Julio Gonzalez Panders To Tea Party



Okay, I slipped up.  I missed an amazing bit of political pandering by judicial candidate Julio Gonzalez last summer.

The event was a Tea Party Fort Lauderdale judicial candidate’s forum, which was billed as a private event in case World Government soldiers rappelling from black helicopters attempted to sneak in.

At the very end of his address, Gonzalez was asked a long-winded rambling question about Shariah law.

Shariah law is the moral and religious law of Islam.

“The Shariah is right here in Broward County. It’s all over Florida. Its all over all our states…,” the Tea Party woman informed Gonzalez.

Then this enlightened voter said she couldn’t call Islam a religion. “I call it an occult.”

Finally she got to the question, sort of: “Why are they getting privileges that the Amnerican-born citizens aren’t getting?”

What privileges?

It is Jewish kosher rules that the government enforces through a disclosure law.  It is some ultra Orthodox Jews who must get a divorce from their rabbi. These have never been a threat to our court system.

Still, Gonzelez didn’t ask for evidence that anyone was getting “privileges” and that Shariah law was a problem in Broward.  He didn’t challenge the premise of the question at all.

Gonzalez answered the bigoted drivel : “They wouldn’t get it (privileges) in front of me.  Because I would reject that. That would be absolutely unacceptable.  I just don’t understand how this could be happening?”

What is happening, Julio?

Where is the big threat from Shariah law in Broward County Circuit Court?

This is a disgraceful example of pandering. Gonzalez should be ashamed of himself.

Check out Gonzalez’s performance on YouTube.  The Shariah law question begins at 5:35 at the very end.


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  1. Check Your Sources says:

    Please check what you post before repeating historical anti-semitic propoganda.

    There is no government inspections related to kosher food and no tax that goes to pay any inspectors regarding kosher food. This is classic anti-semitic propoganda first formulated by the Ku Klux Klan


    You are right.

    Broward County government does not inspect to determine whether food is kosher. Nor is tax money used. I changed the language of the post and I appreciate you pointing this out to me.

    My point is that there is government regulation of kosher foods sold in Broward County.

    The law was drafted to crack down on deceptive practices by sellers. It was worded very carefully to avoid mixing state and religion.

    I don’t see any such government sponsorship of elements of Shariah law.

    Broward County Code of Ordinances:
    (b) Posting of Kosher Information.
    (1) Any Dealer who prepares, distributes, sells, or exposes for sale any food represented to be Kosher or Kosher for Passover must have a reasonable basis to believe that the food represented to be Kosher or Kosher for Passover is Kosher according to dietary restrictions, and shall disclose the basis upon which that representation is made by posting the information required by the Division, and the Dealer must, in bold one-inch lettering, post a sign in a clear and conspicuous place easily seen upon entrance to the establishment or the place where the food is sold or prepared, the following disclosure: This establishment (is) or (is not) under rabbinical supervision. A detailed disclosure form is available on the premises or by calling Broward County Consumer Affairs Division at (954) 765-5350. The Kosher Food Disclosure Form shall be in a form approved and as amended by the Broward County Consumer Affairs Division. The Dealer shall produce, upon request, the Kosher Food Disclosure Form to the Inspector from the Broward County Consumer Affairs Division (“Division”) or to any consumer.
    (2) It shall be an unfair and deceptive trade practice for any dealer or person to violate the requirements of subsection (1) of this section.
    (c) It shall be an unfair and deceptive trade practice for any Dealer or person to label for sale, advertise, or sell any food represented to be Kosher or Kosher for Passover which in fact is not Kosher or Kosher for Passover because no reasonable basis exist to make such representation.
    (d) Compliance with requirements. Any Dealer who prepares, advertises, distributes, sells, or offers for sale any food represented to be Kosher or Kosher for Passover shall comply with all requirements of the Division, including, but not limited to, record keeping, labeling of food items, and filing of the kosher food disclosure.
    (e) Inspection. The Division shall provide for inspection of Dealers and it shall be an unfair and deceptive trade practice to advertise, sell, or offer for sale any food, food products, beverages, or merchandise represented to be Kosher or Kosher for Passover unless such dealer shall have procured from the County an Annual Kosher Special Regulatory License. The fee for such license shall be established by resolution representing the reasonable cost of the inspection and regulation required. Any Dealer violating the terms of this section shall be subject to the penalties provided. The Consumer Affairs Division is authorized to enforce this ordinance in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code, Article VII, Chapter 20, Division 1, Section 20-159, et seq., Broward County Code of Ordinances and Chapter 81⁄2 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances.
    (f) Unfair and deceptive trade practice not committed; proof required. Any Dealer or person subject to the requirements of this ordinance shall not be deemed to have committed an unfair and deceptive trade practice if it can be shown by a preponderance of the evidence that the person reasonably relied in good faith upon the representations of a slaughterhouse, manufacturer, processor, packer, distributor of any food represented to be Kosher or Kosher for Passover, or upon representation of a rabbinical organization. (g) Presumptive evidence of intent to sell. Possession by a Dealer of any food not in conformance with its disclosure is presumptive evidence that the Dealer is in possession of that food with the intent to sell.

