Judicial Candidate Is $382,804 In Debt


I’ve heard of judicial candidates running to better than income.  I’ve heard of judicial candidates running to beef up their pension (Ilene Lieberman? More on that later.)

But I’ve never heard of one running that is $382,804 in debt.

That’s lawyer Michael Rocque.

Rocque is running against Circuit Judge Dale Ross.

His financial disclosure shows him very far under water on real estate investments, down with the rock lobsters and coral reefs.

He owns four pieces of property in Southeast Fort Lauderdale and some are worth half of what he paid for them.

This is a problem since he earns only about $85,000-a-year.  Even if the real estate market improves.  Even if he wins and doubles that salary. He will be far under water for years.

I don’t know if he is a good lawyer, a great lawyer or a fabulous lawyer. I don’t know if he will make a terrific judge.

I do know he stinks as a real estate investor.

15 Responses to “Judicial Candidate Is $382,804 In Debt”

  1. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    Judge Ross is one of the best jurists we have in Broward. This guy is a loser. The case is closed.

  2. rocque supporter says:

    this article is not fair, mickey should be judged by how he is as a lawyer

    Check out to mickey’s website at


    Read the article and you will see what an honorable man and great lawyer Mickey is for his clients

  3. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Having a negative net worth doesn’t make you a bad person, or stupid as you insinuate. I’d bet that tens (hundreds?) of thousands of Broward properties are currently valued at less than they were purchased for. I agree that Dale Ross is a fantastic judge and should be retained, but this portrayal is unfair. Further, an $85,000 annual salary (or twice that if he wins) CERTAINLY would be enough to cover his expenses. It’s not like these properties have one-year mortgages on them.





  5. sidelines says:

    are the properties in Lis Pendens? If not, he’s current. A quick check of Broward public records determines that. I’ld be more worried if he was really really rich and running for judge. He can probably more readily relate to theose who will appear before him in court as more are upside down than care to admit. Sadly many professionals with large or less large salaries are in the same boat. Its funny no skepticism entered into the due diligence as they all snatched up properties. So if he meets qualifications to run, let him and back off. As you may know, or not, attorneys have access to specialized lines of credit and loans to fund their practices as many have feasts and famines based on clients paying, contingencies, etc. I am not an attorney but know this exists if not for all, at least some.voters decide.

    FROM BUDDY: I base my piece on his own financial disclosure, just filed this month. And is failure to answer an e-mail to the e-mail address listed on his campaign documents.

  6. residentofsunrise says:

    You should know Buddy, that with the recent housing crash, many people are “under water” as you say. Your comment “I do know he stinks as a real estate investor” is very unfair.
    I dont know this person, but when you make that comment, I or anyone else may interpret that as your feelings about everyone that made investments in real estate during that time including the working families out there just trying to provide a home for themselves and trying to live the “American Dream” of homeownership. I think these people were “victims” and not bad investors.
    I think you should recind your story of this particular subject about this person and offer an apology to him.
    Shame on you!


    I disagree with you. These are not houses. They are investments. He is an investor. He rents them. I have absolutely no sympathy with somebody who bought property as an investment and the value collapsed. He shouldn’t have bought that much property on his salary.

  7. awsome says:

    I just saw this joker’s website. A 10 year old boy gets sexually suggestive texts witnessed by the boy’s parents and law enforcement from a 20 year old man and this man’s lawyer Mr. Rocque has the gall to say “there is more to the story than meets the eye” WHAT!!!!!!

  8. Watcher says:

    Ross is decisive and doesn’t suffer fools…as to “great”, not too sure………….people who deal with Rocque regularly say good things about him and “net worth” is a poor measure (its whether you can keep what ya got)….that said he should have challenged some of the lesser lights on the bench

  9. Citizen says:

    Buddy you’re right in response comment to residentofsunrise
    I’ld like to see those loan apps when he was buying those investments/rentals and who the initial lenders were
    will do some checking and get back to you

  10. Floridan says:

    If Rocque rents his properties,the current value of his investments vs what he paid for them is fairly meaningless unless he has to liquidate.

    The important issue is cash flow — is he receiving enough in revenues to pay his mortgages and overhead? If so (or nearly so) then it really doesn’t matter much how far “underwater” he might be on these properties.

  11. cut to the chase. says:

    If Rocque wanted to run and win an election for Judge he runs against Porth or newcomer Bailey. Some may say no for Porth being a former State Rep. As for Bailey, he and Mickey would have been even going into an election.

    Why did Mickey run?

    It is well known around the Courthoue that Help Me Howard, Jabblog and other criminal defense attorneys have had it in for Judge Ross for years. If Mickey is not runing to win its obvious that these people just wanted to see Ross have to go through the stress and rigors of a campaign and in essence to ruin his summer.

    Buddy, maybe you can confirm this for your readers, the second page of Mickey’s finance reports shows he has one liquid asset, $15,000.00 cash.

    If true one would have to wonder, Mickey makes an estimated $7k a month in his practice, paying all those mortgages, his only liquid asset at the time of filing is $15k cash, begs the question…

    Why would someone use over 1/3 of their liquid cash (filing fee of approx $5800)to run in a race when its obvious they have little or no chance of winning? or who did someone put up all or part of that $ for Mickey?????

  12. Flipper says:

    This guy should not even be considered by folks as they enter the voting booth. Being far in debt does not make someone a “bad person” anymore than being wealthy would make someone a “good person”. However, this level of debt makes a judge vulnerable. Vulnerable to offers of bribes, vulnerable to blackmail once a bribe is taken, or known about.

  13. Ghost of McLovin says:

    @Flipper. Sure. Nobody with positive net worth would ever take a bribe. In an unrelated development, Lieberman/Michalson, Ritter, Eggelletion, Gallagher, Kraft, Jenne and Brook all have positive net worths.

  14. Mister Courthouse says:

    I agree with Flipper. This gentleman would be subjected to the temptation of bribery. We need judges who are above any such temptations.

  15. Alexis says:

    I think it is very unfair to judge someone’s character/ person by financial situation. Who isn’t under water right now with the current drop in the market value???
    I wish you much success “Mickey”, God bless you