Judge Cowart’s Son Joins The Fighting Irish

Guest Columnist

Broward County Judge Gary Cowart and his wife Jody are the proud parents of a Fighting Irishman.

Their son Jordan Cowart, a St Thomas High School Senior, has signed for a full scholarship to Notre Dame.

In an age of specialization, Jordan might just be the nation’s best long snapper. Read about him here.

For those of you not familiar with football, that’s the guy who hikes the ball to the punter and the placekick holder.  It’s precision job that only gets noticed if you screw up.

A bad hike cost Notre Dame a game with Syracuse last year.

Along with the necessary physical skills you need ice water in your veins.

Unlike a lot of schools, Notre Dame does not have a double standard.  It’s all academics not jockademics.

So you know Jordan is a bright, good kid.

Disclosure:  It’s mixed feelings for me.  Although I wish Jordan well. Notre Dame football…not so much.

Although I was a big fan of Notre Dame basketball, the football team is like the Yankees or the Cowboys. They act like their farts don’t smell

You either love ’em or you hate them.

I hate the Yankees, Cowboys and Notre Dame. Did I forget to include the Gators on that list?

5 Responses to “Judge Cowart’s Son Joins The Fighting Irish”

  1. Watchful says:

    I wholeheartedly concur! However you forgot St. Thomas in that list!

  2. mister courthouse says:

    Sam must have a case in front of Cowart. What will we read next? Judge Backman’s recipe for chocolate cookies when Sam has a case in that division? An ass kisser is an ass kisser is an ass kisser is Sam Fields.

  3. Kudos for Cowart says:

    Congrats to Jordan Cowart for his achievements in both academics and football. While I will have to root against your team winning next year in every game (GO BC!!), I certainly will be pulling for you to make every snap.

    Hope your 4 years are filled with amazing experiences and that you’ll turn pro, make a couple million bucks and buy your parents a house or something expensive. They’ll deserve something nice after making repeated trips to the middle of Indiana in December to watch you play.

  4. Law 45 says:

    If Jordan is half as nice as Judge Cowart, he must be a wonderful kid.
    I wish you many victories for Notre Dame.

  5. Sean says:

    That’s pretty cool. Congrats to Jordan and his parents.