    I heard, Brenda Snipes spoke last night at the DEC meeting in her official role as Supervisor. How embarrassing! She didn’t know the answer to a simple question of how long does a group have to deliver a new voter registration form to her office (which is 10 days). She said she didn’t know. Then asked her staff in the back who yelled out 3 days. Then a person in the audience said they were working under the belief that it was 10 days and Snipes said she would check into it. Then, in answer to a question about the permissible types of ID a voter can use, Snipes said that there are 9 forms of ID but she wouldn’t utter them because she said she would forget a few and directed the questioner to go to the office web site. What is this? How many years she been in office? She and her staff should know these simple answers. Scary to think that many voters, political activists and candidates call her office with questions. How many times does she answer them incorrectly?

  19. Kevin Hill says:

    Well, we can confirm this whenever Dr. Snipes puts out a list of endorsements, but it looks like we are going to see good ole’ identity politics in this primary.

    Of course there is nothing either new or strange about that in a primary.