  2. Courthouse Observer says:

    Here come the recusal motions Julio…and you’re not even elected yet. I guess some people will do anything for a vote. Buddy you are right. Julio, you are a disgrace to the legal profession and should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. The Other Candidate says:


  4. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    What is funny is that the Tea Party could name a portion of the electric death fences they want on the border after Julio Gonzales which is a great fill in the blank name for illegals.

  5. Broward Attorney says:

    As a practicing attorney my bigger concern with Julio Gonzalez and Bob Nichols is their seeking and receiving the endorsement of the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party.

    Why you may ask?

    As you can see from the Fort Lauderdle Tea Party Blog post below, Nichols and Gonzalez were supported by 80% in their straw poll.


    You will also see that in the same post noting the success of Gonzalez and Nichols in the straw poll the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party also states

    “TPFL recommends that all other tea parties, 9/12 groups, conservatives, grass-roots organizations, and others alike, spread the word and band together. We need to educate, motivate, and then activate the voting public to VOTE NO on retaining all 3 of the Florida Supreme Court Justices on Election Day.


    Go to http://www.restorejustice2012.com for more information.”

    It is clear that the FTL Tea Party and Restore Justice 2012 have no repsect for the Constitutional need for an independent judiciary which is why they have targeted the three Supreme Court Justices up for Retention. Noting that two of the three justices are minority women.

    How could any attorney in Broward support Bob Nichols or Julio Gonzalez to be elected Judge when they openly sought the endorsement of the FTL Tea Party who is clearly against a judiciary that makes decisions based on the law and not political and/or religious agendas?

  6. SAM FIELDS says:

    Let me straighten you out about this kosher thing.

    Up until 1998 Broward’s kosher law required that only Orthodox standards were acceptable. There was a taxpayer paid rabbi on the staff of the Broward Consumer Office who went around doing inspections.

    During the course of discussion at the 1998 Broward County Government Efficiency Commission one of the members complained that this was a waste of taxpayer money and more importantly violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment since there were dozens of different types of kosher.

    For example Rabbi Arthur Waskow, a vegan animal rights activist, believes that all meat is UNkosher.

    On top of this is Glatt Kosher where they argue about how many striations are permitted in the lungs of the slain cow to allow the meat to be kosher.

    For the government to pick one over the other was constitutionally impermissible.

    As a result of this whining complainer the County rewrote its statute so that it is now meaningless.

    And it may prove to be still unconstitutional if they actually try to apply it.

    Under this reasonable good faith belief standard you can sell ham and cheese sandwiches with a side of hog fat and call it ultra-Orthodox kosher.

    And that is the way it should be. It’s not the government’s business.

    But all is not lost.

    For the kosher ignorant you need to know that when you see those little kosher signs like “K”, “O” “U”, etc they are trademarks showing licenses issued by different rabbinical groups.

