Judicial Candidate Goldbugh Gets Last Shot


The following e-mail was sent by judicial candidate Lloyd Golburgh to blogger Barbara Cole Monday at 8:14 p.m.

In it, Golburgh got off a parting shot at his opponent, County Judge Edward Merrigan.

Cole has a blog which concentrates on Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, where she is an activisit.

Cole wrote me:

I received this today and had no idea who this was until I Googled him.  I have written mostly about the same topic of who is replacing sitting judges especially former Mayor Oliver Parker against Judge Gillespi. After seeing the list of Mr. Golburgh’s recipients of similar e-mails…I am proud to join the list!

From: Lloyd Golburgh

Subject: your blog
To: barbara cole

Date: Monday, August 23, 2010, 8:14 PM

Dear Ms. Cole.  Although I believe everyone has the right to his or her opinion, I cannot be more offended at what I read on your blog.  This quote in particular is complete fantasy and propaganda: “The interesting thing about nearly all of the challengers is that they are members of the criminal defense bar, which has decided to intimidate sitting judges by putting up opposition when sitting judges are up for election. Many mainstream attorneys think that is despicable.”  There is no conspiracy by any group to ‘intimidate’ anyone.  In fact, most, if not all, of the challengers are independent of each other and have no alliance at all.  The fact that a lot of us are criminal defense lawyers speaks to the fact that we, more than any other group, practice in front of our judges on a daily basis.  We are eye-witnesses to the embarrassment our current judiciary has caused all of us in the REAL legal community.  We are all just tired of ‘politics as usual’ in this county.  This includes the JNC you speak about.  I noticed your article neglected to mention that the head of the JNC is Mr. Merrigan’s wife’s law partner.  Your blog is a collection of uninformed, inaccurate, spoon-fed fiction that is just the kind of garbage we challengers (every one of us an ordinary American citizen participating in democracy) are all excited to see disappear.  Yours truly


Lloyd H. Golburgh, P.A.
320 SE 9th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
(954) 463-4646 Office

4 Responses to “Judicial Candidate Goldbugh Gets Last Shot”

  1. NO CHANCE says:

    In the unlikely event Mr. Golburgh wins today, this email will seen by the JQC as evidence of a man who lacks the temperment and demeanor to sit as a judge.

  2. Hey Buddy says:

    Cole is a teabagging Moron

  3. goldburgh's right says:

    Where have you all been? This has been Goldburgh’s campaign speech all along. Do any of you actually follow the campaigns? Plus, I agree with him. He’s shown he has balls. He’s beaten back the big-whigs twice, and tells it like he sees it. I hope he wins. And by the the looks of it, his shot was at this Cole lady, not at his opponent.

  4. Concerned Broward Parent says:

    Too many judges and other elected officials get in office for the wrong reasons. This is a good example. Mr.Golburgh has obviously done some homework and has astutely decribed what every one of us as voters feel today. That is “screwed royally”. This county needs a good housecleaning and unfortunately, when less than 15% of us vote, we cannot gripe about what we get. That is an embarassment. Mr. Goldburgh is better off NOT being in office, he is way too smart.