Judicial Candidate Lea Krauss’ Disgusting Naked Appeal To Jews







Lea Krauss want to be a judge so badly they she has sunk to a new low:

A Krauss ad suggests that she should be elected because she is Jewish.

Religious appeals like this are disgusting!

In a mailing, Krauss has a picture of herself with an elderly gentleman wearing a skull cap and prayer shawl. Krauss and the man seem to be discussing an open book on the table between them.

It looks sooooo staged.

The guy may be a rabbi…or maybe he is just playing the part. The book could be the Torah…or it could be the latest Stephen King novel drafted to appear like the Torah.

The ad states that, “Leah’s faith is very important to her. She is active for a number of causes on behalf of the Jewish community and Israel.”

Israel is a big issue in the Broward Circuit Court?

On the flip side of the ad, four Jewish organizations that Krauss is allegedly involved with are listed.  So are six other organizations.

If she was fully invested in these 10 groups she would have no time to practice law!

Is being Jewish a qualification of being a good judge?

No.  A big, No!!!

The Krauss ad is highly, highly offensive.

It assumes that Jews are so naive they will robotically vote for other Jews.

It also proves that Krauss and her handlers are clueless. Any Jew who cares about such things would automatically know Lea Krauss was Jewish from her name.

Fortunately, there are two other candidates in the Circuit Court Group 9 race — Andrea Gundersen and Maxine Streeter.







Real Diversity







Statistics indicate that Gov. Rick Scott doesn’t care about diversity on the bench. Perhaps he doesn’t care about the courtroom reflecting the defendants.

Scott appointed only one black Broward judge through 2015 when he had already served five years, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The one black Scott appointed is County Judge Kal Evans.

Yes, Evans is black. More important, he has an unusual background that his supporters say makes him perfect for the bench. .

The judge spent part of his youth homeless and on the street.

No leafy suburbs and middle class jaunts to the Mall.

Instead, there were homeless shelters and church handouts. There were hand-me-down clothes and lessons he learned the hard way, on the street.

“I had 10 friends growing up,” Evans says. “They are all dead or in prison now.”

Evans vowed to himself he would not end up like his friends.

He taught himself to respect hard work because he saw that those who worked hard made something of themselves. He learned to respect education.

He pushed himself through college and law school. Eventually landed in Broward State Attorney Mike Satz’s Office. He prosecuted sex battery and juvenile cases, working for Satz from 2003 until his appointment to the bench by Scott in 2014.

County Court is the “people’s court.” Evans hears all types of hard luck stories from folks, many of them representing themselves. They were unlucky in life and unfortunate enough to land in a courtroom.

The judge knows that he could have ended up like many in front of him in court.

“My life was no different than some of them,” Evans recalls. “I slept for a time under the stars. My family had to struggle every day.”

Evans has a unique perspective, say lawyers, to understand people. All kinds of people.

Because diversity is not only reflected by the color of one’s skin. There is also economic diversity and the understanding of a slice of our community that comes with it.




Judge Lee Cops A Big Award



County Judge Robert Lee was given the Chief Justice Award for Judicial Excellence from the Conference of County Court Judges of Florida last week.

He was cited for his tireless mentoring of new judges, plus his restructuring of some of the County Court’s workload. Lee is the chair of the County Court’s civil division.

Appointed by Gov. Lawton Chiles in 1997, Lee is perhaps best known for taking part in the 2000 presidential recount in Broward County.

Under Florida law, a canvassing board ran the recount.  It consisted of a County Commissioner (Sue Gunzburger), the Supervisor of Elections (Jane Carroll) and a judge – Robert Lee.

In an attempt to get him to vote in favor of Al Gore or George W. Bush, Lee was heavily pressured. He was promised promotions to the Circuit or Federal Court.

Bush’s lawyers wanted no recount in Broward. Gore wanted the ballots hand counted.

Lee told me at the time that he ignored the pols and eventually voted to back Gore.

He got nothing from the Democrats.

Lee’s vote to recount the ballot was only a temporary Democratic victory because there weren’t enough new votes for Gore in Broward to turn the election around.

