Ken Gottlieb Leaning Towards Running For Judge

Ken Gottlieb


Former state Rep. Ken Gottlieb is sounding out courthouse crowd and his political friends about running for county judge next year.

“I’m leaning towards doing it,” Gottlieb says.  “I’m excited by the prospect of it.”

Gottlieb says he would only run for an open seat.  There are expected to be four open county court seats next year.

The Hollywood Democrat has a lot going for him.

He no legal novice.  This is not a guy running for a job. He has a 20-year-old, Hollywood-based civil practice specializing in real estate, estate planning and business development.

Gottlieb is a proven fund raiser and can easily compile a competitive campaign war chest.

Most of all, Gottlieb has an understanding of average folks. 

You don’t serve six years as a Hollywood city commissioner and another eight years in the state House without learning something about the needs, hopes, dreams and desires of people. That is exactly what is necessary in a county court judge. 

County court is the “peoples court”.  Its a place where minor disputes have landed everyday Joes and Janes in court. Many of these defendants appear without a lawyer. 

A county court judge must have, above all, empathy and understanding. Those are the qualities that I saw in Gottlieb during his years in politics.   

Another advantage Gottlieb has is his temperment.  I’ve never seen him display the arrogance so common in politics.  He is soft spoken, understanding and accepting of others.

Having run for office numerous times — the last time was 2008 when Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, beat him for a state Senate seat — also gives him an head start over lawyers with no political experience. 

He knows how to campaign, starting with which insiders to hit up for money and support.  Shaking hands, walking door-to-door and speaking five times-a-day does not scare him.

And don’t shortchange the help that his wife, Jennifer Gottlieb, can give.  She is a personable, attractive countywide School Board member.   

I know this reads like a Valentine to Gottlieb.  But I tried hard to think of something negative about his running for judge and I couldn’t.

Ken Gottlieb will be a formidable judicial candidate.


10 Responses to “Ken Gottlieb Leaning Towards Running For Judge”

  1. Would Be Excellent says:

    I happen to think that Ken Gottlieb has the perfect experience, temperament and training for being a judge. He is courteous, clear headed, a good lawyer and has all the proper human qualities we need in a judge. Never thought of him in that context, but if that’s what he wants to do, he certainly fits the bill.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    You are so right on your thinking about Ken Gottlieb being a Judge. He is truly a remarkable man.

  3. intelligentsia101 says:

    his father’s “gelt” would also help

  4. Democrat says:

    He would make a great judge and would be unbeatable.

  5. The Court Maven says:

    Someday we will have to recognize that the courts are not meant to be a parking lot for washed up politicians like Gottlieb, Feren, Weinstein and company who get elected because they are politicians. To get good judges, we need to have an appointment process fill all positions.

  6. It it true? says:

    Is it true that you have to be at least five feet tall to be a judge in Broward?

  7. Republican Activist says:

    I have known Ken for about ten years and totally agree with Buddy.
    I will walk him through BREC and all of the clubs.
    We need goods judges regardless of party affiliation.

  8. john thomlanson says:

    Buddy you forgot to mention that his wife will be on the ballot as well, countywide at the same time. I think this his an angle he is looking to exploit.

  9. anonymous ASA says:

    The real question is, who’s he planning on running against?

  10. Defense Man says:

    Its not clear what his record was on defendant’s rights and upholding the Constitution.