Judge Levenson Joins Political Group


Broward Circuit Judge Jeffrey Levenson has an interesting set of friends on FACEBOOK.


Included among his FACEBOOK group memberships is Maryland Terrapins Men’s Basketball Fans, Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale and Ellyn Bogdanoff Florida House, District 91.

A supposedly non-partisan judge the member of a politicians’ FACEBOOK group?

Bogdanoff’s site contains her biography and has a paid political announcement disclaimer.

Levenson is also the member of a Baltimore County and a United Kingdom groups run by politicians.

Do I think this is the world’s worst thing a judge can do?  Not by any means, especially in Broward.

It’s just interesting.

Judges are required to be outside of politics.  I know Levenson and Bogdanoff are probably just personal friends.

But it is unwise for the judge to join a group that is political enough to have a political disclosure.  Why give your enemies ammunition?

This is a good lesson to all of you, especially judges and politicians.  Almost everything on FACEBOOK and other Internet sites can be seen by others. 

As lawyer and Browardbeat.com guest columnist Sam Fields often says, “The ‘E’ in e-mail stands for evidence.” 

Here is Levenson’s FACEBOOK information as of this moment:

Jeffrey Levenson

Basic Information
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Contact Information
Education and Work
GroupsSee All (12)
Member of:
Lifestyle Magazines, Kevin Kamenetz for Baltimore County, Andrew Gilbert for Birkenhead, Ellyn Bogdanoff – Florida House, District 91, Maryland Terrapins Men’s Basketball Fans, Do you believe Soldiers are heroes? A mature discussion, Three Degrees of Jewish Baltimore, Lonnie’s Law, Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale, Pikesville High School Alumni Association, Camp Wohelo Alumni, Camp Comet Alumni

Personal disclosure:  I am a member of Bogdanoff’s Facebook group and so is my son, Aaron Nevins, who works for her.

7 Responses to “Judge Levenson Joins Political Group”

  1. Moe says:

    She is running for Senate so wouldn’t that be a moot issue?

    Granted, Bogdanoff should have taken the site down but I have heard you really are not “allowed” to remove content from Facebook.

  2. Not a big deal says:

    It is rather benign, but nonetheless inappropriate for a judge.
    Jeff is a good guy and a good judge.
    He should take it down asap.

  3. The Long Black Robe (ret.) says:

    Jeffrey is a good guy. He should remove any political references from his website because the courthouse is full of jackals that will report him.

  4. The Adjudicator Strikes says:

    @The Long Black Robe (almost-retired).

    You are dead on correct about that. I like Judge Levenson — think he tries to do the right thing. He may have slipped last year with that stupid off-the-cuff comment (that he immediately apologized for – rightly), but overall, he’s a good and decent person.

    And given that the courthouse has judges like The Adjudicator (although hopefully he won’t be around after 2010) that like to make reports about judges, Jeffrey should immediately take down that reference on his facebook page.

  5. Levenson says:

    I dont think Levenson is a great judge. I dont particularly like him. I think he doesnt think before he opens his mouth, and says things that are really stupid and sometimes insulting, but I think that anyone that reports him for his Facebook friends really needs to get a life. Judges are people too.

  6. Update: Judge Levenson Removes Political Material From Facebook : BrowardBeat.com says:

    […] The original story is here. […]

  7. Never Quit says:

    Above the law, J.Q.C loves him.