Judicial Candidate’s Campaign Coordinator is Disbarred Lawyer





Imitation is said to be a form of flattery.

Apparently imitation can also get you a job.

Judicial candidate John Contini’s campaign coordinator is a disbarred attorney.  The campaign coordinator Lee Cohn got disbarred for impersonating….John Contini.


john contini

John Contini



Here is the story:

While Cohn was already suspended from practicing law for 5 years, he was accused of impersonating Contini and pretending to be a lawyer. Cohn “purposely lied to the court as to his identity in order to be able to practice law,” states the Bar order for his permanent disbarment.

Cohn pleaded guilty in 2009 to the charge and agreed to give up his law license forever.

Contini did not return several messages for comment.

You can see the details here:




Lee Arman Cohn


Not Eligible to Practice Law in Florida

Bar Number:



Lee A Cohn P A
600 S Andrews Ave Ste 405
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-2846
United States












10-Year Discipline History:


Since Aug. 1, 2007, key discipline case files that are public record have been posted to attorneys’ individual Florida Bar profiles at FloridaBar.org. Select the Reference number to access the Supreme Court Order and related documents. Detailed instructions to view discipline documents

Action Date Reference
Suspended – with Conditions 04/14/2005 200251649
Suspended – with Conditions 12/01/2005 200451681
Disbarment 01/09/2006 200551435
Disbarment – Permanent 01/29/2009 200950260




10 Responses to “Judicial Candidate’s Campaign Coordinator is Disbarred Lawyer”

  1. Dear Buddy says:

    So is that picture of John Contini or Lee Cohn as John Contini?


    Ha ha. Good one.

  2. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Fits right in with Broweird. Classic.

  3. Highlands Hippo says:

    Buddy: it is unclear what Cohn does for Contini.
    What does Cohn “coordinate”?
    Is he a paid campaign worker or just a volunteer?
    Is Cohn’s position offical?
    Do tell…

  4. Will the real contini please stand up says:

    Pretty sure norm Leonard lives in the highlands section of pompano.

    Lee Cohn is described in a recent article by Anthony man as contini’s campaign coordinator sounds to me if there are question it should be contini…Cohn…contini…Cohn…contini… Who the heck know who is who in that campaign should answer the questions.

  5. jesus says:

    So what if he is disbarred. Jesup has saved his soul.

  6. Oh really says:

    Nothing wrong with a disbarred Lawyer working on Contini’s campaign. Last time, I checked political consultants aren’t lawyers.

    People make mistakes in life yet they still have to eat and feed their families. By the way since you won’t mention it.

    The Herald Recommends CONTINI, RICHARDS, and FELD http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/07/24/4253750/the-heraldrecommends.html

  7. just saying says:

    @Oh really –
    Agreed. No attorney sets out to ‘loose’ their hard earned license. And given a ‘do-over’ I would bet they would do something different to not jeopardize it.
    They are fortunate taking away the ‘license’ does not include the knowledge.

  8. Señor Censor says:


    The attorneys running for the robe:

    Attorney 1: Claim to fame prosecuting individuals for viewing what he deemed “Pornographic” on the state level, riding that “Pornographic Pony” to the Federal level, being the go to guy for the “Federal Bedroom Peeking Task Force”. Needs anger-management.

    Attorney 2: Thinks that the United States Constitution does not apply to all.

    Attorney 3: Spending her inheritance to seek the robe, no court room experience, just proficient with a rubber stamp. BTW is the consultant still under the cloud or Mango tree associated with
    The 527 political action committee was set up with Tamarac resident Barry Harris as the chairman, and the $21,000 in funds appeared to come from two local businesses. However, the real source of the money was Shawn Chait, who testified that he funneled the money through subcontractors he worked with, according to the state attorney.

    Attorney 4: Follows The Salami Queens advice to send literature geared to the “White voters” and literature geared to Black voters” surprised he didn’t send a “Spanish voters” message branded on a tortilla.

  9. No that there is anything wrong with that says:

    Love the pink tie Bailey wore at Dolphin Dems. I wonder if that newspaper buy he did in the south florida gay news will have Bailey ‘ s picture or Harvey Milk?

  10. Zig says:

    Feren is lazy. He thinks the judgeship is a part-time job. he needs to go.
    Contini is a good trial lawyer who will be fair, respectful and compassionate.