Judicial Candidate Has Diverse Supporters: Lobbyists, Republicans, Two With Bar Suspensions





Julie Shapiro Harris narrowly lost a race for Broward Circuit Court last year, despite spending $115,076 of her own money.

This time around, Shapiro Harris is making a bigger effort to raise money from others for her circuit court race.

Her campaign kickoff next week features an interesting array of political insiders, courthouse fixtures and at least one I can’t place – Crazy Ray.


Some other interesting inclusions include two lawyers who have had their licenses suspended in recent years for violating Florida Bar rules – one for shoplifting and another for threatening another lawyer and then failing to respond to Bar inquiries.

(I believe in forgiveness so I’m not using their names.)

Shapiro Harris, whose husband is Democratic activist Barry Harris, has snared a cross section of supporters for her kickoff.

There is Republican support, including former Broward Republican Chair Rico Petrocelli, whose name is misspelled on the invitation, and Oakland Park Commissioner Shari McCartney.

There are representatives of both wings of the local Democratic organization – dissidents like Cynthia Busch and the supporters of Chair Mitch Ceasar like Ken Evans.

There are lobbyists like Bill Laystrom and Russ Klenet.  Courthouse rebels like lawyer Kevin Kulick. Political historical figures like lawyer Eddie Kay, the party’s chair in the 1970s.

Office holders like Democratic grande dame Lori Parrish, the property appraiser; County Commissioners Marty Kiar and Stacy Ritter; Mayor Michael Udine of Parkland and Commissioner Bob Levy of Plantation and many others.

It’s an impressive group.  However, it doesn’t impress me as a list of big spenders.

I wonder how many will bring checks?

We shall see.

In the meantime, the courthouse whisper is that at least two others are planning to jump into the race against Shapiro Harris early next month.

She was smart sewing up this support early.

Here is the invitation (Click to Enlarge):

Julie Shapiro Harris Fund Raiser

10 Responses to “Judicial Candidate Has Diverse Supporters: Lobbyists, Republicans, Two With Bar Suspensions”

  1. Tamarac Tommy says:

    You are right, Nevins. She isn’t raising a lot of money from that group. Electeds hardly ever donate money.

    Everybody in the courthouse thinks she is unbeatable because of her husband, Barry Harris. Barry “the Chaits Funky” Harris will be testifying in Talabisco’s trial right during the campaign.

    She has no experience. She is hardly a lawyer. If a woman who has real experience gets in, she is goner.

  2. Tits McGee says:

    This is a bad joke. They should call this a friends of Charlie Crist fundraiser.i saw Nick Steffens falling all over Charlie at the Diplomat dinner during the summer. Norm Leonard is a political adviser to one of Charlie’s closest allies. And you have Lamberti’s crew in attendance. I could go on but no one wants a long Angelo Castillo like post. you boob

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Tamarac Tommy
    You don’t know what you are talking about. Ms. Harris has been practicing for 18 years. She works for the Clerk’s Office and is an expert in the area of domestic violence. This is why she has such strong support from both sides of the aisle. I wish her the best.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey if a guy suspended from the practice of law supports Harris you know she is solid.

  5. All Rise says:

    The only other political powerhouse not listed is the mother of the “New” court house Irene LIEbeerman-Michelso aka unindicted co-conspirator ie turned states witness. Looks like Jules will be spending the rest of the inheritance, for nought. Barry get a job. Marty Kiar must be looking for a position for another relative, my sister always wanted to be a court reporter. Barbie Sharief has to pay the state back a half-million dollars, money is tight,WTF. Overbilling, math was never a strong suit. What a herd of clowns.

  6. Say what.... says:

    Expert in domestic violence…. Person was battered or not, no real expertise needed. Julie is a glorified clerk with a law degree, she stamps a restraining order petition, yes or no. Great legal mind needed there. She got a patronage job from Forman and that sums up her career. To be fair she is a nice person but lacks any real legal experience to be judge.

  7. Shamberti says:

    Speaking of the Laberti crew how come Al Lamberti’s so pathetic I see people avoiding him all the time. They cringe when he shows up. Who’s going to tell him his 15 minutes are over.

    Even his old pal Charlie Crist avoids him like the plague, fatso Geller told him so. It’s smart advice he hopes to fool everybody and run as a Democrat. Speaking of Crist what ever became of his guy friend Wheeler aka “Lunch Box.” Does he still fly out to visit Rothstein?

    Then there’s Mike Albetta the self proclaimed king of the gay community who says he’s a democrat but supports republicans like Lamberti because he helped Mike make lots of money selling cars for Maroone. That was a nice package, Mike. I’m referring to the car sales of course.

    Then there’s Alan Berkowitz that wormy little guy who used to play cop sometimes and whisper in Al’s ear. Great advice there Alan. It did Broward a world of good. Losers every one of them.

  8. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    I see five names on that list that belong in jail, not supporting a judge (ha..i love Broward). Where is Scumberti’s name? That would help…HA HA HA I know who I am not voting for.

  9. Shamberti says: AKA Ron Gunzburger says:

    Ron, needs to do the job we are paying him.way to much to do

  10. new sheriff in town says:

    Funny. Ron is far more clever, and a much better writer. No way that was him.