Julio Gonzalez’s Last-Minute Shady Campaign


To find out who wants Julio Gonzalez to be a judge, just follow the money.

It leads all the way to a Dade County insurance company that is a major supporter of Gov. Rick Scott.

Gonzalez’s ad on Saturday’s Sun-Sentinel front page was paid for by Broward Citizen’s for a Strong Judiciary.

That’s the committee run by Republican operative David DiPietro.

Broward Citizens’ money –$15,000– comes from Citizens for Judicial Excellence.

This second committee is based at the same Miami-Dade address as United Automobile Insurance Corporation.

The only contribution Citizens of Judicial Excellence has in its publicly filed documents was $70,000 from UAIC.  Those initials appear to me to be United Automobile Insurance Corporation.

United Automobile has played around with committees before.  An affiliate of the company, United Group Underwriters, gave $100,000 to Rick Scott’s Let’s Get To Work committee earlier this year.

There are two good reasons why an insurance company would back Gonzalez:

(1) His Broward Circuit Court opponent is Laura Marie Watson runs a law practice largely representing car accident victims against insurance companies.

(2) United Automobile gets sued regularly and would be very interested in who becomes a judge.

Gonzalez is running for judge. His campaign is supposed to be above the shady politics of non-judicial candidates.

So why does he believe it is judicious to hide his contributors behind a screen of committees?  Isn’t keeping your contributors in the shade the epitome  of  shady politics?

Hey, Julio.  This one doesn’t pass the smell test.


19 Responses to “Julio Gonzalez’s Last-Minute Shady Campaign”

  1. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Someone needs to find a dick pic on this dude…

  2. Not nice says:

    This shows terrible judgement. United Auto is sued constantly for denying claims. Now he takes their money and wants to be the judge on those cases? Shady is an understatement. Great story Buddy. Thanks for the heads up. I am voting Watson now. This article is going on my Facebook account.

  3. What do you expect says:


    What does anyone expect from a guy who worked for Scott Rothstien? Then after RRA blew up, worked for the firm defending Rothstien.

    What does anyone expect from a guy who exaggerated the value of his home on his financial filings to show he was not underwater in debt.

    What does anyone expect from a guy who as a Judge had AMEX suing him for unpaid bills.

    What does anyone expect from a guy who was in foreclosure less than a year ago.

    What does anyone expect from a guy whose financial filings show that he has no bank account yet was able to loan his campaign $50,000

    What does anyone expect from a Judicial Candidae who refused to say what firms they worked for since being off the bench?

    What does anyone expect from a guy whose 2008 campaign expendatures showed him spending more than he raised.

    What does anyone expect from a guy who uses the old address of Scott Rothstien’s office on the loans he made to his campaign?

    What does anyone expect from a guy who has an Eggelletion on campaign payroll

    If that is not enough, what do you expect from someone whose campaign is run my Judy Stern.

    Shady, at the very least, you betcha.

    Say no to Julio on Tuesday

  4. Him Shady says:

    The truth about Julio…

    Worked for Scott Rothstien then when RRA blew up worked for the law firm defending Rothstien

    Refuses to say where he worked since being a Judge. Also sent out a fundraising letter saying he worked for a Professional Associated after being off the bench that was closed before he was off the bench in 2008

    Exaggerates the value on his home in his State financial filings to give the appearance he was not underwater in debt

    Same filings fails to list a bank account, yet loaned his campaign $50k and used the address of the old Rothstien law office as the address for his loans.

    In foreclosure a year ago, yet now has $50k to loan his campaign?

    Sued by AMEX for unpaid bills before leaving the bench.

    Has an Eggelletion on the campaign payroll.

    Finally, his campaign manager is Judy Stern.

    Silm Shady, nope,
    Julio is very Shady

    Tuesday, SAY NO TO JULIO

  5. More Dirty Candidates says:

    I used to work for United Automobile Insurance Company many years ago. They are the worst of the worst.

    Their practice was to sell insurance to immigrants fresh off the boat and then deny all claims as a matter of course.

    My opinion is that they figured that only a few of these folks would bother getting attorneys and then even fewer would file suit. It was more profitable for them to deny the coverage and then get smacked with a few big judgments and huge attorneys’ fee awards then pay out the legitimate claims.

    The “family” that runs it is a nice “family” out of Chicago if memory serves.