    It has to do with only two things 1.How you killed the animal. 2. Did a rabbi say the correct magical incantations?

    Notwithstanding Hebrew National’s ad campaign, kosher has absolutely nothing to do with cleanliness or food quality.

    [Corruption in the kosher industry is rampant. Agriprocessosrs in Postville, Iowa was the largest kosher processor in the country. 2008 Immigration raids revealed a criminal conspiracy to violate immigration laws, child labor laws not to mention massive tax fraud.

    Jail sentences, including 27 year for CEO Sholom Rubashkin, were handed out like M &M’s]

    Too cheap to spend their own money to enforce violations of their own trademarks, these rabbinical licensors managed to get government to do their legal work for them.

    Imagine the absurdity of an Office of Fast Food Integrity that used tax dollars to protect McDonalds’s trademark.

    Why should the taxpayers enforce the trademark for The Union of Orthodox Rabbis etc.?

    So the next time you worry about Sharia law infecting our secular law consider what kosher has done all around the country.

    P.S. That whiner on the Commission was me.

  7. Other Judges says:

    What other candidates were there and are there videos of them, too?

  8. Concerned Voter says:

    @ Broward Attorney

    Good point! As a matter of fact, the Rules of Judicial Conduct prohibit judicial candidates from soliciting political endorsement.
    It appears as though Messrs Nichols and Gonzalez have run afoul.

  9. Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged says:

    Wrong again, Broward Attorney. You say there is a Constitutional need for an Independent Judiciary, but as I see it, the Florida Constitution requires a retention vote for the Supremes. What is wrong with judges being held accountable to the citizens of Florida?

  10. 912warroom.com says:

    Hmmmm, I wonder why Bob Nichols friend and fellow Tea Party pal Gabe Carrera refuses to put up the video of Nichols speaking at the Tea Party Judicial Forum, electing to just put up a Nichols family photo.

    If I had to guess, I wonder if Bobby said things that were quite pleasing to the Tea Party crowd but may not been seen the same way by Bobby’s friends in the black community like Terry Scott.

    If Nichols and Carrera have nothing to hide why wont they show the video?


  11. BC Lawyer says:

    It’s a shame the Florida Bar or the JQC don’t nail Nichols and Gonzalez.

  12. Get your facts straight says:

    The law allows judicial candidates to appear at any political function as long as all the candidates were invited….as they were in this case. Every political club in town holds a judicial forum and all the candidates show up and each time they give the same speech that ends with “I hope you will all support my campaign”. Any candidate that cries foul because they didn’t get the support they had asked for is just hypocritical.

    Judicial races are nonpartisan because judges are expected to appeal to a full spectrum of social and political groups. Judging a judge based upon who supports him could only be done by someone who does not understand this concept.

  13. Other Judges says:

    Where is the Nichols video?

    Also, can someone explain why these people are even asking questions about “sharia law” of Broward judicial candidates? Has there been a single issue in Broward or Florida?

    These questions to the candidates on these videos were inappropriate — asking not about qualifications, but first an opportunity to rant in longwindeed speeches with a question buried in the middle about guns, property rights, Eric Holder, Federal Government and sharia law. Did they not understand you cant ask (nor can the judges answer) questions regarding their stance on topics that could come before the court?

  14. Ed Foley says:

    It has always been my position that any and all elected public officials and their families should be heaped with honors at the completion of their 8 year terms of public service. We should organize a parade from the courthouse to an agreed upon place of execution where we would send them on their way into the next life accompanied by the grateful cheers of the populace. If we send their relatives and children along with them… we could clean the political gene out of the gene pool in just a few generations thereby emptying out the plush federal prisons where we have to house them now. Plus we could recoup the cost of their salaries by selling the videos to Pay per View.
    Just saying.

  15. Mr Democrat says:

    Julio Gonzalez and Bob Nichols are Tea Partyers with the backing of the ilks like Danita Kilcullen, Gabe Carrera, Jack Gilles, and sharky Javier Manjarres, They are all anti women’s rights, anti immigrants, anti unions and more.
    No Broward Democrat should vote for them.