Judge Seidman’s Financial Disclosure Leaves A Lot Out


Broward County Judge Lee Jay Seidman’s most recent financial form filed with the state is more about closure than disclosure.

Seidman’s form doesn’t reveal any of his liabilities, which is something I’ve never seen. 

And I’ve looked at hundreds of these forms.

Instead of disclosing all “all liabilities in excess of $1000” as the form states, Seidman wrote “none exceeding net worth.”

I’m not a lawyer, but that doesn’t seem like it is what is required.

Note:  Seidman in 2006 reported his liabilities in more detail.  He wrote that as of Dec. 31, 2005 he owed Bank of America $211,788 and $109, 734 for two mortgages; Sun Trust another $188,845 for an equity loan and a credit union $18,852 for a car loan.

These 2006 liabilities did not exceed his $1,085,491 net worth that year.

In 2007,  the judge stopped listing his liabilities.  He didn’t list them again for 2008, a document filed June 10, 2009.

Seidman is running for re-election in 2010 against Frantz “Jahra” McLawrence.  Will his failure to fully disclosure his liabilities be an issue?

Seidman did not return to his courthouse office for comment.

I invite him to call me or e-mail me with any comment he wants to make.

Here is his 2007 financial disclosure, the first of two where liabilities are not listed:

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16 Responses to “Judge Seidman’s Financial Disclosure Leaves A Lot Out”

  1. Courthouse Rambler says:

    It is clear that Seidman believes he is above the law. Anybody who is unfortunate enough to appear before him knows this. I don’t know McLawrence, but we need to give him serious consideration. God, this judge doesn’t even know how to fill out a financial disclosure.

  2. More Misleading from Seidman says:

    So let’s see, Seidman lies and misleads the JNC when he’s trying to get promoted to Circuit Court, and he misleads and fudges his disclosure documents to the State of Florida in order to avoid disclosing his debts.

    What is this BS on just stating that his liabilities don’t outweigh his net worth?


    So basically Seidman thinks that he can take a loans from bail bondsmen and defense attorneys that practice in front of him, but so long as those “loans” don’t equal his million dollar net worth, the public has no right to know about them????

    I think I’d want to know that the Judge I was having my bond set in front of has “borrowed” $100k from a bondsmen or that the lawyer for my co-defendant has “loaned” the judge $50,000 before he hears our conflicting sides of the story on my case.

    Seidman should either IMMEDIATELY file corrected disclosures or he should be kicked off the ballot and have a JQC Complaint filed against him for failing to honor his duties to the public.


  3. Pattern? says:

    How many times does one get to be decpetive when it starts to be a pattern?


  4. To Courthhouse Rambler says:

    The problem is Seidman does know how to fill out the financial disclosure. The real issue is WHY did Seidman decide to skirt the requirements ? What is / was his motivation to not disclose? Why is he being deceptive? He is always up to no good.

  5. Floridan says:

    I’m not sure the specific financial disclosure form that Seidman was required to fill out, but the “standard” state form (Form 1) allows for liabilities to be reported in one of two ways: a straight dollar calculation (liabilities in excess of $10,000) or a percentage threshold. In the latter case, one need only report a specific liability if it exceeds your net worth (total assets minus total liabilities).

    Moreover, many liabilities are exempt,and need not be reported: “credit card and retail
    installment accounts, taxes owed . . . , indebtedness
    on a life insurance policy owed to the company of issuance, contingent
    liabilities, and accrued income taxes on net unrealized appreciation. . .”

  6. ghost of judge zack says:

    No Judges are held to more stringent requirements. Obviously the people have a right to know who their Judges are indebted to. The laws have not changed, why would be do full disclosure 2 and 4 years ago and then stop?

    Of course if it was legit or a simple error why would he not just give an explanation.

  7. honest abe says:

    To ensure complete and total trust in our judiciary complete and total disclosure is needed. If the good judge did nothing wrong then he certainly has nothing to hide.

  8. NK says:

    Sorry Seidman defender at 5:50.

