Judicial Candidates Hustling For Campaign Cash






Its now an Election Year. Expect more outstretched hands from candidates looking for money.

Among those who will step up their fund raising are a slew of candidates for judge. There are 19 candidates in competitive judicial races — more could jump in at any moment – and they all need money for their campaign.

Most voters don’t care about judicial campaigns so it is hard to raise cash from anybody but lawyers.

One of Broward’s most successful deep pocketed lawyers, Bill Scherer, does care about who is on the bench. That is especially true when one of his Conrad Scherer law firm attorneys is running.

Scherer is throwing a reception at his east multi-million dollar Fort Lauderdale Rio Vista home next week to raise money for Maxine Streeter. She is locked in a tough race for Broward County Circuit Court Group 9 against three other opponents.



Maxine Streeter



Although the Scherer is one of Broward’s most visible Republican fund raisers, Streeter has put together a non-partisan list of endorsements including such notable Democrats as Attorney General Bob Butterworth and Broward County Commissioner Tim Ryan, a lawyer.

But endorsements don’t pay the bills and Streeter is trailing her opponent Lea Krauss in campaign funds. Krauss raised just under $104,000 as of the end of November, while Streeter raised just over $31,000.


Lea Krauss two

Lea Krauss


Krauss has fund raisers listed on Facebook for January…so far.  On Jan. 14, the same night at the Scherer fund raiser, Krauss has a reception at Alpine Jaguar’s dealership hosted by a member of the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers Network.  Krauss is past president of the group.

Two other candidates in the Group 9 race have not started raising money. Andrea Gundersen collected only $400, while Jason Rosner has raised nothing.

A previous post about Streeter’s background is linked here.   Some information on Krauss is linked here. 


Streeter reception


14 Responses to “Judicial Candidates Hustling For Campaign Cash”

  1. If licks could kill says:

    I hear Krauss and Streeter are lesbians, if so, I would go with Streeter, something about the Linda Carter/Wonder Woman look.


    Sexual orientation has no bearing on whether a candidate will make a good judge. Period.

  2. Creek Girl says:

    I heard at the Wynmoore Dem club meeting today that our beloved Comissioner Joshua Rydell endorsed Maxine Steeter.

  3. JFischman says:

    The most qualified candidate in this race is Andrea Gundersen. Her experience and dedication to societal issues speaks volumes. She is a top rated (AV) attorney…earned and deserved.
    I wish the voters would look at the qualifications instead of the bank account.

  4. Wake up says:

    Hey Buddy

    Ask your pal A-Turd Ahern about his friendship with Jason Rosser. He ran Rosner’s previous losing campaign for Judge. Aturd is going to pay Rosner’s filing fee to have his overt Jewish name on the ballot to take away votes from Krauss amd help his candidate Streeter.

  5. Fundraisers for all says:

    Andrea Gundrsen, Esq is having her campaign kickoff hosted by the Mayor of Weston at POC buffet a week from Thursday as well.

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #1 your comment should have been censured. What are you trying to say all lesbians are ugly and these two who are very attractive are the rarity. Who cares who they sleep w/. Good luck to both of them.

  7. Flying L says:

    I have know Ms. Streeter since she lived in Wilton Manors. I have always heard she was a very good attorney but most important to me is that she is well known in the animal rescue community as someone always willing to give her time, money and home to foster rescue animals.

  8. Agree with Walsh says:

    I think it shows the evolution of Broward County to have not one but two lesbians running for Judge. It is unfortunate they are running against each other. Looks be damned, qualifications are what matter.

  9. Just Saying says:

    Rosner is a nice guy but a political lightweight with no connections, no ability to raise money. Streeter and Krauss are both running serious, aggressive campaigns. Gunderson may be a good lawyer, but her personality is dreadful and she cannot win.

  10. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    It is sad cowardly scum get to hurl insults under fake names at lawyers lobbyists campaign consultants n candidates. Does anyone think any of the fake name comments merits anything but contempt?

  11. Lisa Vondrak says:

    I had to laugh at #4 poster above,referring to “A-Turd” Ahern. You obv are referring to Atty Michael Ahearn. Mr. A is representing my brother (a close friend of Judge John Fry, FWIW) in a guardianship proceeding. So I had to deal with him in court just yesterday.

    Ahearn is a real piece of work….

  12. Oh well then says:

    We have gay judges like…(three names have been removed-buddy)..etc but she still playing pastor and church at Faith Center.
    None of them are open with their sexual orientation tho still in the closet.

  13. Talks like a politician says:

    Almost every political race in Broward County turns into a 3 ring circus without a ringmaster. Here we go again!

  14. Legal Scholar says:

    Maxine Streeter is by far the best candidate in Broward County Circuit Court Group 9.