Judge Louis Schiff, Nova Prof Robert Jarvis Write Book On Baseball







Broward County Judge Louis Schiff fell in love baseball as a youngster and the love has endured.

Schiff’s office in the North Satellite Courthouse is a baseball shrine.

Signed balls, grainy black-and-white snapshots of Hall of Famers and even a bat or two fill almost every empty space. In the last month, Schiff has has a new addition to his collection – a law school text about baseball he co-authored.

“I took two things I love – baseball and the law – and threw them together. How lucky was I to do that?” Schiff says.

Baseball and The Law, which is co-authored with Nova Southeastern Law School Professor Robert Jarvis, is a testament to Schiff’s romance with the sport.



Louis Schiff and BookJudge Louis Schiff and Baseball and The Law



As a kid, he tried “really poorly” to play first base and other positions. He released by 15 that he was more suited to a box seat than a spot on the field.

It was in one of those seats that he often watched his favorites, The Mets.  They perennially losers often tested his enthusiasm for the sport.

Rooting for the Mets prepared him perfectly for the also-ran Marlins. He has held season Marlins tickets for years.

A few years ago, Schiff approached a law school with an idea to teach a course on baseball law. The dean asked, “What are you going to use as a text?”

The light bulb went off.

After spending roughly two years sifting through more than 5,000 cases touching on baseball, Schiff and Jarvis today have that text book.

Published by Carolina Academic Press, the book has 1040 pages aimed at sports law courses and lawyers who are aficionados of the game.

The book was released Dec. 30. The cost is $114.07, a price Schiff and Jarvis kept reasonable (for a text) to make it more accessible.

The book’s scope is wide, deep and appears to this non-lawyer to be more readable than my son’s deadly dry law school texts.

One of the earliest laws mentioned involves the penalties for throwing a ball through a window in pre-Revolutionary English Colonies. Among the latest are the legal questions raised by the gambling controversy that surrounds player Pete Rose.

It contains almost every legal situation imaginable — player salaries, franchise relocations, steroids use, broadcast rights, gambling, discrimination, finances and bankruptcy and the use of new technologies.



Co-author Robert Jarvis


It also has a chapter on amateur and youth baseball. One high school baseball case cited was heard in the Broward County Courthouse.

In a 2015 playoff game for a championship, the Nova Titans scored in the top of the seventh inning to take a 5-4 lead over St. Thomas Aquinas. Umpires called the game because of rain before the inning ended, according to a media report.

In accordance with the rulebook used by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the game reverted back to the last completed inning, which was the sixth when Aquinas led 4-2.

Aquinas was declared the winner under the rules.

A law firm consisting of Nova alumni sued to block Aquinas from advancing to the finals. The case was thrown out upholding the umpires ruling.

Schiff says the Broward example ruling could have wider implications because it was decided the game was controlled by the athletic association rules in this matter.

The book also mentions the recent “flying hotdog” case.

In 2009 while at a Kansas City Royals game, John Coomer suffered a torn retina when he was struck in the eye with a foil-wrapped hot dog thrown by the team’s mascot Sluggerr.


Fan injuried in flying hot dog case

The Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerr gets read to throw a hotdog 


Coomer sued, saying the team was liable.

The team argued that the rules of baseball hold Coomer responsible for paying attention to what was going on around him, from foul balls to tossed hotdogs. Coomer argued that a mascot’s actions should not be covered by the rules because it is not part of the game of baseball.

A jury said neither Coomer or The Royals were at fault. The team didn’t have to pay.

“This is not your usual law school textbook,” says Schiff, who has an undergraduate degree in journalism. “…We hope it is more interesting.”

Baseball and The Law is available on Amazon linked here.




