Judicial Candidate Takes Off Gloves




Frantz “Jahra” McLawrence has come out swinging.

In a move unusual for judicial candidates, McLawrence worked over his opponent Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal in a flyer mailed to voters.

Judicial races are traditionally more sedate. Candidates shy away from personal attacks on opponents because they fear retribution from the Florida Bar or the Judicial Qualifications Commission.

Not that there isn’t plenty to say about Rosenthal.

She is the judge who got video taped being busted for DUI. The charge was dropped and she pleaded no contest to reckless driving.

McLawrence didn’t use his own words to attack Rosenthal.  He let the Sun-Sentinel and The New York Times carry the ball, which is actually more effective.

Those pictures of Rosenthal in handcuffs reappeared on the back of McLawrence’s mail piece.  The piece also features excerpts from the two newspapers.

Here is the portion of McLawrence’s flyer referring to Rosenthal:



39 Responses to “Judicial Candidate Takes Off Gloves”

  1. Where is the other side says:

    Let’s see the other side…is there a pic of mick Lawrence or Jara mclawrence

  2. M. Williams says:

    With arrests and convictions in Florida and out of state, questions about his military separation, and more, the gates of hell are now open for him. The next four weeks will be very interesting.

  3. Common Sense says:

    She is cooked!!!

  4. Jesus Christ says:

    I’m voting for jahra. He’ll be a great judge.

  5. Chaz Stevens, Mathematician says:


    Tis true! There are dead people on the voting roster.

  6. And Another Thing! says:

    Nobody named Jahara McLawrence will win in Broward against a candidate named Rosenthal. This off year primary electorate will vote for its own every time. Very embarrassing, but Rosenthal wins by 3 posts.

  7. Wayne Arnold says:

    My wife and I do not know either candidate. But, we do wonder how it feels when you kick someone when they are down.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Buddy, sorry I can’t identify myself. Reasons are obvious.

    McLawrence’s criminal history was known during the last campaign. For whatever reason, Levy-Cohen didn’t use it. This isn’t a rumor. Run a criminal background check. A simple Google search will find his Florida mug shot.

    But that’s not the worst of it. Both the Herald and the Sun Sentinel know about it, and they chose to hide it. Ask their editorial boards. They will either lie, or they will say that it’s not relevant.

    Well, IT IS RELEVANT, especially in this case, no matter what the charges – it just doesn’t fit their agenda.

    I understand that he did admit his Florida arrest to the SS editorial board, but he did not admit to his out of state arrest(s). THAT IS A LIE BY OMISSION.

    The rumor regarding his military separation is that he didn’t receive an honorable discharge. That rumor is easily put to rest with the release of his DD-214. Why won’t he release it?


    I have no idea if any of this information is true. You have information, forward it to me rather than make allegations anonymously on the Internet.

    I do know that McLawrence has a spotless record from the Florida Bar. When you apply for the Bar, you must disclose all past arrests and transgressions, which are investigated. He obviously satisfied the Bar.

    He received his Bar license and has had no history of disciplinary problems in the past 10 years.

  9. mountains and molehills says:

    I am surprised that Buddy is the only one to point out Mr. McLawrence’s spotless record.
    The fact that none of the other posters so far see anything wrong with showing up to work too messed up to get through the parking gate, especially when that person’s ‘work’ is a commitment to soberly and seriously consider the fates of the citizens of Broward County, speaks volumes about the overwhelming concern for politics over principals of the posters.

    Jahra McLawrence has the audacity to believe that this country rewards those who embrace the ideals of justice and fairness. Instead of attacking him with rumors, why not acknowledge the fact that people who put on the robe should do so with an attitude of sevice instead of privilege?


    I never pointed out McLawrence’s “spotless record.” Only his “spotless record” with the Bar.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Buddy, that’s not the point. Rosenthal will not have a problem with the bar, either. I can’t foward his background check, but I’m sure you can have it run. Sure it’s an alligation, but easily proven. Meanwhile, search for his mug shot.

    Obviously the Florida Bar investigated because it took almost two years after he passed the bar, for him to be admitted.

    The point is, he lied. And the media is covering for him. Don’t be part of that. Investigate.


    Again, I have no idea whether any of this is true. It is very easy to make anonymous charges on the Internet. I’m not going to investigate anything based on vague allegations placed on a comment board. I’ve got better things to do.

    I say, prove it. Send me the information. Otherwise, I’m going to kill any future comment concerning this matter. You’ve said your piece.

    Both candidates in this race — Rosenthal and McLawrence — have been practicing attorneys for a long time.

    Rosenthal was publicly arrest while serving on the bench. The Judicial Qualifications Commission will be looking into her fitness to serve and will surely admonish her.

    There has been no such public embarrassments for McLawrence.

    That said, I believe both would make good judges.