Lee is the first openly gay Broward judges I remember. He is also one of the first Hispanic office holders, his mother being Mexican.

Perhaps the biggest praise for Lee come from lawyers who know him. They say that Lee is a thoroughly fair and just jurist.

Congratulations to Robert Lee.

Lee During Recount


County Judge Robert Lee during 2000 presidential recount



The news release:

Contact: Craig Waters, Director of Public Information
Florida Supreme Court

Chief Justice Labarga Presents Award for Excellence to Broward Judge

PONTE VEDRA BEACH – Broward County Judge Robert Lee is an excellent trial judge who is extremely active in helping other judges excel, Florida Chief Justice Jorge Labarga said Tuesday as he presented Judge Lee with the Chief Justice Award for Judicial Excellence.

In nearly two decades on the bench, Judge Lee has built an inspiring record of activities and accomplishments, Chief Justice Labarga said, praising Judge Lee for his exceptional commitment to the judicial branch as well as his energy and his creativity.

Judge Lee mentors new judges, compiles comprehensive resource materials to help judges handling small claims and civil traffic infraction cases, and created innovative programs to hold jury-duty scofflaws accountable and to correct teen traffic misconduct. He also frequently writes articles for publication in legal journals, teaches at universities and, of course, handles his caseload.
The chief justice presented the award during the annual education program for Florida’s 322 county judges. A second award will be presented to a circuit judge next month at the annual education program for circuit judges. A selection committee of two county judges and two circuit judges, appointed by their respective judicial conferences, recommended both award recipients from nominations made by judges.

Gary Cowart, a retired judge, wrote in support of the nomination of Judge Lee: “He is always trying to make things better, not only for his colleagues, but the legal system and the public as well.” Judge Lee currently serves as chair of the Civil Division of the Broward County Court. He was appointed a county judge in 1997 by the late Gov. Lawton Chiles. Judge Lee has served in the criminal and civil divisions, as well as on temporary assignment to the circuit.

While some of Judge Lee’s accomplishments might be characterized as “behind the scenes,” he has first-hand experience of being called upon to perform his duty in the white-hot glare of national scrutiny: In 2000, he was the chair of the three-member Broward County Canvassing Board and presided over the historic recount in Broward in the disputed presidential election.

As a judge, he has published more than a dozen articles in various legal publications. He has presided over more than 335 jury trials and has more than 500 published legal decisions. He has also taught at Florida International University and Barry University. In 2011, the Broward County Bar Association honored Judge Lee with its Stephen R. Booher Memorial Award.

Before becoming a judge, he worked in private practice, primarily involving commercial litigation. However, he received the Individual Attorney Support Award from Legal Aid of Broward County for pro bono work involving mental health issues. He was active in the community, working with the Broward Education Foundation, Broward United Against Discrimination, the Broward Human Rights Initiative and the Broward County Hispanic Bar Association.

Judge Lee earned his law degree in 1985 at the University of Florida, where he served as a senior editor on the Law Review and was awarded a teaching fellowship. He has a master’s degree in History Humanities from California State University at Dominguez Hills and a bachelor’s degree from Jacksonville University.

Chief Justice Labarga created the Chief Justice Awards for Judicial Excellence in 2015; this is the second year awards have been presented.

33 Responses to “Judicial Candidate Lea Krauss’ Disgusting Naked Appeal To Jews”

  1. Rinse and repeat says:

    Remember recently when they decided to run candidates with Jewish last names and they got proven wrong?

    I really hope that happens again. Anyone pandering based on religion is just wrong. Be it the wannabe legislators who pander to their black churches, or judicial candidates who pander to holocaust victims.

    Just stop.

  2. Christopher Boyce says:

    Broward Politics at its sleziest and dirtiest considering a majority of the Judges are Jewish including Weinstein as well as some of the candidates running for the bench. Antisemitism is alive and well in Broward County.

  3. Ha Ha Ha says:

    It’s just an “equal time” follow-up to the Baptist church selfie! Look for the next Krauss mailer to feature Krauss drinking a beer in front of Chaz Stevens’ Festivus pole!

