Judge Ian Richards Beaten…Pending Recount




Bye, bye County Judge Ian Richards. 

Challenger Claudia Robinson squeezed passed Richards…pending a recount.  She is leading by a little over 1,000 votes.


A happy Claudia Robinson holding a vote total on Tuesday night


Robinson decided to challenge Richards after he made a quip in court about dealing out some “vagina justice.”  Here is my original story about Robinson and her bio. 

The results are astounding if you look at the spending in the race.  Richards spent $163,771, while Robinson spent $11,609.

Almost every big name lawyer was with Richards, the incumbent, in the general election.

But Robinson had big thing going for her:  She’s a female.

Females challenging men appear to win more than they lose in judicial campaigns.

The female candidate didn’t win in the other county court race, but  Rhoda Sokoloff lost by just over 1 percent against the much better funded Dennis Bailey.

Robinson was helped by consultant/lawyer Mike Ahearn, who obviously didn’t earn much from the campaign based on her fund raising.




7 Responses to “Judge Ian Richards Beaten…Pending Recount”

  1. Kevin Hill says:

    What goes around comes around. Remember how Richards won in 2008… he challenged a Hispanic female judge by running a stealth campaign. He was just defeated by a Hispanic female with a non-Hispanic name.

    Only in Broward.

  2. Oh really says:

    Over $600,000 on mailing of 500,000 palm cards as well as emailing 750,000 palm cards was spent on this race.
    By Claudia Robinson backers Michael
    Ahrean, Dan Lewis, Lori Parish, and Swap Shop owner. The white sheets can be removed now. The union fire fighters, browards teacher’s big shots, Hispanic vote were out in full force at the polls and lets just say the
    Unions didn’t work for free. So the big money spent was not spent on defeating defeating school bonds but Richards and Bailey.

  3. Key factor says:

    Same group of people were behind Kasen in Primary and Kasen lost badly. They are not as powerful as you think. Buying off a group of people from his community, though, is a key factor. Sellouts plus N…. Haters got Richards

  4. Let me get this straight says:

    Ian Richards the black with a white sounding name who only campaigned 6 years ago in black areas so the whites would know he was black is taking issue with Robinson.

    Robinson is white and Hispanic two facts she never hid from. She went to every campaign stop whether in white, black, Hispanic or other areas. She never hid out trying hide the fact she was white and Hispanic.

    If voters were confused that Robinson was black is Ian really going to cry about it since he played the same game in the white community? Ian why did you have the white and Asian people on your card with just a header (we support ian) hmmm

    Sorry Ian, Robinson and Ahern ran a better campaign hand down.

  5. Shadow Warrior says:

    Karma is something to fear.
    So 6 years ago Ian Richards runs against a Hispanic female married to a cop. He spends virtually NO money and uses his “white” sounding name to propel him to victory.
    6 years later a Hispanic female married to a cop runs against Ian Richards. She spends virtually NO money, difference is she did not use her “black” sounding name.
    Yet Ian’s people in some of the above posts talk about white sheets and N….. Haters? Please man, that gets old. You lost, end of story, time to find a real job.

  6. Anthony Baumann says:

    I’m sure Ian pissed off quite a number of people in Broward County. From his Facebook page, he has 30,982 “Likes” and 389,016 followers. It would’ve been nice if all those people came out in support of Ian Richards. Instead, they supported the opponent.

    #JustWondering #TimeToFindNewWork

  7. Hispanic says:

    I am tired of hearing all these crap about why Judge Richards should be out of the office. Not because Richards is a bad judge (he actually has a pretty good record), not because Estrada (Robinson) is an excellent candidate (Hispanic Vote found her unqualified when they endorsed Kasen in Primary), but because Richards ran against a Hispanic judge 6 years ago!

    As a Hispanic, I am ashamed of these individual and organizations. For them, revenge is way more important than benefitting the Community.