  11. FYI buddy says:

    FYI buddy, the Florida Bar admits people who have been arrested and or convicted of criminal offenses. They don’t exclude people from becoming lawyers simply because they committed a crime. They do investigate the offenses, and the candidates must reveal the arrests even if sealed or expunged, but they do not exclude admission due to past crimes in most instances.

  12. #8 says:

    If I had to guess this post may have been put forth by Alain Jean. Is this the best Team Rosenthal have?

    If he had a “criminal record” of merit he would not be an attorney.

    How about this, lets list the allegations of his criminal past and hers and let the voters decide who they want presiding over their cases on a daily basis.

    For the tens of thousands of dollars Rosenthal has paid Alain Jean and this is the best comeback to the McLawrence piece, put that money spent up there as wasted along with Rhoda’s coloring book.

  13. McLawrence shows his unprofessional side...again says:

    McLawrence is once again flaunting his nasty unprofessional side. I’m guessing that’s because his resume is dwarfed by Rosenthal’s career. So now he is slinging mud in hopes that no one will recognize that she is an accomplished attorney while he continues to be an opportunistic ham-&-egger. Do we really want THAT kind of low class person on the bench?

  14. glass houses says:



    Boy, a regular Jesse James. If this is the crime the comments are criticizing McLawrence, they had better try again.

  15. Zig says:

    View the story on channel 10 ABC News and you would never vote for Lynn Rosenthal:


  16. rpschnell156 says:

    The judicial canons do not allow these types of mailers and attacks. Were Jahrar McLawrence to win this election he would more than likely face a Judicial Qualifications complaint. He seems desperate. This kind of tactic backfired for John Rayson against Michelle tobin singer.

  17. Malcolm X ish says:

    He keep running for judge, even though the voters soundly reject him. Worse, is this guy thinks it’s his God given destiny to be a judge – and we’ve seen what problems that causes….

    For those who know of his Malcolm X posters proudly displayed on his wall, he is a bad choice for judge. He will advance his racist agenda.

  18. Zig says:


    You don’t know what you are talking about. The pieces were taken from news reporting and they touch upon judge rosenthal’s fitness or lack of fitness to be a judge.

  19. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Mud slinging here, mud slinging there. These judicial canidates mean business. Who would not what to play dirty(a lot of this going on) w/ the salary these elected appointments pay. Speaking of playing dirty it took a court order to tell Dr.Snipes(elections supervisor)to smarten up. Oh yes, she could have went to jail. I see a pattern here. First Att.Bill scherer9Grand Wizard) comes forward to showcase this scam concerning the write in candidate for dis.2, Snipes gets chided by the judge to knock if off, get off your ass and open up that Primary. Then (pattern) you have the attorney Contini stating she is basically doing him shady. So what they are all lying to me Dr.Snipes?. What really ticks me off is all these court proceddings we the residents are paying for it. Yes, Dr.Snipes did not pay one dime of her own money to defend herself against the Grand Wizard. She didn’t pay for her att. Ms.Weeks, we did. Are you seeing all this County Comm. deduct Weeks is sevices($) from Dr.Snipes budget. You got caught Dr.Snipes. And now you have Contini blasted you as well. So if Dr.Snipes has an ax to grind w/ any of you, guess what she and some of her staff will try to make sure you don’t prevail. You are lucky the Grand Wizad wasn’t successful in putting you in jail. Shameful, what you are orchestrating down there Dr.Snipes. And give Dolly Gibson a raise, making under 30g. Yet fat boy, is tipping the scale($) making almost a 100g. Take note people this office plays dirty. Guess what a lot of us can, and will play dirtier……

  20. No racism I have a black consultant says:

    I have to give Team Rosenthal credit in the hiring of Alan Jean. See when posts go up showing the mug shot of Mr. McLawrence, they can claim no racist intent because their campaign manager is black.

    Jean is no dummy that is why he works for candidates like Rosenthal, or John Kasen, because he can get tens of thousands of dollars from those candidates where guys like McLawrence or Ian Richards may be lucky to raise what jean makes as a consultant to run an entire race.

  21. FTL Voter says:

    Interesting to see the desperate Rosenthal campaign going full-on birther crazy in their attempt to smear McLawrence. Spreading these false stories asking to “make him produce his discharge papers” about his military service, including a tour in Iraq. Hitting him for an auto TRAFFIC offense like 15-20 years ago. And dishonestly implying there is a judicial rule that says you cannot attack your opponent (note: no such rule exists). If there were any remaining thoughts that Rosenthal had any remaining shred of ethics, or possessed the fitness to serve, these responses above should erase that.

  22. Needs to be done says:

    Rosenthal needs to put this pretender to bed. She should do a comparison piece, even use their booking photos and lets hear about who has done more as a judge/or attorney and let the people decide for themselves.