    If you want to get an understanding of how UAIC works, just read or watch the John Grisham movie, The Rainmaker.

    If Julio is in bed with these thieves, it just shows more bad judgment, like when Julio got into bed with Scott Rothstein for his no-show $150k a year job.

    So basically, Julio has shown the wonderful judgment of – (a) working for Scott Rothstein, (b) hiring Judy Stern as his campaign manager, and (c) being in bed with the scummiest insurance company in Florida.

    Between the bad judgment, the lawsuits against Julio, the fudged financial affidavits, the foreclosures, etc., etc., etc., there’s no way this guy should be on any bench other than a park bench.

    3 strikes and i hope he’s out.

  6. tell the truth says:

    although republican palm card has him there are more dems than repubs.
    I can’t vote for this guy
    he can stay as a practicing attorney

  7. JAAB says:

    In the judge races you can’t go wrong by voting for Laura Watson, Olga Levine and Roshawn Banks.

  8. Rothstein protégé says:

    Hey Julio E Gonzalez Jr you can take your BS sob story about your grandfather and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, you are a Tea Party Republican portraying yourself as a Democratic, your using the black and lower social economic voters who would be the most effected by these judicial rulings. You are not man enough to be truthful to let the people know you were employed by the convicted thief Scott W Rothstein ESQ. (disbarred) I’m sure you never seen the rampant drug use at RRA just as all the highly trained corrupt Fort Lauderdale Police Officers and the booze hound Chief Franklin Adderley never seen it. I equate you to a warm bucket of spit. The people will see through your charade.

  9. Its about the Benjamin's says:

    Julio great photo, the good ole days when the following flowed, money, women and drinks at RRA. You sold out the “Judge” title for a few shekels to Rothstein, he paraded you around as his clown with a title. The people see through your smoke and mirrors rhetoric just as they see through the chameleon Nichols, both of you are democrat/republican/tea party/charlitians.


  10. Broke Julio says:

    Who are you kidding. I’ll bet Julio barely makes $40k as a lawyer. That’s the real reason he wants to be a judge. Gonzalez makes poor judgments and is in the poor house. Very dangerous combination.

  11. never a change for good says:

    Seems this judicial seat attracts problems. Opponent Laura Watson not only misapproriated nearly a million dollars from the proceeds of a lawsuit and is still subject to an ethics violation with the Florida Bar – now she and her campaign manager Dan Lewis are suspected of funneling cash to the Broward County Young Democrats who put out “The Blue Card” for voters clearly identifying Watson as a Democrat. Judicial races by law are non-partisan. Fla law 105.09 states that NO political party can endorse a judicial candidate and to do so is a 2nd degree misdemeanor. Also 105.071 a judicial candidate CANNOT campaign as a member of any political party and is subject to a civil fine. Watson’s sister was seen handing out the blue card to campaign workers from other campaigns including Maria Sachs, Scott Isreal, Rosalind Osgood, Franklin Sands among others and telling them the cards are OK because it’s a “free speech” issue. I guess the teaparty is alive and well in the Watson camp when it suits her purpose. Why would the young Dems purposely violate the law? Wouldn’t that put all the alleged “Democrats” in the non-partisan races in jeopardy? Why can’t Broward ever get clean politicians?

  12. Fact checker says:

    “Never a change for good” lets examine their points…

    1) Ignores the point of the story of what Julio did here, so semmingly we start its all true.

    2) Laura Watson has never been held by any court of doing anything with a million dollars. (Reminds me of a certain gay activist who lies to voters saying Ellyn Bogdanoff shipped her gay son off because it was an election year)

    3) Dan Lewis is suspected of what? Broward Young Dems? huh? Suspected by who Judy Stern? Please have charges or a complaint filed with any governing body or court? If so lets see the complaint. If not as usual Julio supporters are lying to deflect his shortcomings again

    4)Until a Judge says otherwise it is free speech, just like that gay activist has the right to ay things about Ellyn son. So you saying the card violates this or that is meaningless until the Courts or FEC say so.
    5) Your last questions should be asked and answered by the Lewis and the Young Dems, until they are forced to answer in Court or by the Florida Elections Committee their card is as good as anyone elses.

    What does all this mean?

    Again, Ousted Judge Julio Eduardo Gonzalez and his supporters show total lack of respect for the law and the rights of others to (gasp) exercise free speech that is not in his favor.

