Judicial Candidate Golburgh Has Problems


Does judicial candidate Lloyd Golburgh have problems with the Judicial Qualifications Commission along with Howard Finkelstein?

Finkelstein, the popular public defender, appears ready to start speaking against Golburgh. 

Meanwhile, the candidate is writing on Facebook about getting the endorsement of Weston Democratic Club President Ann Zucker.  If this isn’t a violation of the prohibition against partisan campaigning by judicial candidates, it is breaking the spirit of the rule.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Golburgh’s opponents file a complaint with the JQC.

Here is his comments on the Facebook page of the Weston Democratic Club:

 Lloyd H. Golburgh, Esq. for Broward County Court Judge It’s another beautiful Sunday. Got an endorsement from Ann Zucker, my friend from the Weston Democratic Club and member of the Democratic Executive Committee. Tonight is the event honoring David Singer for his humanitarian efforts at the Signature Grand. See you there.

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Strictly speaking, Golburgh is not endorsed by a political organization. 

But Golburgh’s comment lists Zucker’s title as a Democratic club president and her role on the Democratic Executive Committee. It is posted by him on the Weston Democrtatic Club site.

It is a sleezy attempt by Golburgh to cash on his Democratic connections in a legally non-partisan race.

Zucker’s endorsement is an example of what’s wrong with the Democratic machine.  Apparently it is enough that Golburgh is a Democrat, even if he is not the best candidate for Broward County.   

She endorsed a DUI attorney over war hero and much-more experienced incumbent Judge Edward Merrigan Jr

Merrigan won The Bronze Star in September 2004 for running of over 100 operations in Iraq. The citation singled out his “leadership and professionalism, which are good qualities for a judge.

He is currently on active duty and may be deployed again.

Golburgh is, ah, a guy who defends drunk drivers.

But don’t ask me about the merits of the two candidates. 

Ask perhaps the most visible Democratic office holder in Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein.

“It is wrong to run against a judge like Judge Merrighan when your only attribute seems to be that you have a Jewish name…You shouldn’t be challenging a war hero on active duty, Finkelstein told me.

I did not solicit this comment from Finkelstein. He made it in the midst of a long conversation over the weekend.

He brought the conversation back to Golburgh twice.  Finally I had to ask.

Would Finkelstein attack Lloyd Golburgh during a series of speeches he is making to Democratic, religious, civic and condominium groups in the next few months.

“Probably. What he did was wrong, was his answer.

He said he would not endorse Merrigan. 

He would make it clear that he doesn’t like an inexperienced candidate, whose only selling point is his Jewish-sounding name, challenging experienced judges.

So not only does Golburgh have a possible JQC complaint to worry about.  He has Finkelstein ready to chase him across Broward and calling him inexperienced and a bad candidate.

18 Responses to “Judicial Candidate Golburgh Has Problems”

  1. Question says:

    Ok, so its bad for jews to run against minorities just because they have a jewish last name. Got it.

    Its bad for a jew to run against a white anglo catholic who is a war hero who is deemed by Howard to be a good Judge.

    Buddy, can you ask Howard why it’s ok for for non-jew Olga Gonzalez Levine to run against Judge Luzzo as Olga G. Levine, who never caught the ire of the public defender because Luzzo is on the Civil Bench?


    Average Middle Class White Non Jewish Voter.

  2. Lawyer says:


    How quickly you jump on Goldburgh, yet you have let transgressions after transgressions of Judge Hurley go. Why are you giving Hurley a pass. Hurley lied about being endorsed by public defender Howard Finkelstein.

    FROM BUDDY: Golburgh put his in writing for everybody to see. I wrote about Hurley on a post yesterday in the comments section.

  3. What about Gottlieb says:

    What about Gottlieb running? What about his experience to be a Judge?

  4. zuckup says:

    probably bought her condo bagel brunch these groups are easy to please.

  5. Truth Squad says:

    The only problem with the assertion that Hurley claimed that he was endorsed by Finkelstein is that Hurley NEVER said that he was endorsed by Finkelsten.
    The lie was fed to another blog by Hurley’s opponent.

  6. Garbage In - Garbage Out says:

    Buddy, you have no clue what you are talking about here.

    Ms. Zucker has every right to endorse whomever she believes is the best candidate in this race — and just because a candidate is currently an officer in the army doesn’t make him more qualified to sit on the bench as a seasoned trial attorney like Lloyd Golburgh.

    If you want to criticize Golburgh for posting what you think is an improper comment on his Facebook page, so be it (although I don’t know what the problem is with this), but why complain about Ms. Zucker, who has worked on numerous campaigns in the past and been an amazing addition to the DEC in our County.

  7. Broward Lawyer says:

    Sorry garbage in garbage out, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. That post by Golburgh is at least a public reprimand by the JQC. Judges and partisan politics are a BIG NO NO. Lloyd knows that.

  8. the gotts says:

    Ken Gotts is running to win. He wants this win and will undoubtedly get it.