  23. Vote for McLawrence says:

    Judge Rosenthal has demonstrated by her recent reckless driving she is unfit to sit as a judge.
    McLawrence will be a breath of fresh air. Good luck to him.

  24. McLawrence Criminal Record says:

    Driving While License Suspended is a first degree misdemeanor..it is a CRIMINAL offense, not a traffic offense. It means the person knew it was illegal to drive, but chose to do so anyway in the hopes he would not be caught. McLawrence was arrested and convicted of a CRIME. The difference is that Rosenthal’s mailers focus on HER career, while McLawrence has to sling mud to appear relevant. Either the guy has what it takes or he doesn’t, and more and more he makes it clear that HE DOES NOT. At least lose with some dignity!

  25. Ha Ha Ha says:

    The part of the flyer Buddy shows is only the last 1/4 (back side, right half). The left half of the back side list Frantz’s qualifications, which include being an adjunct law professor at FIU, Keiser, & Broward College and a University of Florida law degree. Front side shows Frantz in Navy uniform (left) and suit & tie (right), noting his National Defense Service Ribbon earned in Yugoslavia and Iraq.

    Great flyer & great candidate. No mention of the demographic imbalance in Broward courts (blacks are badly underrepresented in the population of judges), but that imbalance is yet another very strong reason to immediately vote this good man into office.

  26. Andrew Markoff says:

    I haven’t ever felt so offended looking at comments about Broward candidates. Truly mean spirited and sleazy. “Malcolm X ish” and “McLawrence Criminal Record” especially hit new lows.

    An African-American male getting pulled over 18 years ago and told that his license is suspended- wow, a BIG SURPRISE in America!! Then he goes on to be an attorney, a professor, a soldier and to run for judge and whatever else is on his resume, and we’re supposed to hold him to his driving misdemeanor from 1996. Classy. At least he might have some insight into what individuals go through when they’re stopped by police and end up before a judge.

    Judge Rosenthal, however, became a judge first and then drove herself over the the courthouse to demonstrate cause for arrest. I sympathize with the embarrassment suffered by Judge Rosenthal because I am a bleeding heart, and mistakes can be made, and I’ve used Ambien and found that I was blitzed the next day, and I know that the Judge is a very nice lady who has been respected on the bench. But, refusing blood and urine tests is something I question, especially because she’s a judge and knows the score. From what I’ve learned about the incident, blood and urine tests are required, so I don’t understand why only a charge of reckless driving resulted in the end.

    Whatever the case, attempting to humiliate and insult the resume of the opposing candidate seems to me to accomplish nothing but to show those of us reading such comments how mean, nasty and seemingly nefarious some interested parties can be. Using racial innuendo here, however, especially in a judicial race is upsetting and offensive to me, but who am I to judge? Oh, yeah, I post comments only using my real name.

  27. Terry Snowden says:

    I’d rather my case be decided by a superior decision maker rather one whose credentials are based upon skin color Capability, attitude, job integrity and work ethic way before minority consideration.

  28. frank white says:

    Blood and urine tests were not required Andrew, that’s why the charges were dropped. She doesn’t give up her civil rights because she is a judge. The LEO made an unlawful request, and she was within her rights to refuse it. Furthermore, she made the right call politically and legally for someone who was supposed to be “blitzed”
    At that point she was already arrested unlawfully, so she might as well stand up for her rights.
    I am going to vote for her because I think it will make her more humble on the bench and more sympathetic to those who stand before her.


    I believe that last sentence from Frank White deserves consideration.

  29. frank white says:

    By the way, I’m sure she’s reading this: if I were you I would jump on some charity legal education for regular folks and say this incident inspired you to educate regular folks about what is and is not a lawful request by the police.

  30. takealookterry says:


  31. Dear Mr. Markoff says:

    Read post 20. Team Rosenthal can’t be viewed as race baiting they have bought and paid for a black consultant, Alain Jean. His is their paid flack jacket from such charges.

  32. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @28 – I’ll believe that Rosenthal – a multimillionaire who doesn’t need the job – will be “humble on the bench” and “sympathetic to those who stand before her” right after I conclude that Mitt “Corporations Are People” Romney really cares about the 47% of Americans whose income is so low that their income tax bill is zero…


  33. Ha Ha Ha says:

    From http://jaablog.jaablaw.com concerning the Rosenthal arrest:

    … it’s anyone’s guess as to how a talented and thorough Traffic Homicide Investigator could botch a straight forward Implied Consent warning, and relegate a bottle of Xanax, a controlled, potentially intoxicating drug, to an event report that could not become public record by law until after a case filing decision was made…

    Xanax Is a powerful drug commonly prescribed by psychiatrists to treat anxiety and panic disorders. It has numerous potentially serious side effects including disinhibition, impaired coordination, and in rare cases hallucinations.