7 Responses to “Judge Louis Schiff, Nova Prof Robert Jarvis Write Book On Baseball”

  1. Wayne Arnold says:

    Congratulations to the authors. The fine book review written by Mr. Nevins really peaked my interest in reading this book. As a young man I was always a Dodger Fan. It is truly a game requiring great mental and physical skill.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Judge Schiff for the Court n Professor Jarvis for NOVA add to both institutions credibility n in doing do make Broward a better, and yes classier place. N tks to Mr. Nevins for giving publicity to their work of love n scholarship

  3. Norm Kent says:

    A Little Ditty on Louis and Robert

    Tis a work of baseball.
    But that ain’t all.

    Tis a work of laws.
    Showing the game’s flaws.

    Tis a work of time.
    Revealing baseball’s rhyme..

    Tis a work of fame.
    Revealing baseball’s shame.

    Tis a work that will really shine, shine, shine
    While you watch the southpaw go all nine

    Tis a book that has left its mark
    And will find a home in every baseball park

    Tis a book that will remind you of Topps cards
    And hanging out with dad in baseball yards.

    Tis a work that will last.
    Illuminating baseball’s past.

    Tis a book of tort
    And fly balls not caught

    Tis a book of race
    And a game of grace

    Tis a book of money
    Revealing all is not honey

    Tis a book of blood
    And the battles of Curt Flood

    Tis a labor of love.
    Will fit you like a glove.

    Tis a work of art.
    Cuz’ it comes from the heart.

    Tis a work of passion.
    You can hear Piazza mashin”

    Tis a work of catch and error.
    You almost feel like Yogi Berra.

    Tis a winner from wire to wire
    And don’t argue with the umpire

    Tis a work by man Lou Schiff
    Hit it out of the park like Fred McGriff

    Tis with Jarvis he reached home plate
    Go out and buy it, don’t dare you wait.

    Tis a book you must go out and snatch
    And then with your son you must have a catch

    Tis a book you must go out and read
    Even if you are stuck home without weed.

    Tis’ all I have to say this day.
    Now go out and baseball play…….


  4. Daniel Sohn says:

    How cool! What an awesome testament that just goes to show it alls pay off when you are as passionate about a subject or idea as the two authors are. Congrats to them both and happy reading NSU Students!

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Daniel Sohn

    You’re a passionate fellow … and that passion of your shows up in your most awesome resume…

    CED, Executive Director, Campaign Consultant, In Charge of an $8 budget (at age 13), Candidate, Chamber of Commerce President, Substitute School Teacher, Senior Managing Partner, Author, Life Coach, Speaker, and don’t forget bag bog.

    You’re how old again? 23?

    I’ve also noticed your passionate about not following through… like those 501s you’ve supposed filed with the IRS … non-profit this, non-profit that … how many non-profits have you “started”… Three, or is it four?

    And by started, well you’re passionate about telling folks you started, but never really get around to the paperwork.

    Ah, and you’re passionate about paperwork!

    Like your City of Dania Beach Commission seat campaign — seems you were passionate about other stuff and forgot to filed 60% of your monthly reports — let’s see how the FEC takes to that.

    Hell, you’re so passionate, the Dania Beach City Clerk filed two FEC complaints against you (and don’t forget mine!)

    The passion overfloweths!

    Also, you’re passionate about posting on Facebook the fact that you’re HIV negative.

    Well, that’s really good news (a truly horrid disease). Good to be passionate, just wear a condom.


    Like you, and on the flip side, I’m really fucking passionate about making sure you never hold public office.

    We both know you’re a passionate liar, a passionate bullshit artist, and a passionate liar.

    Did I mention liar twice?

    Well, that seems about right, given your inability to ever tell the truth.


  6. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    That’s an $8M budget that Daniel Sohn was in charge of, personally appointed to the post by the Governor of Florida.

    Most kids at 13 are playing Xbox, but not Daniel! He was a real-life banker, doling out millions here, and millions here.

    Vote Daniel Sohn — an amazing fuck train of comedic one-liners!

    PS I don’t think he’s still running. Like locust, he’s moved onto something else.

  7. Mister Courthouse says:

    Brilliant idea!!! Good luck with the book.