    If Lewis/BYD’s did committ illegal acts why didnt Julio sue for an injunction? Maybe because it would generate press and the irony would be shown that a Tea Party backed registered Republican Julio Eduard Gonzalez felt he was wronged for not being on a card that listed only Democrats.

  13. Dan Lewis says:

    To my memory, this is the first time that there has been wide distribution of party slate cards from the Republican, Democratic and Young Democratic executive committees in Broward. They have raised not only much interest and debate but also more than the usual campaign dirty tricks.

    Addressing Florida Law 105.09; the political parties in producing their slate cards are not expressly and technically endorsing candidates but rather sharing factual information relating to the political affiliation of many non-partisan candidates, including those running for judicial office. Whether this information hurts or helps a particular candidate depends on one’s perspective e.g. certainly to a die-hard Republican, finding out a judicial candidate is a Democrat would not be beneficial to that candidate. Further, it is the view of many election law legal authorities that Florida Law 105.09 does not, would not and cannot address partisan slate cards.

    To my knowledge, I am unaware if Florida’s restrictive “non-partisan” legal scheme has been tested in court on the basis of the many Federal and State guarantees of freedom of speech and association. My guess is that an overbroad interpretation of Florida “non-partisan” laws would not pass muster.

    So to answer “never a change for good says” – the Young Democrats did not and would not intentionally or any otherwise violate any law.

    Addressing the judicial canons, and more generally the conduct of non-partisan candidates, it is clear that the candidates and those in their campaign under their control may not act or participate in partisan activities. While there have been many minor and inadvertent transgressions by non-partisan candidates in this election cycle – I am not aware of any intentional or egregious violations.

    As to “never a change for good says” personal attack on me and my conduct – I would urge caution. I do not take false accusations lightly and I will hold those responsible accountable.

    Finally, to reply to your question “why can’t Broward ever get clean politicians?”. The answer is that whether you agree with them or not – most of the elected officials in Broward are clean, ethical and honest individuals trying to do the best job that they can. Their reputation is spoiled by the few who, regrettably, are still not in jail.

  14. Just Sayin says:

    Hearing that convicted felon/recently released from federal prison/disgraced former County Commissioner Joe Eggelletion is organizing black GOTV efforts for Gonzalez. Sounds like Eggelletion is on lobbyist Judy Stern’s payroll (cynics may say “again?”), as the ethically odious Stern is Gonzalez’s campaign manager. Hmmm.

  15. Broward Attorney says:

    I don’t think you are going to see State Attorney Mike Satz prosecute anyone for violating Florida Statute 105.09 by handing out the “the Blue Card” especially when his name is on that “Blue Card”
    It would be hypocritical for Bob Nichols and Julio Gonzalez to complain about the “Blue Card” while the Tea Party passes out its own card with Nichols and Gonzalez on it.

  16. voter says:

    well said Just Sayin-
    old habits and old roles as power brokers die hard.
    the (missed) power is more intoxicating than these disgraced ex-politicians care to admit
    we need to do our part and keep them away from power

  17. Obama Card says:

    Let’s not forget the “Obama” card and the other “blue card” being past out by Gonzalez, Nichols and Terry Scott etc. The “Obama” card contains a photo of the president and is clearly designed to portray Nichols and Gonzalez as democrats. This assertion is supported by the fact they are the only Republicans list in either card. The worst part is they have Democrats passing the misleading cards to other Democrats. People will do anything for money even at the expense of their own. It is intriguing as to why the Democratic leadership simply allows this conduct to go on.

  18. Broward Attorney says:

    That “Obama” card is a fake put out by Nichols-paid DEC member Terry Scott. Nichols also paid Red Broward to stop the negative Red Broward stories about him and Sylvia Poitier. Is there anything more that needs to be said about Bob Nichols. He’s not judge material

  19. Skip K says:

    What B.S. Julio, who was easily the best judge on the State Court bench, lost his judgeship because his totally unqualified opponent had a Jewish surname. I guess this embarrasses certain people, but that’s what happened. His present opponents? Sokoloff is a joke. Watson, who at least went to a credible (in Fla.) Law School, has a very questionable ethics, not past, but present. Look it up: 2/29/2012 decision out of the 4th DCA. A judgement against Watson’s firm for $981,792 on a claim of unjust enrichment claims. The plaintiffs were Charles J. Kane, et. al. Some people will do anything to stop a minority who does not have the “right” politics.