Judges Robing Ceremony Draws Courthouse Crowd








Much of the work in the Broward Courthouse came to a halt today to see the robing of four lawyers recently named to the bench by Gov. Rick Scott. 




Four new judges are officially robed on Friday. L to R, thats Ernest Kollra, Stephen Zaccor, Nina Di Pietro and Alberto Ribas Jr.  (Photo: William Lewis)




Watching the ceremony from the audience were the four happy judges below and many others from the political and courthouse establishment.

From left to right that’s Circuit Judges Nick Lopane, Raag Singhal, Michael Robinson and Ari Porth.








Those scheduled to be sworn in were new justices Ernest Kollra, Alberto Ribas Jr., Nina Di Pietro and Stephen Zaccor. 

Kollra previously had his own practice concentrating on family law.

Ribas was a Broward prosecutor since 1996, husband of Circuit Judge Stacy Ross and son-in-law of veteran Circuit Judge Dale Ross.





Di Pietro was in private practice with her husband, David Di Pietro, a Republican powerbroker and in the news recently as chair of the scandal-racked Broward Health governing board.


Nina Di Pietro

Nina Di Pietro


Zaccor was a Broward prosecutor since 1998.  For the last 6 years, he prosecuted homicides.

stephan Zaccor


Stephen Zaccor



13 Responses to “Judges Robing Ceremony Draws Courthouse Crowd”

  1. Lygia says:

    Nepotism and cronyism is alive and well in The 17th judicial circuit .

  2. Go Al! says:

    Congrats to all, but most especially to Al Ribas. He may hail from Cuba, but he is the dictionary definition of a mensch!

  3. Just Saying says:

    You left out one other key fact about Al Ribas: he is an anti-cop backstabber. He was the prosecutor who presented the grand jury case that railroaded Deputy Peter Peraza in the much publicized and politicized McBean shooting (the stoned, mentally ill man with the rifle walking down the street). Ribas carried out Mike Satz’s political directives to get an indictment at all costs — this is an election year for Satz, after all — so Ribas complied and refused to present any of the witnesses or expert testimony that would have cleared Peraza. That was disgraceful.

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Prosecutor prosecute
    Defense lawyers defen
    Calling defense witnesses us done by the DEFENSE not the prosecutors.
    jyst ssyings attack is factually baseless.

  5. Sausage pizza with extra cheese says:

    Looks like the PBA still has no clue. Judge Ribas was a distinguished prosecutor for twenty years, always working well with everyone including law enforcement. Looks like with their lack of common sense and continued stupidity they continue attacks on good people.

    Officer Peraza might very well be acquitted. A fair trial is what the jury system is all about. But, the PBA’s antics of clapping in court because they are joyous that he killed someone is a disgrace. The PBA was powerful when Marano was thin. Now they are as big of a joke as his fat belly.

  6. wrong says:

    I don’t know this fool is who criticized Judge Ribas, but this defense attorney expects he will be one of the finest judges in the courthouse.

  7. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    The single most stupid thing in Florida politics?

    Electing judges on a “non-partisan” basis, who labor under “ethics” rules which don’t allow them to publicly discuss issues like they do in enlightened states — and worse — electing them without the slightest clue what they stand for without publicly financed campaigns — which means they have to raise money publicly. From who? From the lawyers that practice before them.

    Even if we tried really, really hard, it would be tough to think up a more irresponsible and reckless way select judges. In fact, the public might be better off picking names out of a hat.

    Example after example can be offered in our beautiful state pointing to the same conclusion.

    It’s not that we can’t fix the problems that ail us.

    It’s simply that we refuse to fight for the changes we need. You tell me why. I can’t figure it.


  8. Just Saying says:

    The “Count” (why do we listen to people using such buffoonish fictional titles) is clueless as to grand jury process. There is NO defense lawyer allowed in the room. The grand jury hears only one side. A prosecutor can indict or clear anyone they wish with a grand jury system. Thus the old adage: “A grand jury would indict a ham sandwich if the prosecutor told them to.” The Pedraza indictment was shameful, politically cowardly, and is a black mark that that Satz and Ribas will have to carry for the rest of their careers.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Congrats to all of them. I tell this Nina Di Pietro nice hair. Want to look even more stunning think red fire engine red(they will take note -trust me). Judge nina you should really give nice shout out to County Comm.Chip Lamarca who ha sbeen very good to your husband. Also to take note you should voice your (and husband) w/ Comm.Larmarca getting gafted in regards to the Vice Mayor rotation. I would hav e liked to gone to this Buddy(can you see it now some Blaiff telling me excuse me sir felony court is down stairs(-hee hee, hee, ,ha ha-but I pay my bills their folks and am not a burden to the tax payers-I’ll say)….

  10. To #8 (just saying) says:

    Represented defendants are routinely afforded the opportunity to testify before the Grand Jury. Defense counsel is present but does not ask questions although they may by agreement. Your defendant CHOSE NOT TO APPEAR. It was viewed at the courthouse as a huge mistake….

  11. About Peraza says:

    Let me know when Schwartzreich, attorney for Peraza pulls his endorsement of Satz and asks for his contribution back. For those PBA fans, I have not heard the PBA say they refuse to endorse Satz this year?

  12. To #8 says:

    Peraza did testify before the grand jury.

  13. disgruntled says:

    buddy this is for you, im told the grand jury testimony of the deputy was released yesterday and some think Donnelly and ribas came on too strong in their questioning might be worth a look