Judges Quietly Applaud Cohen’s Fall


Broward judges today have wide smiles while they slap high fives.

Broward Circuit Judge Dale Cohen is going down.

“I don’t know one judge who won’t be happy today, said a courthouse source. “He doesn’t have a friend on the bench.

Maybe Cohen won’t be thrown off the bench for “a continuing pattern of judicial misconduct.   He is accused by the Judicial Qualifications Commission of using his postion to further wife Mardi Anne Levey Cohen’s candidacy.

But Cohen is wounded.  A lot of judges are ecstatic.

Cohen’s crime in the eye of many judges is that he allowed his wife to run two years ago against his colleague Pedro Dijols. She filed for office just weeks after the Cohens and the Dijols had dinner together.

Cohen’s crime in the eye of the JQC is that he then allowed his courtroom to become a forum for her current 2010 county court campaign.  Top Sun-Sentinel reporter Paula McMahon wrote about it this a.m.

Inside the courthouse, judges snubbed Cohen because of his wife’s campaign against one of their own. 
“He became persona non grata, the source said. “Judges wouldn’t talk to him.  I’ve seen them walk by and deliberately turn their head to avoid talking to him.

Mardi Anne Levey Cohen was not some outsider running against a judge in 2008.  She was the wife of another judge, and that’s the difference to the courthouse crowd.

When I worked at the Sun-Sentinel, if the editor asked me to write a damaging story about my wife’s boss, I would have refused.  It would have hurt her among her colleagues.

Cohen is different from me. 

The judge couldn’t stop Mardi when she told him she was running against a fellow judge.   He gave in to his wife despite the broken friendships, the courthouse cold shoulders and the damage to his reputation among colleagues.

Courthouse regulars tell me they understand how Cohen allowed his wife to destroy his career.

 “Did you ever meet her? a source said. “She wears the pants in the family.  He apparently does everything she tells him.

Ah, love.

Cohen was blinded by love to the ethics of the court.

Shakespeare explained love as “winged Cupid painted blind.

I refer Cohen to another well-known quote from Shakespeare. He may need to use it if the JQC throws him off the bench:

“Parting is such sweet sorrow.

26 Responses to “Judges Quietly Applaud Cohen’s Fall”

  1. The Long Black Robe (ret.) says:

    Dale was blind to the reality that his wife was/is not qualified to be a judge. She lacks the experience and judicial temperament.
    Miller challenged a seated judge. Miller had been a judge in Dade County and was qualified. She has proved to be a good judge, according to my friends.
    Many of the candidates campaigning in 2008 and this year are looking for a well-paying job. They never achieved much in their careers.
    Howard’s army of PDs never made it in private practice. Some are looking at getting 2-3 percent raises for the rest of their lives and figure, why not run for judge? Howard will take them back and pays them while they run. Al Schreiber was a clown and power crazy. Howard is more dangerous. He is attempting to control the judiciary. The scales of justice are suppose to be even. Howard wants the scales balanced it in favor of the defendant.
    I’m glad I’m retired.

  2. Cohen's Shorter Brother says:

    I guess Seidman isn’t having friendly lunches and chats with his colleagues these days either with his wife challenging the well-liked and respected Lisa Porter.

    Cohen and Seidman — like two peas in a pod.

  3. Forgot something says:

    Interesting no one wants to metion that Judge Paul Backman who sits on the JQC prosecuting Cohen has a son who is running against Cohen’s wife for Judge. More interesting is that the victim Steve Melnick didnt file this complaint the JQC on which Judge Backman sits did so himself. Interesting and should be noted.

  4. Forgot something says:

    sorry, Judge Backman didnt file the complaint “himself” I meant to say the JQC filed it themselves.

  5. fellow jurist says:

    Judges in Broward County have done far worse things than the accusations here- drinking, cheating, smoking marijuana and taking bribes are just to name a few. The judges in Broward County should with the exception of a few should all walk the halls avoiding eye contact with the entire legal community. None of those judges clapping and smiling today should throw stones, just be happy the heat is deflected from them today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Anyone of them could also “piss off” the powers that run the Broward legal community “mafia” and face the same fate. Afterall, the newspapers are reporting that Mr. Melnick is not even the attorney who filed the complaint. Wonder who it was then . . . hmmmmm!!

  6. Dday25 says:

    I could be totally off base, but from an outsider’s perspective is it possible that the reason a complaint was filed against him to the JQC and the fact he is getting the cold shoulder treatment from his peers is because he and his wife had to audacity to try and shake up the good ‘ol boys network?

  7. Cohen's Shorter Brother says:

    More concerning about Cohen’s Shorter Brother, Seidman, is the word he’s spreading to everyone who will listen that HE’s going to run against another sitting judge.

    So basically you’ll have sitting Judge Seidman running against another sitting judge and Mrs. Seidman running against a sitting judge.

    Talk about screwy politics in the courthouse.

  8. cheri rothschild says:

    how dare you Buddy accusing the good jewish wife of wearing the pants in the family. a good jewish wife NEVER tells her nebish husband what to say or do. it’s against our tradition and we are all about tradition. Ron always agrees with me so i NEVER tell him what to say or how to rule!

    FROM BUDDY: Ha ha ha….

  9. Life comes back around says:

    I just remember how shocked people were when Dale Cohen’s wife ran against another judge.
    It had nothing to do with taking down the old boy network as the knucklehead above asserted.
    It was just unseemly and the first sign that the courthouse was going down the toilet.
    Sure, the Ross gang ran a mafia like atmosphere for years.
    But, at least there was a modicum of honor with the mafia.
    Mardi Levy Cohen-Abromowitzbergsteiner-Jimgleheimerschmidt brought in a new low. Now, there is no honor. Its just who has a more jewish name and who needs a job.
    God help us.

