Judicial Candidate Hires Obama Gal





Broward Circuit Court candidate Stacey Schulman has cemented her relationship with Obama’s former Florida Campaign Director Ashley Walker.



Ashley Walker


Schulman paid $2,000 last month to Mercury, a public strategy company where Walker is a managing director.

Schulman and Walker are friends and earlier told Browardbeat.com that the consultant would be helping on her campaign.

Walker worked for former U. S. Sen. Bob Graham before moving to Broward County to manage state Sen. Jeremy Ring’s successful first campaign in 2006.

She ran both the 2008 and 2012 Obama operations in Florida, juggling 500 employees and about 20,000 volunteer.

In addition to paying Walker, January was another good month for Schulman. The candidate added $17,468 in contributions and kicked in another $50,000 of her own.

Schulman now has roughly $158,000 in the bank. Her opponent Julie Shapiro Harris has roughly $2,500 in the bank.


4 Responses to “Judicial Candidate Hires Obama Gal”

  1. OVERRATED says:

    Really, Obama in Florida, that was some tough work in 2008 and 2012. Everyone knows all directions came from Chicago. Walker was a glorified errand girl. No one involved with Obama thinks Obama’s Florida #s were better because of Walker?

    Looks at Walker’s local races.

    Jeremy Ring 2006, he put almost in a million dollars to beat Ben Graber and two no names. Very challenging race for Ashley.

    2010 Walker barely (few hundred votes approx) got Judge Rebollo reelected aginst a total loser Bob Nichols who had $100k less than Judge Rebollo.

    Louie Granteed got his ass handed to him by Amy Rose and Scott Israel with Walker running the Granteed campaign. Ask most of Louie’s supporters, despite getting paid big bucks, Walker was rarely scene doing anything with the day to day campaign.

    One thing she should be given credit more she knows how to use her “work” with Obama to convice people to hire her for outrageous sums of money and she is barely around.

    We can all judge soon enough her talents with how she does for Alex Sink in her race for Congress.

    Ashley is referred to around town as Nieman Marcus aka Needless Mark Up.

  2. Abolish the BOCC says:

    Anything Obama should be avoided post haste.

  3. Owl says:

    She was a great help to Charlie Kaplan when he won his Circuit Court seat in 2006.

  4. Just Saying says:

    Walker also ran Charlotte Rodstrom’s embarrassingly inept 2012 county commission run. So I’d agree: she’s vastly overrated.