    At least she didn’t go ballistic like Gundersen, who doesn’t have the judicial temperament at all. I certainly hope Gundersen never gets elected!

  4. Oxymoron says:

    Next mailing will she be performing a bris?

  5. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:


    I have no problem if an Irish candidate walks in an Irish Pride Parade.

    I have no problem with an Italian candidate walks in an Italian pride parade.

    I have no problem if a Catholic candidate sends out Christmas cards.

    “…that Krauss is allegedly involved with are listed.”


    A real reporter would investigate if MS Krauss is really a Board of Director of B’nai B’rith Justice unit; Steering Committee for Woman’s Executive Circle with Jewish federation; Washington Circle member of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Jewish Adoption Foster Care Options program.

    How lazy can Buddy Nevins be?

    Too lazy to make 4 simple phone calls!

    That is how lazy he is.

    The Pulitzer Prize award is not given to a lazy slob reclining in his Lazy-Boy fast asleep!

  6. Judge one, judge all says:

    I am a supporter of Lea and I do not think there is nothing wrong with what she did.

    You also wrote about Judge Evans. Look at his Facebook Page he is photographed all over town at black churches. If you take issue with Krauss the you should take issue with Judge Evans as well.

    I do not see Phyllis Pritcher going around pandering religion. Let’s hear about more about Pritcher. The bench needs more strong females with superior trial experience that Lea Krauss and Phyllis Pritcher posses over their opponents.

    Vote Pritcher and Krauss in 2016

  7. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    As a former officer of both Jewish and Democratic County Organizations n both an elected n appointed Public Official I NEVER CONFUSED MY FAITH WHICH IS PRIVATE WITH MY NEUTRAL PARTY N PUBLIC OFFICES AND DUTIES.
    Obviously FAKE NAME BLOGGER HIllary whatever has ZERO CREDIBILITY.

  8. Floridan says:

    Please . . . what about the candidates who begin attending church when they declare for office? Or the candidates who make sure they get their photo taken with a local minister? Or attend a church picnic?

    Even if there might be something less than appealing about these tactics, I would describe them (at worst) as “eyebrow raising” rather than “disgusting.”


    Attending a church, campaigning in a church and having a photo on Facebook with a minister is much different than mailing an advertisement bragging that you are Jewish (or any religion.).

  9. Thrower a Pass says:

    The Nobel Prize award is given to a lazy slob reclining in his Lazy-Boy fast asleep! As proof of this current administration.

    Your judicial candidate has made numerous simple election campaign blunders showing her ineptness, she does not have the temperament or demeanor to sit in judgement of others at this point of her career.

  10. Vote for Krauss says:

    I have had the opportunity to see all three candidates speak and I believe that only candidate truly cares about the families in this community is Ms. Krauss. As you can see from this video below, Ms. Krauss, guided this young woman through her troubles and has helped her get adopted by her forever family


    On thing I know about Ms. Krauss, when she says your family matters, it is not with a hashtag or as a campaign slogan, she means it.

  11. Why hide being gay and married? says:

    Why has Lea Krauss sent out three political mailers and not one mentions her spouse, April Halle? Considering the fact that Lea’s biggest base of political support comes from the Halle family, it seems odd. It is obvious that Lea is trying to hide from the voters the fact that she is gay and married to a woman. Look at the mailers for Judges Di Pietro, Zaccor and others, these candidates are pictured with their spouses.

    It is sad in 2016, that someone who has worked as hard as Lea has in the gay community feels the need to hide the fact she is gay and married to a very beautiful woman. It is a shame to see the Halle family being used like this.



    Poblick, 41, of Dade City, has also been an assistant state attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit.

    Joshua Riba will take the Pinellas County Court bench after being an assistant state attorney in the 6th Judicial Circuit.

    Michael J. Brown will be a Collier County Court judge, replacing Judge Vince Murphy.
    Brown, 38, of Naples, has been an assistant state attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit


  13. Hmm says:

    Judge Nina is Jewish! Really, really, really Jewish…


  14. Anonymous says:

    “Fortunately, there are two other candidates in the Circuit Court Group 9 race — Andrea Gundersen…” Seriously, anyone who has been around Gundersen knows she would not make a good judge.