  10. Appoint All Judges says:

    We must avoid judicial corruption by eliminating judge elections. They should be appointed similar in concept to why federal judges are appointed and not elected.

    It should be well beyond the hands of any judge to play politics in terms of who becomes a judge in the future, especially when it comes to family members. By forming panels selected at random of retired judges to review judge applications, you eliminate the possibility. Names are then vetted and three sent to the Governor who must select one from that list.

    Guidance is provided to ensure ethnic and viewpoint diversity on the bench. Specific efforts are made to ensure that the applicant’s temperament and other qualifications are in place.

    This is ten times better, in a world where there is no such thing as a perfect process, than the system we have now which relies on attorney’s funding the campaigns of the judges they would stand before, judges involved in family related politics regarding new judges. All of that demeans the bench and stabs at the public trust of our judicial system. What we have now is judicial corruption.

    STOP the madness. Reorganize how judges are selected and make it better.

  11. more jqc? says:

    I heaf it’s coming out that Lee Seidman has his JA coordinating his campaign schedule and doing other campaign stuff at the Courthouse during the work day.

  12. Sam's Fan says:

    Seidman is as guilty as Cohen allowing his wife to run for judge.
    Laura Seidman didn’t have a sterling record at the hospital district.
    Of course, Lee will be running for circuit as soon as he can find a seat. Lebow?

  13. John deGroot says:

    It’s “Cohen is different than I.”
    Not “Cohen is different than me.”
    Ah well…

    FROM BUDDY: That’s why you were the editor at the Fort Lauderdale News and I was the reporter.
    I changed the wording. Thanks.

  14. Courthouse Observer says:

    The lesson is that no judge is safe anymore from overly-ambitious lawyers.

    Every judge may have to defend his seat.

    The lawyers become like the lobbyists in traditional politics, collecting the money to keep incumbents in office.

    The system stinks. We need all appointed judges.

  15. antiaunt says:

    I heard the rumor that Seidman has threatened to switch his wife into the race against Hurley. Seidman says if he has an opponent, everybody else should have one, too.

  16. antiaunt 1 says:

    I heard a rumor that when people sit in front of their computer, turn it on, go to a blog then post a rumor they are usually insecure and have anger issues.
    I mean, its just a rumor…

  17. To Antiaunt says:

    I heard the same rumor about Seidman wife swap to Hurley race. This Seidman team is unreal

  18. JaRomey says:

    They should be appointed, but the JNC process needs tweaked a little in the process. You can never take politics out of appointments, but just as that idiot was reelected in Palm Beach when everyone shared the belief she was an idiot and rude. Her opponent may have been small – but some of the complainers were too afraid not to join on the endrosement bandwagon (just so your name appears in a leters – wussies!!!!) b/c she was a sitting judge. Revamp JNC and make JQC more responsive. No system is perfect, but argument that election allow you to get rid of bad judges is ridiculous because 99.9% of public have no idea and lawyers are cowards. Strenghten JQC and that will get rid of bad ones – make being an asshole on the bench a dethroning offense.

  19. Napoleaon"Waterloo" Bonaparte says:

    Lee “Laura” Seidman
    Dale “Mardi” Cohen

  20. Yenta Inc. says:

    I heard a rumor that Seidman will jump in his wifes race. Then I heard another rumor that Seidman’s wife will jump in another race then out of that race and into another race. There is a rumor that both Seidmans will take two jumps forward then one back. The best rumor was that Hurley will jump forward, then back then forward again.

  21. Rumor Mill says:

    I was listening to a number of the candidates for judge speak earlier this week.

    One of them was very impressive. Besides commenting on the sad state of our courthouse, he further commented how was it that there were no wookies on Endor?

    I mean, a candidate arguing the Chewbacca Defense? Epic, just epic.

  22. A Fed Up Resident says:

    I can think of a whole bunch of corrupt and incompetent (or both)judges who need to be thrown out.

  23. Lawyer says:

    Seidman to run against let’em go Lebow? Does Lee have the cojones?

  24. Napolean says:

    after carefull review i have come to the realazation that both dale cohen & lee seidman are entitled to receive special consideration regarding their involvement in their wive’s judical race. being married to a JAP can at (most) times be cruel and unusual punishment that leads to one’s loss of his rational sense of judgement. the orthodax chosen ones, as part of their morning prayer, have for the past 400 years thanked GAWD for not making them in the image of a woman (JAP). there must be some truth to this. (400 yrs)

  25. Cole says:

    I recently went for a child custody hearing under Judge Dale Cohen that when the petitioner ( child’s father) whom wanted partial custody, had admitted to doing drugs such as smoking illegal substances and using street steroids , also street fights and has a weapon were admitted in court ” transcripts prove. Dale Cohen Judge of the court of law says… “that’s not so bad!!!!” Then ruled ( child’s father to have the rights Without supervision ! What does the mother of this 8 month old infant able to do Please help sincerely C.Cole

  26. Uki says:

    I understand how you feel C.Cole Judge Dale Cohen has been very bias in my case. My ex husband has proven not to be a responsible father. Judge Dale Cohen disregarded the recommendations of the kids therapist and made his judgments based on his ego.He does not look into evidence to make his judgments. Neither does he base his judgments in the best interest of the child. He even awarded my ex husband the ability to file with one of the kids in his tax returns when it is against the IRS regulations if the child has not lived with you for more than 6 months. I have filed a lot of petitions in his court but with the past one year and not one has been heard. I cant afford an attorney so it makes my case more challenging. I really want to transfer my case out of his court but don’t know how to go about it.