Judge Seidman:I Made An Error; I’m Refiling My Disclosure


Broward County Judge Lee Jay Seidman said he would file amended financial disclosure forms Tuesday.

He acted after Browardbeat.com disclosed he left the list of his liabilities out his 2007 and 2008 disclosure papers.

Seidman wrote on the amended forms that he “inadvertenly did not list” the liabilities.

The judge was vague about how the mistake was made. 

He only communicated with Browardbeat.com by e-mail and his explanation consisted of this one sentence: “Thank you for bringing this inadvertent error to my attention.”

But a well-known attorney close to Seidman spokes with the judge. 

The attorney told Browardbeat.com that the judge “didn’t notice the error” in 2007.  He copied the 2007 form when he filled out the 2008 documents, the attorney said.

“The bottom line is there was no intent (to disobey the disclosure requirements),” the attorney said after talking with Seidman.

The new forms contain no bombshells.  All the money Seidman said he owed was to well-known institutions, the Bank of America and Sun Trust.

Seidman liabilities are approximately the same as previous years when he filed the papers properly:

He owed $1,178,376 as of Dec. 31, 2008 in liabilities — $572,279 and $89,962 for loans on a N C property (presumably North Carolina) to the Bank of America; $345,000 on Florida property to Bank of America and $171,134 to Sun Trust for a home equity loan.

His net worth was reported at $1,300,429, so the liabilities did not exceed the net worth.

16 Responses to “Judge Seidman:I Made An Error; I’m Refiling My Disclosure”

  1. Jaab fan says:

    Wow is this the big scoop you got from mike aturd ahern during lunch at 11st annex? Didn’t you run the rynerson story first..smells like the turd to me.

  2. Who Gives a Crap says:

    “well-known attorney”? Ooooh….that makes it A-Okay, right.

    So “well-known” and confident in his friendship with Seidman that he called you and required anonymity?

    Seidman says it’s an “inadvertent error”. How so? How is it inadvertent that he filled out his forms the right way for YEARS, both as an Assistant State Attorney, General Master, and Judge, but he just happened to “inadvertently” start providing half-truths on his forms after he takes out heavy mortgages on a newly purchased “N C Property”.

    Seidman thought he could get away with not letting anyone know he’s mortgaged himself to the hilt when he bought his North Carolina Plantation at the height of the real estate bubble (great investment chief).

    The real question is whether his “net worth” numbers actually take into account the current market valuation of his Parkland and NC residences (which could place him at having debts well in excess of his net worth) or whether they are based on LAST YEAR’s market values.

    I don’t know about you, but I have concerns about having a judge underwater on his homes and living well beyond his means. Certainly raises all sorts of uncomfortable issues.

    This was no inadvertent error.

    There is still more here than meets the eye.

  3. Courthouse Observer says:

    Doesn’t matter. A judge should know the law.

  4. Inadvertent Errors says:

    I just hope the Ethics Commission and JQC are as understanding about Judge Seidman’s mistakes as he is when people come before him on Violations of Probation.

  5. Yeah, right says:

    So it was never Seidman’s intention to omit listing his liabilities, just as it was never his intention to turn over immigrant defendants to the Sheriff for further immigration inquiry? Please. Go away already. He should do the County a favor and adjourn to his pimp starter castle in NC along with his wife (not like her employer the NBHD will miss her either… she’s never there!)

  6. Just the facts says:

    Sure, he got squirly with the JNC and the facts, but be clear about one thing (if you really know the facts), they were not just “immigrants” they were “illegal immigrants” who drove without licenses and ran into people AND told him that they were illegal in open court.
    When he hears from their mouths that they are illegal, does he turn a deaf ear?

  7. Not the Facts says:

    Sorry Adjudicator-lover. Those are certainly NOT the facts.

    If you read the article and remember the discussion at the time, the issue was that Seidman was playing Columbo by asking people whether they were in fact illegal immigrants and trying to trick them into revealng their immigration status, a big no-no for a judge.

    And worse, he lied about it when trying to get a promotion and got caught. Whoops.

    So he misleads the JNC, he misleads the Ethics Commission of the State of Florida, and tries to mislead the voters.

    If you total up his liabilities of about $1,200,000.00, and assume that he got a 30 year fixed mortgage (although that’s unlikely given that some of these loans are HELOC/2nd Mortgages) at an average of about 6.5% combined, his monthly nut is $7,500.00. And that’s before taxes, insurance, etc.

    This guy was an ASA and General Master before taking a $130k per year job as County Judge.

    Maybe he didn’t want to let us know how much he’s financially bleeding….or that his wife wears the pants in the family.

  8. Leave out hhe facts says:

    You are so wrong. First, Seidman specifically asked them if they were illegal. They did not volunteer the information. Second,
    Seidman LIED to the JNC about the facts. (you call lying as getting “squirly”) You are right that Seidman is squirly, but let the truth be told. SEIDMAN LIED TO THE JNC.

  9. Howard's Bitch says:

    Finally we have a judge who is not Howards bitch and Buddy is trying to get rid of him. Could it be because he is Howard’s neighbor?

  10. Only the truth says:

    Hey Buddy, why dont you look into all the violations of ethical rules McLawrence has committed. He LIED in his interview among other things. ASk him when he opened his campaign account, and when he filed. As him why he lied about being PD in Seidmans courtroom. ( another violation) And why he set up his web site to collect money from outside florida long before he actually filed. WHY NOT DO YOUR JOB BUDDY and ask HIM these questions

  11. Tony says:

    Little Howard Sat On A Wall/
    Little Howard Took A Speed Ball/
    All JAAblogs flunkies and All JAAblogs hens/
    Couldn’t Rehab Howard Again.

  12. Jud says:

    Jay, sorry Tony must be be upset because Howie won’t give him a job

  13. Jaablaw says:

    Howard is a mentor and friend. A great man who has been a great friend to jaablog. Judge seidman has also been a great friend to jaablog as well. These are two great men who work had to end the cesspool known as the broward judiciary created by lynch/ross/spechler.

    If you really want to know what is going on in the court house check out jaablog.

    FROM BUDDY: I have known Howard for at least 30 years. He is a terrific public servant, a true believer in the Constitutional rights that protect us all. And he’s a really nice guy.
    I hardly know Judge Seidman, except that he is controversial. So what! I’ve been accused of being controversial, too.
    And I agree that JAABlog is a key source for courthouse news. But I will continue to provide information about the courthouse with my own unique Browardbeat.com slant.

  14. Anon says:


    Don’t sell yourself short….while you may be contraversial you never got caught being a liar. Seidman prayed on and intimidated illegal immigrants and lied about it. He had no business asking these people their immigrant status when it was not relevant.

    Buddy you may be contraversial but you are not a liar.

  15. CONFUSED says:

    An “illegal immigrant” is in front of a judge and the judge is being castigated for dealing with his “illegal” status? Judge Seidman, thank you, keep up the good work. Just be careful that you don’t anger any criminals and these idiots will start supporting you again.

  16. To confused says:

    You are clearly a confused individual