Judicial Candidate Bailey: One Ad For Blacks, Another For Whites






Ethnic politics are a fixture in the United States — especially in diverse Broward County.

When there are few issues, like in judicial races, Broward campaigns have often resorted to pandering ethnics appeals aimed at Jews and African Americans.

Given a lack of other reasons to vote for a candidate, studies have shown that voters will support those who have similar ethnic or gender backgrounds.

Every Jewish lawyer who ever set foot in a synagogue mentions it in their brochures when they are running for the Broward bench.

Black lawyer candidates trumpet any connection to their fellow blacks…even the ones who may live in largely white Parkland.

Now we have a white lawyer who is using special literature just for African American audiences.

Below are two similar handouts that judicial Broward Circuit Court candidate Dennis Bailey is passing out at speaking events.

On one side is a picture and the other side is Bailey’s resume.

I bet you can guess which one he confines to African American audiences.

On the left is a card which apparently is confined to the African American community.  It features Martin Luther King’s picture, also has the names of four African American leaders as Bailey supporters.

The card on the right is handed out to whites.

A supporter of another candidate in the circuit court race called the advertising “practicing segregation with his palm cards.”

You can decide for yourself.


Bailey ethnic literature










17 Responses to “Judicial Candidate Bailey: One Ad For Blacks, Another For Whites”

  1. Offensive says:

    This is some of the worst racial pandering I’ve seen in a campaign in a while.

    Buddy, you say he has a piece specific for black audiences. Ok, that’s crass enough. But the reality is, this Bailey character has created a piece specifically for WHITE AUDIENCES.

    White audiences get the Irish sounding name and the smiling white face, endorsed by the police officers that protect the white community from “other folks”.

    Why does he think that Black audiences wouldn’t support him if they knew that law enforcement supports him. Well, of course, let’s go with the stereotype that “the blacks” don’t like cops.

    And the MLK picture makes me want to vomit. PANDER PANDER PANDER.

    It’s just flat-out racism by Bailey. He should be ashamed of himself.

  2. Oh really says:

    Why aren’t you calling out Contini for putting signs without pictures in black areas and ones with a picture in whites areas.

  3. Black and White says:

    Pandering plain and simple.

  4. Blarney says:

    Bailey is giving a wee bit of Irish Blarney

  5. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Circuit Court Seat #16 – Andrea Gundersen is way better than Bailey.

    Here are my research-based calls on Broward’s “low-information” races:

    17th Circuit Judicial seats
    8th – Frantz “Jahra” McLawrence
    16th – Andrea Gundersen
    17th – Stacey Schulman
    27th – Steven Feren

    County Court
    18th – Ellen Feld
    27th – Ian Richards

    Broward Soil & Water Conservation District, Dist. 4 – Fred Segal

    For Attorney General – George Sheldon.

  6. Missed the worst part says:

    On the white card bailey says he is endorsed by the two police unions and on the black card it’s lists black supporters. Can’t get much more closer to racial profiling than that. I guess even bailey knows that the police are racist and hated by even law abiding blacks? Right?

  7. Señor Censor says:


    I don’t see a problem with the pandering by the Irish lad, he has been a State Attorney putting them away, always accommodating LEO’s with the ever-present “Resist without violence” additional innocuous legal charge on them. He can stop by the Andrews watering hole have a few pints play some “poker” yuking it up, after all it has worked for the other Irish lad O’Bama.

  8. Benjamin H. Bennett says:

    Well…somebody is not doing their homework assignment on John Contini and the placement of his signs. Signs all about Mom’s Kitchen, the Afro_American Center and all along Sistrunk and Sunrise Blvd. have John’s picture. To note ” Oh Really ” John Contini has appeared as guest speaker in more Black Congregations throughout Broward County then all other candidates, Judicial or other. You most likely are a former, or present KKK member that just loves to stir the pot…or smoke it.

  9. What do you expect says:

    Bailey’s campaign is run by Judy Stern. Is this really a surprise?

    Maybe someone should call Johnny McRae, Michelle Dallas and Greg Durden and ask them if they continue to support Bailey now that this is known.

  10. Not those kinda brothers says:

    Lucky we know what a racist Dennis Bailey is before election day. It is unfortunate that because no one ran against Judge Tim Bailey so we will never know if he shares his brothers views.


    That’s harsh.

  11. Kevin Hill says:

    This reminds me of two past races, one in Broward and one in Coral Gables:

    1. Buddy and some of you probably remember when Kaplan (the Younger) was running for judge against Perry Thurston and put a picture of Thurston on his literature (which you never do for someone with low name rec) and even darkened it a bit.

    2. In Coral Gables, there was this one candidate running for their city commission who produced a “flip” bilingual mailer (where you have a message in English on one side and Spanish on the other). Now, normally this is NOT a good idea, since it pisses off English-dominant Hispanics, confuses Spanish-only Hispanics, and makes Anglos who might have “issues” with the changing demographics of their city ticked off.

    Well, this was even worse: the message on the Spanish side TOTALLY contradicted the message on the English side….. which made bilingual Hispanics mighty angry (and most Hispanics living in CG are in fact fully bilingual).

    This Bailey thing is sloppy at best.

  12. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I think there is a lot of racial game playing going on not just w/ canidates etc but w/ this elections supervisor as well. Come on Dr.Snipes you were on the verge of going to jail. Yes, she pissed off Att.Bill scherer who I like to call the Grand wizard(and how). I heard that Dr.Snipes was in court yesterday being grilled by the Grand Wizard in regards to this primary mess and opening up to all political affilations. Again he will put you in jail.. Where the racism(reversed) comes in here is if this all pertained to a black candidate then she would open up the primary so the black candidate could prevail(who you kidding Dr.Snipes). Bottom line be careful Dr.Snipes,play ball. The Wizard and company will put your ass in jail Dr.snipes. To close your attorney Weeks there(of course Black-see what I mean) is useless. You are in way over your head pretty black lady(going up against the wizard) I would open up that primary, regardless who is black, white, a Rodstrom(real story) or pink, blue, or green…..

  13. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    More compelling reasons why judges shouldn’t be elected.

  14. Not a violation says:

    So anyone can just throw a photo of someone on a handout without permission?

    I once met Lawton Chiles once and he said I was nice. Does that mean I can do a handout with a picture of Lawton on it? Same with Senator Graham?

    What is most offensive if by putting the picture on the piece it suggests that MLK would support Bailey. That is pretty presumpiltious.

  15. First Time says:

    I understand why this is being reported by Buddy, but it happens all the time. It’s targeted messaging, and almost every candidate does it.

    Does anyone really think Obama campaigned and spoke the same way in a church in Harlem that he did in an executive conference room in lower Manhattan?

    Biden and Hillary did it too: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xsypfa_biden-hillary-talk-with-fake-black-accent_news


    It is done repeatedly, as I wrote. And it should be exposed every time it is done.

  16. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    So, only Blacks can use race?

  17. Hat tip to buddy says:

    The paper didn’t do it but hattip to Buddy for again being the first to break this story before the papers did.