Judicial Candidate Owes Taxes


Judicial candidate Frieda Goldstein works for Homeland Security, but it seems she doesn’t have security in her home.

Goldstein owes taxes on the property of $18,963.99. 

I wanted to ask her about this 2009 property tax bill.  But Goldstein did not answer written questions sent to her home and office e-mail.

Owing taxes on a piece of property is not a crime.  In this recession, many homeowners are arrears in taxes.

Goldstein has already lost the discount for paying her taxes November through February.

Because she works for Homeland Security, her address and telephone number is blocked out on her election documents.    

Goldstein is the second circuit court challenger I found who owes more to the banks than their property is worth.  In Goldstein’s case, it is just slightly underwater.

She says on her financial disclosure statement that her house the address is blocked out but it is apparently on Key Biscayne is worth $1.2 million.

She has mortgages worth $1.254 million. 

That’s a real South Florida story.

Goldstein is running against a judge much esteemed in the courthouse Carlos Rodriguez.

She seems to have few ties to Broward.  She lives in Miami-Dade County and practices there.

Why?  Maybe because her married name is Goldstein. Her full name is Frieda Montanti Goldstein.  She is married to Steven Goldstein, an immigration lawyer, and their home is owned with him.

Maybe because she made $80,286.73 at Homeland Security last year, while Rodriguez made $143,145.32 as a judge.

10 Responses to “Judicial Candidate Owes Taxes”

  1. Veteran says:

    She’ll have to establish her MAIN residency in Broward IF SHE WINS by the date of her investiture.

  2. Stern Wars says:

    It didnt take long for the Judy Stern slime machine to get into high gear. I will take Frieda (who I dont know) who is not even considered deliquent for the unpaid taxes yet over someone like Rodriquez whose campaign is run by Judy Eggletion Stern. I understand if non judicial candidates running wish to associate with Stern, but I expect more of Judges to associate themselves with people who seem to have a reputation of being around dirty tricks and scandal ridden elected officials.

  3. knowledge says:

    why would Rodriguez,who is suppose to be in such high esteem would use someone of questionable character and then say how morale he is,everyone has got to be morale but he could use a person of this character when its time for him to get elected,I guess the old expression,dont do as I do,do as I say,besides Judys daughter is running for State House so you know where her priorities will be,I think

  4. Courthouse Mouse says:

    Good point. You can get free lawyer consultants like Kulik, O’Connell, Ahearn, etc…

    Why spend the money on Stern?

    I will be writing at some points about the relative merits of various political consultants.

    Please don’t forget about Dan Lewis, who has run judicial campaigns in the past.

  5. Unpaid Taxes says:

    Maybe Rhoda Sokoloff should stop diverting the voters attention from her own major shortcommings by going on about some unfounded holocost story.

    Goldstein has nothing on Sokoloff. Sokoloff has not paid her taxes in two years and recently had get current from three years ago before her property was sold in a tax sale.


    All of our houses went down in value. How can someone claim they have a thriving practice yet cant even pay their residential property taxes.

    Unpaid taxes, net worth NEGATIVE $375,000 raises serious questions to this persons ability to be a Judge.

    What sums it up for me is that Rhoda Sokoloff is part of Team Schifrel along with Laura and Lee Seidman. With all of Jack’s cases in criminal and civil court I can see why Rhoda is the ideal candidate for his stable.

  6. knowledge says:

    Dan Lewis he has more enemies then carter has pills.Dan Lewis could not win without help,way to much baggage.good luck

  7. about dan says:

    Dan Lewis last two races were Earl Rynerson and Michael Lynch in Hollywood.

    Dan ran judges back in the stone ages aka late 90s

  8. Broward Lawyer says:

    Hey Buddy,
    Judge Rebollo is a good friend and a wonderful judge. He’s been a judge 2 1/2 years and before that a prosecutor for 21.
    Check out his opponent Bob Nichol’s finances. Under oath, he lists his house house as $500,000, but property appraiser Lori Parrish has it assessed at $366,000. He reports income from his law office at $92,109 for 2009.
    Sounds like he’s running for judge because of his poor financial situation.


    The information on the financial disclosure form that judicial candidates file are as of Dec. 31.

    The value she put on Nichols home last year was $526,220, which is actually higher than he claimed.

    Parrish values Robert Nichols home at $376,880 for 2010.

    He did make $92,109 last year and would get a substantial raise of around $50,000 as a judge. I agree that it looks like he is running against incumbent Judge Carlos Rebollo because he will get a bigger paycheck.

  9. voter -non attorney says:

    Hi Buddy,

    I really enjoy your articles as they do keep some of the non-courthouse people informed of these inner dramas within the system. I think it is a real countywide tragedy that people like Robert Nickols would run just because his finances and the value of his home have gone down the tubes. or maybe he is just getting greedy for more. There should be a way to inform the public of this type of bottom dweller just trying to carpetbag our county of it’s best Judicial talent. I have had the pleasure of meeting Judge Rebollo at one of the adoptions he presided over. He is one of the kindest and sincerely caring people I have met to this day in any court related situation. he is a gifted speaker and he also his experience with people of all types is obvious.

    Just a few thoughts, thanks for the great articles and have a nice day.

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