Judges Will Fight It Out For Promotion




At least three county court judges so far want Circuit Court Judge Eileen O’Connor’s seat.

County Judges Edward Merrigan Jr, John Fry and Jay Hurley are applying, according to courthouse sources.

Currently Merrigan is a criminal county judge in Fort Lauderdale.  Earlier this month, the combat veteran in the U. S. Army Reserves was promoted to the rank of colonel.

Merrigan was appointed to the county court in 2009 by Gov. Charlie Crist and won re-election in 2010.

Hurley is the judge presiding over the accused’s first appearance, thus he has face time on TV regularly.  He was appointed by Crist in 2008 and won re-election in 2010.

A former Margate cop turned defense attorney who won election to the county court in 2010, Fry is in the North Satellite courthouse. He was elected in 2010.

More applicants could surface before the deadline the local JNC set — Thursday at 5 p.m..

(It’s) “going to be one heck of a battle” for the gubernatorial appointment, e-mailed one source.

O’Connor resigned in an October 17 letter to Scott. She was appointed in 2003 by Gov. Jeb Bush after a career as a U. S. prosecutor.  Her last day is April 30, so the Judicial Nominating Commission and Scott have four months to make a decision.


3 Responses to “Judges Will Fight It Out For Promotion”

  1. Owl says:

    Fry was NOT appointed by Governor Scott. As you correctly noted, he was elected in 2010.

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Glad to see Eileen O’Connor go.


  3. Ron Mills says:

    Buddy, you failed to report O’Connor was reelected by the highest percentage of any Candidate in 2010, with 71.3 percent of the vote, after a very dirty election


    Not really the highest percentage, Ron. County Judge Mary Rudd Robinson received 74.26 percent, while County Judge Linda Pratt got 75.19 percent. O’Connor took 71.38 percent of the vote against Rhoda Sokoloff, who is running again this year.