  15. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Doesnt the Bar Association evaluate judicial candidates? What did they say?
    As for arguing people should or should not be appointed because of GENDER race religion sexual orientation NONE OF THESE HAVE ANY PLACE IN A CIVILIZED SOCIETY @12 Fake Name Blogger

  16. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @11 – It’s no secret. In fact, it’s on her website! “She loves Broward County, where she lives with her spouse and their three dogs… Ms. Krauss has served on a number of boards and committees, including … President of the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers Network (GLLN), Director of the Pride Center at Equality Park, Inaugural Chair of the “Women with Pride” Committee, … Under her leadership, the GLLN grew to nearly 150 members, including law students, attorneys, judges and businesses.”


  17. Stormwatch says:

    Lea Krauss is a great lawyer and a very good person. She’s also pretty savvy when it comes to target marketing people who actually vote and she makes all the rounds. She’s very smart and likeable. She’ll make an excellent judge.

    Kal Evans is a really good judge. Im sure many judges bring their life experiences to the bench, so its quite refreshing to see someone with his life experiences making important decisions about people’s lives.

    Its was nice of the CJ to give Judge Lee that award. I didnt even know such an award existed or what the criteria was. Now I know who to write to.

  18. Blonde says:

    I’m beginning to think that Buddy has an issue with young blonde Jews….I see a pattern.

    I have personally met Lea at multiple forums. She is VERY socially strong and pleasant. Unless she ever walks up to me and starts reciting lines from the Torah, I could care less what religion she is, and I definitely don’t care what the hell she puts on a mailer.

    I am catholic…and a blonde…should I be offended??

  19. All sizzle bit no steak. says:

    Krauss talks about forever friends, being Jewish, her membership in gay organizations, when will she give specifics about her legal resume? She has been accuaed of not had a trial in 10 years, amd she has no response. She claims to be a civil lawyer, yet lasted only 2 weeks at the Zabersky Payne law firm. Not one lawyer who has ever litigated with her has come forward to say she is a good lawyer who is qualified to be Judge. Heck, Buddy previously reported Krauss had 150 endorsements on her website and they were removed immediately thereafter. Kraiss may be a nice person but she has failed to show as a lawyer, she is not qualified to be a Circuit Court Judge.

  20. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @17 a great lawyer? Give me a break! NAME ONE JUST ONE ‘GREAT CASE’ she was EVER involved with!

  21. Stormwatch says:

    @20..Why don’t you ask one of the 200 clients she’s litigated cases for in Broward County courts. Go to the clerk’s site and look at all the different types of matters she handled. A true general ptactitioner with excellent experience. She’s earned this judgeship.

  22. Thank you Stormwatch says:

    Lea has been an attorney since 2000 and she has had 200 clients which averages out to 12.5 clients per year. In fairness Krauss did do 3 years at the State Attorneys office. Deduct that time and the two weeks she was at the Zebersky Payne firm, she has been on her own for 13 years so that means she had 15.2 clients a year. Upon review of the Clerks website the majority of her cases were Civil Traffic Citations.

    Also, thank you for clearing up that there are no attorneys who have litigated against Lea that will endorse her candidacy. This is not a surprise since Civil Traffic Infraction matters do not involve opposing counsel.

  23. For Real says:

    @22 check out the clerk site. Krauss has had 1000 cases in broward alone while in private practice which doesn’tinclude her 1000 cases as a prosecutor. Gundersen has less than 250 cases. Streeter had only 30 cases and the last one is in 2012. Krauss is by far the most qualified. I haven’t litigated against Streeter or Gundersen but I have with Krauss and I would definitely endorse her and so should you!

  24. Not loud nor proud Krauss supporter says:

    So “For Real” you claim to be a local attorney who has litigated against Lea Krauss and willing to endorse her candidacy… Yet you will not divulge your name? Lol

    No wonder Krauss removed the alleged 150 endorsements from her website…no one wants their name associated with her campaign.