    Judge Seidman knows what form he was filling out (Form 6), as he had been filling out that form for YEARS correctly, and only started skipping required information 2 years ago.

    The critical reason that judges and other elected officials are required to fill out this specific form and identify all liabilities in excess of $1,000 (other than certain limited exceptions) is to ensure public awareness and identify potential conflicts of interest.

    Many of us remember the big to-do a few years back when a judge had taken out a loan from a bail-bondsman and also took out a small loan from an attorney. The issue there was NOT that the loans were taken out in the first place, but rather that they had NOT been identified on the judge’s Form 6 Financial Disclosure.

    The reasons why disclosure is required are obvious. Would you want to know that the judge you appear before is seriously indebted to another party in your case? Or that party’s lawyer?

    There is no excuse for this behavior. The real question is why did Judge Seidman suddenly shift from making what appears to be a complete disclosure for years through 2006 and then all of the sudden decide the public didn’t need to know who he owes money to?

    The Florida Ethics Commission and JQC should dig deeper to find out what is being hidden here.

  9. JAABlog says:

    Judge Seidman is part of a new generation of judges who have brought a fresh attitude to the bench.

    The fact that he may have made a minor error on his Financial Statements should not be construed against him.

    We are sure it was an innocent error on his part.

    As the most widely read blog regarding the Broward County Courthouse, JAABlog contains all the information regarding our judges and the ones engaged in real improper behavior.



    FROM BUDDY: Interesting plug for JAABlog and Seidman. Is it really from the operators of that blog? Hmmmmm.

  10. Courthhouse Observer says:

    This is so typical of Seidman’s “hiding in the shadows” conduct throughout the years. The reason he has not responded is that he is trying to think of the best defense for his despicable conduct. Seidman knows the train has left the station and the JQC is one of the passengers. This judge needs to be investigated. Seidman is known as a bad clown since he has no feelings for his fellow human beings. This is probbly just the tip of the iceberg with this clown judge. The people of Broward County will finally find out about his actions. Thank you Mr. McLawrence for allowing the community to speak out about this “judge>”

  11. Jaab fan says:


    Is this the big scoop mike aturd ahern gives you at lunch at 11st annex? Wasn’t this the same blog that broke the earl rynerson porn story? Lay with dogs you get fleas or turds

    If you want to know the scoop at the courthouse check out jaablog.

    FROM BUDDY: Since retiring I don’t have any fixed schedule and enjoy eating lunch with a wide range of folks.

  12. Art says:

    Funny how Jaab didn’t report the Seidman story. Apparently one the Jaab guys is good friends with Seidman.

  13. Floridan says:

    NK – I was not defending Seidman, and noted that I was not sure what form he was required to file. If he is required to file Form 6 rather than Form 1, then my comment wouldn’t apply to Seidman.

    FROM BUDDY: It’s Form 6.

  14. Courthhouse Observer says:

    Seidman’s liabilities of $1.2million dollars amounts to over $6000 per month. Now we know one reason Seidman does not want to disclose his liabilities——he is not able to meet his monthly obligations. Also, what’s up with his $300K of personal property? Are his guns really worth that much? Or is it his 50,000 rounds of ammunition?

  15. Courthouse Junkie says:

    There are a lot of good judges. there are a lot of bad judges. then there is Seidman…he is a horrible judge. Have you seen him do magistrate call on a weekend? While the defendant is walking up, he is talking a million miles a minute and when the guy steps to the podium, he is at “what do you plea? total disregard for humanity and the people that come before him. Its all about the Lee Seidman show and he is the egotistical star. I don’t know who this Lawrence guy is but i will vote for whoever runs against this egotistical clown.

  16. I Agree says:

    I have witnessed Seidman’s horriblenes. He lacks compassion and common sense. His agenda is to hurt other people. He is lazy and hurtful. I do not know who this McLawrence gut is either, but he has my vote and I will tell everyone else I know to NOT vote for evil Seidman.