Judicial Race Tidbits: Golburgh Wins In Court


Palm Beach County Judge Edward Garrison  has thrown out a case that sought to remove judicial candidate Lloyd Golburgh from the ballot.

The allegation was that Golburgh was not a qualified candidate because he didn’t sign all his forms when he filed for office.  Golburgh said it was a simple mistake and the judge agreed with him.

The ruling was made without comment.

No decision has been whether to appeal.


The Herald endorsed Mardi Levey Cohen and Steven Schaet today for county court.

Schaet’s endorsement was a blow to former state Rep. Ken Gottlieb, who is running for the same seat.  The Herald said both candidates were good choices.

“But making the laws and applying them in court are not the same thing…Though Mr. Schaet has fewer years as a lawyer on his resume than Mr. Gottlieb, he has spent them almost exclusively in the same court where he seeks to become judge,” the Herald wrote.

Cohen was praised for being “a fierce advocate in court but also for her fair-mindedness.

The full endorsement is here.  Please note the headline on the Herald endorsement is wrong, just another example of the mistakes on their Internet site that I’ve found. 

9 Responses to “Judicial Race Tidbits: Golburgh Wins In Court”

  1. The Empeor has no clothes says:

    So now two judges have ruled that Merrigan’s attempt to have Golburgh removed from the ballot is BS. Yet your article calls what Team Merrigan is trying to do ‘a judicial tidbit.’ And neither Merrigan nor Beamer nor Weiss nor any of the rest of these losers (they are now o for 2) gets a mention in the story. Figures.

  2. Really!? says:

    What empirical evidence did they rely on to opine she was “a fierce advocate in court..”? r u kidding me, she’s an idiot.

  3. No confirmation says:

    This report has not been confirmed. No order has been distributed.

  4. dxs717 says:

    Buddy, how did you come up with this info? No ruling whatsoever has been passed down. As of around 1:00PM real live Broward time.

  5. Mindy got the Herald Endorsement says:

    Go Mindy, your move to run against a black female is going well. It must be so much easier since Judy Stern is running you and Ollie Parker. Now Judy got her pal Mitch Ceaser to support all blacks but Roshawn. Ceaser ignored Roshawn but endorses a life long almost 40 year Republican, Judge Rodriquez.

    Does anyone else see a pattern with these Judy Stern candidates

    Scott Israel, switches parties from Republican to Democrat a year before the election for Sheriff.

    Barbra Stern, Judy’s daughter, switches parties a year before currently running for the State House.

    Arlene (Simon) Campione, switches to the last name of her husband, Campione, which she never used in her life to get top of the ballot.

    Judge Carlos Rodriquez, switches from Republican to Independent when he is up for reelection.

    Say no to candidates involved with Judy Stern if you want to clean up Broward.

  6. GLBT meeting says:

    Another blow for Gottlieb, Schaet’s answers were coherent and precise while Gottlieb stammered through his attempt to connect.

  7. dumb dumb says:

    Team Merrigan’s lawsuit dumped again. Ahern/Beamer/Weiss/Nevins hatchet men 0 for 2. The squandering of Merrigan’s political capital was a bad move. Merrigan shouldn’t have allowed it to happen.

  8. ill-advised lawsuit says:

    buddy, will you be removing your “Judicial candidate Lloyd Golburgh has problems” post now?

    FROM BUDDY: No, he had a problem. It was resolved by the court, which I also posted.

    Does the Miami Herald to remove stories of somebody’s arrest from their data base after they are acquitted?

  9. Blocked says:

    To use a generous term, Buddy is “partial” to Merrigan. He has blocked objective, fact-based comments critical of Merrigan’s failing (and now twice failed) anti-democratic attempts to keep his trophy post in a judicially-decided election. Vote for Golburgh (who has the trial experiance Merrigan falsely brags about on his website and for Jaablaw (which attempts some level of objectivity).

    FROM BUDDY: I’ve blocked nothing.