Judge Candidate Lea Krauss’s Bizarre Church Selfie





Judicial races are usually staid affairs without fireworks.

Not Broward Circuit Court candidate Lea Krauss’s campaign.

Krauss has been publicly criticized by an opponent, usually something that judicial candidates avoid.  She has been teased by the media, which traditionally largely ignores judicial races.

It started when opponent Maxine Streeter fired a couple of shots at Krauss during a candidate’s forum last week at the Weston Bar Association. Streeter said that Krauss had not had a jury trial in a decade, despite Krauss’s claim that she was an “experienced criminal defense lawyer” and runs a private criminal defense firm.

Then Streeter pointed out that Krauss had paid an elections lawyer in Tallahassee more than $8,000 to insure she obeyed state law during the campaign.

“A judge’s job is to know the law, to research the law.  If somebody needs assistance, it certainly calls into question their preparation to be a judge,” Streeter said.


Krauss later she told Browardbeat.com she paid the money so she would be sure to following every letter of the law:  “I would always cross every  “T” and dot every “I.” I think that’s prudent.”

A few days after the forum, Krauss posted a bizarre selfie on her Facebook page which journalist Marc Caputo of Politico called the Vanity of Vanities on his daily blog.  Caputo linked to a story on the blog Red Broward Live here. 

Krauss is seen, below, sitting in a campaign T shirt among Sunday worshipers the New Mt. Oliver Baptist Church, known for having a politically active parishioners.

Is taking a selfie disrespectful of the church crowd?  Was it a lack of judgement on Krauss’ part? Or was it just having some fun?

You decide.


Krauss' Selfie In Church

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37 Responses to “Judge Candidate Lea Krauss’s Bizarre Church Selfie”

  1. Christopher Boyce says:

    STREETER is barking up the wrong tree. Leah is one of the most ethical lawyers around in Broward County and those are hard to come by. Maybe the reason she hasn’t had a jury trial in a decade is because she is that good at what she does.
    Paying $8000 to ensure she abides by campaign laws is not only prudent but wise given how dirty and unethical broward politics can be.

  2. Atheist says:

    I’m an atheist, but I have enough sense to know that it could be offensive to others to:

    1. campaign at a church
    2. wear political garb to church
    3. take a self promoting selfie at church.

    This is just tacky and uncalled for.

  3. Christopher Boyce says:

    Moreover, 99% of most cases never reach trial stage due to settlement or plea bargains. Given her area of practice, I would bet the majority of her criminal cases are pleaded out rather than proceed to trial.

  4. zigy says:

    why must religion be so denigrated now a days. she has , at seems, been reborn, bless you my child and I expect your tith sp in my mail by Friday. alleluia

  5. Tacky times two says:

    As tacky as wearing a campaign button at a Memorial Day event and taking selfies.

    But not as tacky as taking pictures at a county commissioners funeral and posting them to Facebook (Sajan Kurian).

    And who wears a campaign shirt to church?

  6. Juliet hibbs says:

    Well being Mount Olive she has learned that selfie thing from the leadership there in politics

  7. @christopher Boyce says:

    It is not that the cases are plea bargained. Judges have to know something about a courtroom. Based on this, I would expect her to be taking selfies in court.

  8. God Has Spokeen says:

    A church doesn’t pay taxes.

    If they want to get into politics, pay the taxes like any other business or person.

    As for the selfie –
    Matthew 7:1
    Do not judge, or you will be judged.

  9. MAXIE the STREETer says:

    Let’s face it, Maxie is a joke of a lawyer….

    For the finale, she hired Fat Boy Boss Hog Mikey Ahearn to run her campaign, because he’s been so successful with judges not named Ross these days?

    Lea Krauss has nothing to worry about. Just keep showing up and being yourself sweetheart. They’re gonna love ya’ and they’re gonna vote for ya’.

  10. Stormwatch says:

    I did some gumshoe research. According to the clerk of courts website, Lea Krauss has litigated well over 200 cases in Broward of every vatiety imaginable, but mostly criminal. She has been litigating right through the election cycle.
    Maxine Streeter has litigated about 40 cases in Broward, and none since 2012.
    So, the gal with 40 cases under her belt who hasn’t litigated anything since 2012 is taking shots at the gal who has litigated ovet 200 cases right up until recently, because none of her cases have gone to trial in a decade.
    People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

  11. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @9 tell me what does Mr Ahearn have to do with taking a selfie by a candidate he is unaffiliated with? Seems to me another POLITICAL CONSULTANT with nothing to do but attack Under A Fake Name A Successful Competitor. Would Maxie Tge Streeter sign his or her name to an attack on Miss Streeter? Why not?

  12. Average Joe says:

    I beg to differ, I will not be voting for Krauss.

    1 )I agree it is very,very tacky to wear campaign T shirts to a church. Sell yourself don’t let your shirt do it for you.

    Especially when there are people in the room you could be talking to instead of taking your selfie. I’m pretty sure I see people in that picture of your selfie ?

    2 )I also disagree with paying a firm to represent you!!! 8,000 dollars to make sure you cross every I and every T ?

