Judge Rothchild’s Son Wants To Replace Him


Lawyer Michael Rothschild will open a campaign account this week to replace his father, Circuit Judge Ron Rothschild.

Ron Rothchild is retiring after the November 2012 election.

Michael Rothchild would be initially unopposed for Group 19. Other candidates could enter or existing candidates could switch seats.

Below is Michael Rothchild’s resume:

Michael Ian Rothschild


Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Juris Doctor, May 2000.


Moot Court Society Member, 1998. Worker’s Compensation Team, 1998.

Best Brief, Moot Court Society, 1998.


Honor Court, 1999-2000. Assistant Defender. Represented students accused of

violations of the honor code.

Law School Advisor, 1998-1999. Founding member. Assisting first-year law students in acclimating to law school.

American Bar Association/ Law School Division, 1997-1999. Attended national conference, 1998. President, 1998-1999. First-year representative, 1997-1998.

Association of Trial Lawyers of America, 1997-1999. Participated in; Negotiations Competition, 1997, Client Counseling, 1998.

University Of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

Bachelor of Arts– College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, May 1997.

Major: English.


Tau Epsilon Phi, Alumni Award 1996.

Police Service Award, 1996.


Student Government Productions, 1995-1996. Contract Negotiator.

Florida Blue Key, 1992-1996. Debate Judge.

Legal Experience:

GLANTZLAW, Plantation, Florida. Civil Litigator & Assistant Supervising Attorney, May 2010-Present.

Commercial litigation specialist in state, federal, and administrative courts. Assistant Supervisor for more than twenty senior attorneys.

• Litigating complicated federal wage and hour lawsuits for both employer and employee.

• Assisting landlords and tenants with all claims involving leases and rentals.

• Representing owners against homeowners and condominium associations.

• Providing counsel and representation to licensees regarding administrative actions.

• Serving as counsel for police officers and fire fighters in internal investigations.

• Advising and representing members of LegalShield, pre-paid legal insurance, in all civil matters.

• Conducting jury and non-jury trials before state, federal, and administrative judges.

• Supervising attorneys by providing guidance on all matters of civil law, reviewing lawsuits for potential defenses or causes of action, communicating with clients as to all issues involving representation.

Colodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky & Abate, P.A., Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Associate, May 2009-December 2009.

Litigation attorney focusing on complex civil litigation in both state and federal courts.

• Evaluated property insurance claims for coverage.

• Conducted examinations under oath for insurance claims.

• Defended insurance claim lawsuits.

• Provided legal opinions regarding application of Fair Labor Standards Act.

• Responded to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints.

• Defended residential property owners from foreclosure actions.

• Represented plaintiffs in negligence and breach of contract lawsuits.

• Litigated all types of pre-trial motions in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties.

Law Office of Larry S. Davis, P.A., Hollywood, Florida. Associate, October 2006-May 2009.

Litigated complex criminal, civil, and administrative matters in state and federal courts.

• Represented defendants in all aspects of criminal cases including; misdemeanors, felonies, and capital felonies.

• Defended civil cases including ADA violations, tenant evictions, and federal civil rights actions.

• Litigated numerous licensing actions before the Department of Administrative Hearings.

• As counsel for South Florida State Hospital provided legal opinions regarding mental health commitment issues, guardianship matters and conducted Baker Act review hearings before the Department of Administrative Hearings.

Office of the Public Defender for Broward County, Assistant Public Defender, September 2000-October 2006.

Represented indigent citizens in state court relating to criminal matters.

• Defended criminal acts including; municipal ordinance violations, misdemeanors, felonies, and capital felonies.

• First-chaired over fifty (50) jury trials including cases involving; driving under the influence, theft, fraud, battery, sexual battery, racketeering, conspiracy, drug trafficking, homicide, and many other crimes.

• Spent three years representing clients designated as “career criminals”.

Bogenschutz & Dutko, P.A., Law Clerk, June 1999-January 2000.

Assisting senior attorneys with complex legal research, drafting motions, and preparing for trials.

• Appearing with senior attorneys in state and federal courts.

• Attending client meetings to discuss complicated legal issues.

• Drafting memorandum of law involving criminal and civil legal issues.

• Evaluating merits of appeals and researching novel legal arguments.

Legal Admissions & Memberships:

National Alliance on Mental Health, member 2009-2010.

Broward County Bar Association, member 2008-current.

West Broward Bar Section of Broward County Bar Association, founding member and secretary/treasurer 2010-present.

United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, admitted 2006.

Broward Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, member 2006-2009.

Broward Democratic Lawyers Council, poll watcher/elections attorney 2004, 2008.

Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, member 2004-2010.

American Association For Justice admitted 2002.

Florida Bar, admitted 2000.

11 Responses to “Judge Rothchild’s Son Wants To Replace Him”

  1. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    Is the courthouse now run like the monarchy? A father hands down his courtroom to his son? This kid has experience, but…

  2. Guest says:

    Judge Ron Rothchild is an outstanding Judge and has been an oustanding Broward County Public Servant. Michael Rothchild has been working extremely hard all over Broward County and is working to earn each and every vote to win a Judgeship. There is nothing being handed down to anyone. Michael is a highly qualified Candidate that would be a terrific Judge in Broward County on his own merit and dedication to the Court System.

    Judge Rothchild can be a proud father that his son is highly educated and qualified and wishes to follow in his foot steps.

    Michael Rothchild for Judge in 2012!!!

  3. Jenks says:


  4. Old Trial Lawyer says:

    I have worked with both Rothchilds and found them to be dedicated and knowledgeable. There is nothing wrong with admiring your father and seeking to be an asset to his name. It looks like the younger Rothchild has spent his career working diligently. I will consider him for my vote, once I see who else enters the race.