  9. zuckup says:

    Democrats didn’t even support the war he served in and were lied to about it. More importantly, Lloyd probably brought fresh bagles, fresh cream cheese and the best lox to bagel brunch. If one wants to get the condo or club vote in this town you have to know what your voters care about, free bagels and schmear.

  10. Migration says:

    Seems like the JAABLOG crowd has migrated over to this blog.

    I would say we share some of the same readers.

  11. NO JQC says:

    Election violations and candidate behavior is not regulated by the JNC. They only oversee conduct of persons who are already judges. The FEC regulates campaign behavior. This candidate is clearly violating the rules. The sad part is this happens in every judicial election it just not discussed. Thank you Buddy for bringing it out!

    Actually, the JQC and the Supreme Court have enforcement powers over violations of the judicial code of ethics. It is this code which requires judicial candidates to avoid partisan appeals during their campaigns.

    For instance in a case I remember, the Supreme Court accepted recommendations of the JQC to publicly reprimand Linda Pratt and Brian Kay for sending out a sample ballot labeled The Complete Democratic Sample Ballot and The Complete Republican Sample Ballot.

    Both got elected.

    A third lawyer, Irwin Berkowitz, got elected and was involved in the case. He was removed from the bench for other reasons, including practicing law after his election.

    The Sun-Sentinel quoted the Supreme Court order at the time warning against partisan campaigning by judicial candidates: “We . . . forewarn future candidates of non-partisan elections that more severe disciplinary measures may be imposed for such violations.”

    As lawyers are fond of writing, govern yourselves accordingly.

  12. nope says:


    The JQC can get involved in judicial elections.

  13. FM says:

    Really Buddy???

    You want to attack Mr. Goldburgh because he “defends drunk drivers”? Is that really the stance you want to take? You want to disparage judicial candidates because they are criminal defense attorneys? Guess what Buddy? There are going to be many criminal defense attorneys elected to the bench this term. Many active sitting judges are former criminal defense attorneys. I don’t think your pal Howard would like this talk either considering he is the ultimate criminal defense attorney. Poor form, Buddy.

  14. Perv's Best Friend says:

    Actually Ms. Zucker has endorsed and is expecting the good family oriented people of Weston to vote for Lloyd Golburgh the Fort Lauderdale Sex Crimes Attorney. Dont belive me click here, its his website where he touts himself this way.


  15. Perv's Best Friend says:

    Actually Ms. Zucker has endorsed and is expecting the good family oriented people of Weston to vote for Lloyd Golburgh the Fort Lauderdale Sex Crimes Attorney. Dont belive me click here, its his website where he touts himself this way.


    Some of the help Looyd Golburgh will give you:

    Fort Lauderdale Sex Crime Defense Attorney
    There are many types of sex offenses and all carry different levels of punishment. If you have a previous criminal history, you could face enhanced penalties. A conviction for a sex-related offense can lead not only to jail or prison time, but could also cause you to be civilly committed indefinitely under the Jimmy Ryce Act. Furthermore, you will be forever labeled a sex-offender which has dire consequences in and of itself. Specifically, you will be required to register with local law enforcement wherever you go and restricted to living in only certain areas. It is extremely difficult for a convicted sex-offender to find work or housing. It is therefore imperative that you have an experienced quality South Florida criminal defense attorney working on your behalf. The state will be work hard to obtain a conviction for this type of charge. You are entitled to the best defense you can find.

    Do not face the legal gauntlet alone. Without an experienced and dedicated Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney fighting for you, it will be much more difficult to get through this trying situation. Contact me immediately so I can review your case. Time is very crucial in sex offense cases, and the more of it we have. the better off you will be. Call me today to schedule your free consultation.

    Contact Fort Lauderdale Sex Offenses Attorney Lloyd H. Golburgh if you have been charged with a sex crime. I provide quality criminal defense to my existing clients and plan to do the same for you.

  16. Soccer Mom says:

    How can Ann Zucker support someone who advocates for people who abuse children. Ms. Zucker was teacher to my daughters. He support of this person really saddens me.

  17. Needs the work... says:

    Equating the legal skill of a defense attorney to the deviant behavior allegedly engaged in by their clients is moronic, unfair, and exhibits complete disrespect for our court system and the rule of law. Everyone deserves legal defense, no matter what they are accused of. Gideon v. Wainwright was a Florida case… remember? Lawyers defend legal rights and due process, not a client’s behavior. If a defendant did something wrong and the system works properly they will be held accountable. When a “guilty” client walks free don’t blame the defense attorney; blame the prosecution that didn’t do its job properly.

  18. Soccer Mom says:

    Obviously you do not have children. Your thoughts sound nice but in todays world where the struggles to protect our children is a constant battle I can assure you mom’s such as myself are not interested in legal talk smoke and mirrors. I had no idea who Mr. Golburgh was until a fellow parent whose husband is a member of the Weston Democratic Club was talking about this article. I live a law abiding life and wish more people did so themselves. I certainly would not vote for someone who made their living and marketed themselves as supporters of sexual deviants. I seriously doubt anyone voter who had children would do so eithef.