  34. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @28 – The blood test is required only if the situation involves death or serious bodily injury, which wasn’t the case here. But the urine test is different – that IS required by law, and Rosenthal wrongfully refused. Rosenthal was offered the opportunity to take just the urine test while refusing the blood test – but she still wouldn’t take the urine test. You can see the video yourself over at Local10, or go read Jaablog’s story and then follow their link to the video… http://jaablog.jaablaw.com

  35. Broward Lawyer says:

    @ Ha Ha Ha

    I agree with you 100% Judge Rosenthal is an arrogant self-righteous hypocrite. You don’t learn humility at age 58. If elected Rosenthal will continue to be pompous Rick Scott Republican. Oh!!!! Did I say that

  36. Andrew Markoff says:

    Comment #34 has explained, finally, a lot about what’s actually required in such an arrest. I watched multiple TV reports today about the Judge speaking publicly about the circumstances, and that basic information remained convoluted. I certainly wish that TV reporters would clearly spell out the law when it should be a part of a report. I had thought that what was the final conclusion was the urine was required but blood was not, and the Judge simply asserted that she hadn’t had any water and thus couldn’t pee.

    I agree with Buddy that the judge may be humbled if she continues to serve on the bench, and that is something to consider, but yeah, I forgot about the Xanax in her purse. I would never, I don’t think, take a Xanax myself. I would probably sleep for three days if I did. Powerful stuff, and I get knocked out even by a glass of wine on the few occasions I drink, so I’m very wary of that kind of medication for myself.

    The judge may have a psychiatric disorder that is manifested only sometimes and is controlled with medication- or whatever, but all that is entailed with that arrest should be carefully considered. Driving under the influence allegedly of a sleeping pill and also having a powerful benzodiazepine in her purse, well, that’s of concern.

    I just wish that I could edit the first sentence of my prior comment. I should have written “An African-American male pulled over, arrested and taken to jail on a misdemeanor, yeah, that’s a BIG SURPRISE in America.”

    That would have been clearer, and I do have to wonder if I would be taken to jail if I drove while my license was suspended, which I suppose can happen to most anyone who’s gotten a ticket for a minor violation but didn’t turn in proof of completing traffic school or some other oversight, I don’t know. Whatever that circumstance, he’s an upstanding member of the community who has excelled.

    Anyway, I do wish the best for both candidates in their careers and in life whether or not that includes sitting on the bench.

  37. Ha Ha Ha says:


    … “So you’re refusing any and all tests?” [BSO Deputy Michael] Wiley asked her.

    “… Not any and all. I’ll do a Breathalyzer no problem,” said Rosenthal.

    “Will you also submit to urine and blood tests?” asked Wiley.

    “The answer is no to each of those,” answered Rosenthal.

    After refusing the urine test individually, Wiley offers her water.

    “I couldn’t do a urine test. I’ve been asking for water,” said Rosenthal.

    “OK, we could get you some water that way I could get you some water and when you have to go you could go ahead and do it that way,” said Wiley. “The blood test is no problem. We can bring the ambulance.”

    “They were already here, so no,” said Rosenthal. “I’ll do a Breathalyzer test, no problem.”

    “We could do a breath test, but I’m going to tell you right now I don’t suspect alcohol,” said Wiley, adding later, “I believe it’s chemical substances.”

    Later, Wiley again clearly gives her a choice to take either a urine or blood test.

    “You don’t want to submit to blood or urine to eliminate any other possibility?” he asked.

    “I’m not going to do it,” said the judge. …

  38. Ha Ha Ha says:


    Jahra McLawrence has overtaken Lynn Rosenthal in campaign contributions. Predictably, Rosenthal started strong, but the DUI arrest in May killed the golden incumbent goose. Since the “sleep driving” problems arose, she’s raised peanuts, with corresponding gains by the underdog challenger. As of August 8th, the last reporting period, McLawrence had collected $47,237, to Rosenthal’s $44,662. The challenger even boasts a combined $1000 donation by Past President of the Florida Bar Eugene Pettis and his law firm, made on August 5th. According to the most recent numbers, McLawrence has spent $30,000 of his war chest, while Rosenthal has burned through an astounding $150,000, after self-financing to the tune of $145,000. Will raw spending power eclipse the prestige of the McLawrence campaign? Or has public opinion turned against Rosenthal to the point she can’t possibly win?

  39. Ha Ha Ha says:


    (JaaBlog) Why are you supporting McLawrence?

    (Lori Parrish) He’s well-rounded, and he has the perfect personality for what’s needed on the Broward bench. He’s humble, he’s practiced all sorts of law, and he’s served multiple tours of duty in the Navy. He seems fair-minded, the most important thing we want from our judges.