Judge Seidman To The Rescue


Saturday started out as just another day of campaigning for Lee and Laura Seidman.

After shaking hands at a Democratic meeting in Plantation, they headed for breakfast at Shelby’s on Hillsboro Boulevard in Deerfield Beach a long-time hangout for Century Village residents.

While munching on pancakes, the Seidman’s suddenly heard a big bang.

Lee Seidman — he’s currently a county court judge, but he’s running for circuit court along with his wife, Laura. — ran outside the restaurant.

He saw a mid-sized car wrapped around a column in front of neighboring store.

“Someone yelled out, ‘He’s trapped inside and there is smoke,'” Lee Seidman recounted.

Seidman is a member of the Coral Springs Fire Department’s Community Emergency Response Team  and the Cedar Mountain (NC) Fire Rescue.  He keeps a fire extinguisher in his car.

He ran and got the extinguisher and “approached the vehicle checking for fire from fluid leaks. No smoke …so I then checked on the condition of the driver along with other first responders and kept onlookers a safe distance from the vehicle standing by with the fire extinguisher until Deerfield Beach Fire Rescue arrived on scene, Seidman said.

The judge quickly adds, “All the credit and praise goes to the responding members of the Deerfield Beach Fire Department who extracted the driver and transported him to the hospital. I then returned to my banana pancakes.

9 Responses to “Judge Seidman To The Rescue”

  1. just wondering... says:

    guns, a fire extinguisher, a police car… what else is he carrying around? Sounds a little dangerous and extreme to me!

  2. bud says:

    Way to go, Lee!!!!! If I have a bad accident, I want someone like you nearby.

  3. did you see the police report says:

    Sorry just to much of a coincidence since it’s election time Lets see some proof of this alleged accident. How did you find out Buddy? Lee or Schifrel call you?

  4. Just the Facts Sgt. Friday says:

    While waiting at the scene, and noticing the driver had a dark complexion, Judge Seidman asked the driver for his license/immiegration green card.

    The driver, claiming to be disoriented from the crash, was unable to provide either.

    Judge Seidman, thinking on his feet, called INS and, reaching back into his car for the handcuffs he also carries, took the driver into custody and placed him in the back of his decommissioned police vehicle to be transported to Krome.

  5. Seidman Known to Lie says:

    Lee Seidman has a reputation for chronic lying, to the JNC, to his colleagues, to the Herald, etc. Buddy I hope you checked whether this incident even really happened.

  6. Privacy 101 says:

    Finally a concerned politician. He just got my vote.

  7. charles butler says:

    where did guns come from?did he have a police car?what an idiot this commenter is.we are our brothers keeper.everyone should act in the manner the judge did and many do.some even jump in the water and pull people out of submerged cars. god bless every one of them.the word bang was in the article as to what the judge heard. no shots fired.

  8. Simple question says:


    How did you get this information?

    Did Seidman call you himself to proclaim his good deed for the day?

    Is their any way of verifying this? Police Report, something?

    Otherwise this just looks like a campaign fluff piece.

    Reviewing his own quote it sounds like the first responders were already there when he made his move. I cant imagine BSO was to pleased to have a wanna be cop ordering people to stay back etc.

    If you like Seidman that is one thing, but to put this up without any independent verification seems a little much.

    I am sure we will see this article on a campaign mail piece in August.

    FROM BUDDY: No, neither Seidman tipped me about this incident.

  9. J says:

    Please do not vote for this person. He worked in the criminal court as a judge and his nickname was set them up seidman because he abused his authority and passed unjust decisions to many. Very unethical and a racist towards Hispanics. My faith is with God and I know that seidman will be judged one day!