    Really ? AS a practicing lawyer I would hope she would already know to do that. I wouldn’t want to be her client. She had a very large head start on her campaign. Shouldnt she know the laws by now ?

    3 )Should have donated that 8000 dollars to the church! Leave the T-shirt at home lol. But might want to check with the firm of lawyers to make sure it’s ok ? Haha!

    4 )If in fact she is being dishonest about her trial experience, I as a voter would truly like to know that. I hope you can update that buddy.

    5 )I’m a bit curious about Mikey? Isn’t there a lot of very good campaign managers who have lost elections ? I’m sure I could name a few. Judy, Amy, Dan, Barbara on and on. So who represents either canidate is irrelevant to me.

    I think a judge should be honest first and foremost and play by the rules. That’s how Krauss lost my vote. This just affirms my decision was correct.

  13. hair looks good says:

    Hair is looking good prob not a great idea to have a campaign t shirt on in church and take a selfie. Not the brightest idea.

  14. Judge or Cheerleader says:

    As you watch Krauss Esq at the gatherings her demeanor appears to be that of someone trying out for the cheerleader squad.

    Krauss is an empty pair of Gucci “Loafers” and she will be that on the bench if elected.

  15. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Funny, Juliet. And true. How come the ACLU doesn’t jump on the liberals that cross the line? Happens in some Temples and Synagogues too, just a little more subtle.

  16. Stormwatch says:

    Those taking shots of the candidate for wearing a campaign tee shirt to church and taking pics obviously haven’t been to church in a while. At least not a catholic Mass. Shucks, we even have a real live band with drums and guitars. But the baptist been doing that for a while.
    Lots of attorneys are advertising in my weekly church program. 3 this week alone. Judicial candidates may want to try it. Most churchgoers vote.

  17. spell cheker says:

    @8 God Has Spokeen says:
    June 7th, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    What is the tacit message you are attempting to imply in your screen-name?

  18. Angela Ward says:

    The 9am service at New Mount Olive is the “Unscripted” service where we use social media, pictures …. Including selfies, our electronic devices to engage.

    Our church leadership invite the congregation every week to take a selfie and post. We appreciate her participation. She has attended our church in the past.

    Additionally, I was right behind her next to my aunt….I recall her wearing a very respectable dress. We welcome her even in a t-shirt.

  19. judicial assault says:

    A criminal complaint needs to be field against Andrea Gundersen. what she did by physically assaulting Lea Krauss and yelling that Lea was a liar at the Dolphin Dems meeting last night. This woman Gundersen needs to be locked up. Hopefully someone has it on video. Lea Krauss is a good person and does not deserve to be bullied and threatened by this Gundersen woman for speaking he mind.

  20. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    A t-shirt ad for her campaign she’s wearing? I didnt realize it as I didnt think anyone COULD BE THAT TACKY!

  21. Gay bashing Ganderson says:

    I attended the Dolphin Democrat Judicial Forum tonight and I was horrified at what I saw. As ibwas leaving the Pride Center we saw Andrea Ganderson verbally berate and call Lea Krauss a liar. Poor Lea she is such a little thing and Ganderson is almost 6 foot tall and weighs 300 pounds. At one point as Ganderson approached Lea it almost looked like she struck Lea in the face with her large protruding boob. I was afraid Ganderson was going to hit Lea as she continued to scream she was a liar. For someone who claims she is a and advocate for families, Ms. Ganderson needs to get help with her anger issues and gay bashing ways.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I thought Lea Krauss was outstanding at the Dolphin Democrat function tonight. Apparently Miss Streeter was hanging out with Bill Scherer at one of their church going prayer meetings. Worse than that was The other woman in the race who kept yapping about family matters. She accosted Ms. Krauss in the parking lot and it was awful. To this woman, if family matters so much to you, you should live by example and not be a bully to Ms. Krauss. Ms. Krauss has been hand picked by the broward judges to be a guardian to vulnerable children, Lea should be commended for this not chased down in a parking lot and called a liar.

  23. Sober As a Judge says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong about campaigning at a church so long as you’re honest about it. Nothing at all. And the mere suggestion to the contrary is ignorant. What is religion, after all, if not an elaborate campaign? Public officials campaign at churches because that’s where people congregate. Nor is taking a picture at a church unusual or in bad taste. How utterly ignorant you rubes are.

  24. Bob Adams says:

    Hiring someone to make sure that she was in compliance with every nuance of election law was a very smart move. Lea Krauss probably does know everything that she needs to know about election law, but her time is better spent campaigning. This is a countywide race. She could not have donated that $8,000 to the church because it undoubtedly was paid with campaign funds. Such a donation would have been a violation of election law.