    Krauss had to cancel a fundraiser in Wilton Maonrs last night, The gay community sees right through Lea’s failure to put her spouse on her mail pieces. Nothing worse than a pandering gay candidate who is ashamed to admit she is gay in 2016.

  25. Ha Ha Ha says:

    (Trying again! Buddy, please use this attempt instead if it works better than my first try!)

    Agree with #23 – Krauss is the best choice

  26. Stormwatch says:


    I didn’t say that Ms. Krauss had 200 clients. I said that she had litigated at least 200 cases in Broward County. Many lawyers have clients with matters that don’t always involve or result in litigation.
    My review of the clerk of court’s website reveals that Ms. Krauss has litigated 123 felonies,26 misdemeanors, 13 drug court, 13 domestic violence, 5 mental health court, 3 career criminal, 1 municipal ordinance, 1 divorce, 1 paternity, and 1 medical malpractice. That sounds like someone ready to be a judge.

  27. Stormwatch says:

    **and 13 traffic cases.

  28. Buddy says:


    The Sun-Sentinel today endorsed Lea Krauss over her two opponents. See the endorsement here.

  29. That's an endorsement? says:

    Little mention about Lea as an attorney, focus was on being gay and having money,

    If people want a lawyer for the position of Judge it is clear Streeter is the pick.

    And then there is what’s her name…gunderwhatever

  30. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #24: “The gay community sees right through Lea’s failure to put her spouse on her mail pieces.”


    Lea is the candidate. Her name is on the ballot.

    Lea’s spouse is not the candidate. She is not on the ballot.

    Maybe Lea’s spouse asked Lea not to mention her name?

    If you were a candidate and your spouse asked you that she never wanted to go out and campaign, would you honor this wish of your spouse?

    Answer up you GOP A*SHOLE!

  31. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    And a Sun Sentinel endorsement – or any newspaper means?
    I remember FOR DECADES HOW NEWSPAPERS OVERWHELMING ENDORSED LANDON and FDRs opponents Opposed Thurman and Kennedy too!

  32. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Based on my own independent research, I recommend the following picks on August 30th:

    US Senator: Alan Grayson

    State Attorney: Teresa Elizabeth Williams

    Clerk of Circuit Court: Elizabeth Ann McHugh

    Sheriff: Scott Israel

    Supervisor of Elections: David Brown

    County Commissioner: Nan Rich

    Circuit Judge 9 – Lea P. Krauss

    Circuit Judge 15 – Brian Frederick Greenwald

    Circuit Judge 23 – David A. Salomon

    Circuit Judge 24 – Michael Lynch

    County Judge 2 – Phyllis Pritcher

    County Judge 3 – W. Dale Miller

    County Judge 7 – Ian Richards

    County Judge 8 – Kathleen McCarthy

    County Judge 13 – Elizabeth “Betsy” Benson

    County Judge 14 – Bradford A. Peterson (or Kim Theresa Mollica)

    County Judge 21 – Deborah Carpenter-Toye

    School Board 5 – Nathalie Lynch-Walsh

    School Board – Robin Bartleman

    Solar Energy Amendment – YES!!!

  33. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    I just received a new mail flyer from Attorney Lea Krauss today. With a total of 6 photos. No photo of a Rabbi. So #24 GOP Hater of all Diversities should be so relieved! One photo of an elderly Black couple sharing a discussion with Lea. Is that OK with you GOP Loser # 24? Two photos with children. Hey #24 GOP Bum, do you now believe that Lea should be arrested for exploiting children? With a photo with 2 elderly whites. No photos with any age voting Hispanics. I am sure #24 GOP Idiot will call The Donald and complain about this. And two photos of Lea by herself. Lea mentions a great deal about her experiences in the courtroom, her community and with children. #24 GOP Fool, please spend plenty of time to bitch and whine about this new mail flyer of Lea Krauss, candidate for Circuit Court Judge in Group 9. Or maybe you cannot count all the way up the number 9 !!!!