Judges Will Speed Tamarac Recall Decision







The Fourth District Court of Appeal earlier this week agreed to speed the decision on Patte Atkins-Grad’s recall.

Atkins-Grad is suing to block the recall and lost in Circuit Court Judge Michael Gates’ Broward courtroom in June.

The judges granted Atkins-Grad’s motion to expedite their decision.

But the judges also turned down her request for an oral argument. So the decision will be made soley from the documents filed in the case.

She alleges through her attorney Stuart Michelson that the recall petition was defective. Attorneys Kevin Tynan, a former School Board member, and Josh Entin represented the recall group against Michelson in Gates courtroom.

(Michelson is the husband of former County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman. She was rumored to be a future candidate for office in or from Tamarac, but those rumors appear false because she is in the process of selling her Tamarac home. The listing price is $995,000, according to Zillow.com.)

After considering Atkins-Grad’s argument, Gates refused to stop the recall.

The court gave no timetable for their eventual decision.


8 Responses to “Judges Will Speed Tamarac Recall Decision”

  1. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    Michelson, Lieberman, Adkins-Grad….enough said. Fire her.

  2. Independent says:

    It would be a shocker if the court overturned the lower court considering that the people have already gone through a very difficult process and got the signatures required. Plus her arguments are pretty weak.

    It would defeat the will of the people, and courts do not like to do that. Especially when it involves allegations of ethical behavior. They don’t like to come off like they encourage ethically lapses.

    At least it should be quick and done. If it goes to a vote, there is no doubt she will be recalled by at least 70% – 90%.

  3. Ha Ha Ha says:


    After city commission members voted unanimously Thursday evening to accept [Atkins-Grad’s] resignation along with the demand for money, the city wasted no time in paying her the money [$8,000] she requested [as a precondition].  Also, at this time, the appeals that she had filed in her recall case will no longer be necessary.

    Since there will no longer be an election, the city commission will be appointing a city commissioner to fill the position until the 2014 election.  As a formality, they will be accepting applications and interviewing candidates, however, more than likely they will appoint District Two resident Michelle Gomez back in the position.  For two years, Gomez sat in the seat while Atkins-Grad was suspended on corruption charges.

  4. Obvious says:

    Looks like Tamarac Truth was right. This was wrapped up in a nice little bow for the Hebrew National Heiress Ms. Gomez. It would appear she got what she may or may not have paid for, lol.

  5. Law needs to be changed says:

    No one will ever know if Gomez or others financed this effort. What needs to change is that the legislature needs to put these recall committees under the same strict financial reporting requirments that candidates, ECO’s and other gorups are subject too.

  6. Alvin Entin says:

    Michelle Gomez contributed 0 to the Recall. She gave no money, collected no signatures and reluctantly even signed the petitions. The entire recall effort cost the recall committee well under 1,000 dollars and the largest chunk of that was to pay the Supervisor of Elections to count signatures. Personally, I would like to see Ms Gomez back on the Commission where she did a wonderful job. But, obviously Obvious knows nothing about the funding of this effort.

  7. In the end says:

    If she gets reappointed It sure ends well for Gomez, perfect ending. Maybe she didn’t put up any money, maybe just a vote here or there? Who knows? , it is Tamarac with the history in that city you never know what’s on the upland up.

  8. Ha Ha Ha says:


    Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco could face suspension [for] the second time after The Fourth District Court of Appeal reversed a Judge’s decision to drop the State’s case against her.