  25. Jimmy Ray Hart says:

    what a bunch of silly people

  26. B MARX says:

    Let me address comments 19,21,22
    I am a proud member of the Dophin Dems and we hold the Judicial forum to allow our members to meet judicial candidates and ask questions that concern them. The above referenced incident was a conversation simply stating that she needs to make sure she is being honest with her statements. Wow you would think you could get that from a Judicial candidate. Calling Andrea Ruth Gundersen a gay basher just makes me laugh. She has always and will always stand with the gay community so a baseless statement like this is nothing more than intimidation and attempting to smear her name again not the most Judicial behavior. As far as the parking lot in order for that to occur you would have to be in the parking lot at the same time. Since that did not happen we can just call that false.The fact is both the dolphin dems and the pride center have people to keep order and neither reported any issues. Wonder why? Because they never happened. Maybe i expect more from my Judicial candidates than most but this behavior by Lea Krauss supporters is reprehensible. I understand she has worked as a defense attorney for a long time but bending the truth on the bench is forbidden. Lets attempt to run a campaign of integrity and not look like the bought and paid for candidate who just wants a notch on your resume and please when someone believes differently than you don’t rush to the Gaybash. Be proud stand tall and be who you are.


    I’m told by a number of witnesses that Gundersen confronted Krauss concerning an allegation she made during her presentation. It was reported to me that the allegation involved Krauss’ claim she was appointed by judges to be a Guardian at Litem. Gundersen apparently believed Krauss was puffing her role.

    Gundersen angrily confronted Krauss.

    My take:

    * This race is getting very spirited,
    * Just because you criticize Krauss doesn’t make you anti-gay and
    * Gundersen should control her temper. Really? Really? Is that the way a judge acts?

  27. Knows for Sure says:

    First of all, how could Maxine Streeter criticize Lea Krauss for hiring an expert when She (Streeter) pain Michael Ahearn $10,000.00 on on May 3, 2016 for “Campaign Strategy”? Isn’t that the same thing?

    Seeking professional guidance on any legalities is the prudent thing to do.

    Secondly, Throwing zingers at a Judicial candidate is not very judicial behavior.

    Is she doing this because she just doesn’t know any better or because she doesn’t have anything else to talk about?

    Thirdly, if I were Lea’s opponents, I’d spend more time fundraising. Lea has an impressive war chest and Andrea & Maxine do not. Lea’s war chest totals way more than both of the other candidates altogether.

    The most noteworthy thing about this race is that Andrea Gunderson is working with David Brown, who does not have any kind of successful track record with judicial races.

    Wish them all luck, but my money is on Lea!

  28. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Gundersen clearly doesn’t have the temperament of a judge, period. Not qualified for any judicial office.

    Streeter’s resume is incongruous with the position she is trying to get. It looks like she just wants to use this position as a stepping stone to something else. I’d rather vote for someone better suited to the position.

    Krauss, unlike the other two, is a credible candidate. Lea Krauss should get the job.

  29. War Chest? says:

    War chest doesn’t matter much. Look at how Ian Richards lost to Claudia (he had a huge war chest and she had like 10k). Paying a political consultant is different than paying someone to make sure you know the law. As a judge I don’t expect Maxine to know politics-but I do expect her to know the law. Leah taking selfies at a church and wearing her campaign gear is just tacky and shows poor judgement.

  30. point of clarification says:

    Ian Richards and Johnny Kasen had over $250,000.00 between them to Robinson’s $10,000.000

    There is a reason why Lea has the nickname of Lea Kasen on the campaign trail.

  31. Prayers for Orlando says:

    If anything is to be learned from today’s tragedy is that we need more love and respect for each other in spite of differing views. I hope that Ms. Grunderson will apologize to Ms. Krauss and both women go forward as examples to our community of aspiring Judges who are inspired by love.

  32. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Do people really go nuts (Gunderson) because one candidate (Knauss) “may” have “overstated” an appointment to a legal position not l in a 1000 voters know anything about?
    I certainly won’t have confidence in Miss Gunderson as a Judge.

  33. Snott VV Rothstein says:


    the paid lobbyist for Krabbymouse (Knauss) for magistrate judge of forT lardale.

  34. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @33 is out of his mind as I have never been a lobbyist in my life.
    I hsve never posted or written in my life.
    I have only once in the last 25 years supported a judicial candidate.
    Snott vv writes like a failed lobbyist n political consultant for FAILED candidstes on Miami Beach n driven out of Key West politics after RATTING OUT HIS CO-Conspiritors in a bribery case n writing nonsense since I turned down a loan request to fund some real estate scam in 1996.

  35. sad says:

    I thought it was sad that Ms. Krauss put nothing on her campaign Facebook page in support of the victims in Orlando. I was hoping the rumors that Ms. Krauss was going to great lengths to avoid voters knowing she was gay were rumors, but they appear to be true.

  36. Snott VV Rothstein says:

    In 1928 you were escorted out The Biltmore Hotel in Miami by Al Capone’s bodyguards for being a lobbyist, I was the blonde at the bar in the red dress, you didn’t impress me then.

  37. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    1. The Biltmore is in CORAL GABLES not Miami
    2. Never been in the Biltmore
    3. Born in 1945 couldnt be anywhere in 1928
    4. Never met Al Capone who died when I was 2
    5. You never were at a bar in 1928 in the US because we HAD PROBITION from 1920 until 1933.
    I have no comment on your peroxide blond hair and red dress.