  5. Experience reading resumes says:

    I’ve read my share of resumes in my career and Rothschild’s screams one thing loud and clear.


    Five jobs in ten years.

    All of the bullet points listed under each “job” either says one hell of an experienced attorney, or just plain bullshit.

    I vote for bullshit. And private employers look at job hoppers with a jaundiced eye.

  6. Just Another Day says:

    This is nothing new. Judge Leonard Glick did the same thing in Dade County and not one person raised and eyebrow.

    The chosen people are the chosen few and the rest of us just have to suck it up and deal with it.

  7. florida courts a joke says:

    Judge Rothchild should have retired years ago. He is incompetent. I have been in his court room many times (not as a defendent)and witnessed the injustice he has displayed towards women. We need to rid our courts of misognist men. Since Michael was rasied by one he is sure to preach his hatred from the courts pulpit.

  8. Former Clerk and Practicing Attorney says:

    A few years ago I had the pleasure and honor of clerking for Judge Ronald Rothschild. In short, it gave me new respect and admiration for judges, and has been the source of inspiration for what I hope to become and how judges and attorneys both should practice. In the months I was there, whether talking to bailiffs, judicial assistants, or experienced attorneys, I only heard glowing remards regarding both his wisdom and his demeanor.

    I had the opportunity to meet Michael who was working as a Public Defender during that same summer, and observe him in court during a trial for burglary and breaking and entering. My impression was that he was a sharp individual who handled the courtroom well, and represented his client well. I only spoke with him a few times face to face, but he likewise impressed me when I spoke with him.

    I would have no hesitation in voting for him.

  9. One who knows says:

    First off I was debating to leave a comment but then sat and thought about it and felt compelled to tell people the truth. I hope his son is nothing like his father. Judge Rothchild was my judge on my paterninty case and this man watched and saw evidence of a wealthy CFO & President of an International company based here in Florida breach a contract that was initiated by the father. Then on top of it the father paid what he felt appropriate and the judge sat and witnessed all this. Amongst also seeing the father and his attorney on four different scheduled court dates cancelling them on the day and sometimes whiles on the way to the court appointments, and rescheduling them for months in advanced. He used every tactic to bleed me through court and then this so called “amazing judge” slapped me to pay him $18,000 back to this millionare which Rothchild saw evidence of several residences and time shares over million dollar homes etc… and treated me as though the father was the victim? He also made his decision based on the defendent’s key witness to dictate my child support amount instead of doing his own caluculations, which I thought was unheard of and not right. Judge Rothchild saw him go from a $2 million base salary all of a sudden to $260,000?? The father after knowing me for 13 years claimed that he was drugged and raped because of a personal situation on his end, to save his own hide, so he decided to throw myself and his own flesh and blood under the bus. I thought and so did my attorney along with everyone in the community, includinng law enforcement that Judge Rothchild would see through this joke but no way, he seemed and even knowing a lot of evidence that the father was the true victim. He saw my little 1 1/2 yr old daughter get abandoned and neglected by the father with filthy cruel rumors and accusations on his own child that she was a product of drug rape and spread these nasty rumors about myself. If any of this was true it would not be announced publicly and for the fact that I have mounds of evidence stating the truth and the facts. Judge Rothchild at the end of our trial had the odasity to turn to the father and ask if he wanted any visitations and he answered no, and Judge Rothchild said o.k??????????? What the hell was that to ask a man that has lied about his education and who he really is (for 13 years), which was all found out in his own depsosition, to see if he wants to see his daughter when he has made no attempt in 2 years? That’s scary and yet him knowing everything. Judge Rothchild said before the ruling which I thought was very cruel that someone in his courtroom is going to be very upset with his decision and that the attorney’s did a fine job that if there were anyone to blame that blame him and that one of us may not like him very much. Was that neccessary? It was ridiculing and hurtful. He helped victimized an innocent child and myself through this process. I read above another comment stating that Judge Rothchild shows injustice towards women, well I am a witness to that! For a man that adopts a baby and pretends to be there for children yet helps victimize another child from their own father is sick. When it comes to the world of politicians, judges etc… they are the ones who creates and allows the shit that goes on not so much the people or the community. I guess he conveniently overlooked the fact that a CFO can pull things off financially???????? Hello? This judge is the reason that I want to move to another state for what he has done to the lives of myself and my daughter. Anyone has a comment or an issue, come back. The truth is the truth.

  10. Eileen smith says:

    I too didn’t want to make a comment but I have to and my story is too long to even write. But Judge rothschild is not a good judge he took my son from me and gave him to the father who didn’t want to have anything to do with him and on top of that awarded the father child support. I have not had visitations except at some facility for 45mins. Ask me if I’ve ever been in trouble with the law or abuse my child never! My son wants to come home and so if his son is anything like him I’m in deep shit cuz my court hearings aren’t yet over like a guess stated he reschedules hearing and use tactics to buy time is this in the best interest of a child to be taken away from his mother I’m not a felon….this judge is cruel and yes he has a problem with women if you as a judge can sit in chambers and have a husband beat his wife to a pulp and still give such a gruesome father visitation its unethical and cruel and Florida courts is a joke theirs no voice for kids and ur screwed if you get a judge like this I’m applaud and have absolutely no respect for cruel judges.

  11. I feel your pain says:

    I’ve had similar experience! Enough is enough with him. Luckily for all the children who’ve been affected by his horrible decisions regarding visitations with no regard for abusive behavior, Judge R will soon be gone……. Same to al the women, he’s so obviously against, he’s almost out; hang in there!!!