Update: Tim Ryan Running For Commission



The free-for-all for looming for an open Broward County Commission seat.

And it appears likely the race will soon become more crowded.

Former state Rep. Tim Ryan of Dania Beach  has jumped into the race in Southeast Broward. He filed papers Wednesday officially making him a candidate, as predicted earlier by Browardbeat.com.


Tim Ryan

Ryan had a string of accomplishments in Tallahassee during his time in the House – 1998-2006.  He would join state Rep. Evan Jenne of Dania Beach, Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, former County Commissioner Ken Keechl and Jerome Clair in the Democratic primary.

A wealthy Dania Beach lawyer, Ryan was one of the few early supporters of the Fair Redistricting Amendment.  It eventually passed in a statewide referendum and became a big improvement in the way reapportionment was done this year.

Known as a consensus-builder, he passed nine bills in the Republican-led Legislature. That’s a big achievement for a Democrat from Broward.  The bills included measures to improve protection for the sea turtle and new regulation governing the medicating of foster children.

Ryan lost a scorch-and-burn 2008 Democratic primary for state Senate in South Florida against now-Judge Ken Gottlieb and state Sen. Eleanor Sobel, the winner.  The nasty, expensive race included shady political committees making false attacks on the candidates.

A law suit filed by Ryan after he lost traced many of the shenanigans to a committee tied to the Florida Medical Assocation.

The committee backed Sobel with over $600,000 in ads. The same campaign staffer helped Sobel in her campaign and helped run the committee.

The district includes Dania Beach, Wilton Manors and much of Fort Lauderdale, northern Hollywood, eastern Davie and a small sliver of unincorporated land along State Road 7.  Now held by term-limited John Rodstrom. It is Democratic, but moderate with many average-income, working class residents.

Ryan’s strength would be in the district south of Interstate 595, an area which he represented in the House.  That’s bad news for Jenne, since the same area is his base and the district he now serves.

Another factor in Ryan’s favor is his long family history in South Broward.  His grandfather, A. J. Ryan Sr., was a Hollywood City Commissioner in 1927-29. His father, A.J. “Red” Ryan Jr., was a state House member from 1956-62 and a senator from 1962-67.

This heritage is a nice starting point.  It has helped Ryan build a network of contacts he can call to help pay for his campaign and round up votes.

The commission race is building into the most interesting contest on the Broward ballot.


13 Responses to “Update: Tim Ryan Running For Commission”

  1. Tiny Bubbles says:

    Ryan should know that he is putting himself in the bullseye of Judy Stern’s shotgun. Stern is Evan Jenne’s campaign manager.

  2. jump in tim says:

    Jump in! Jump in! This is gonna be exciting.

  3. Louis Brandeis says:

    9 bills in 8 years is a lot?

    FROM BUDDY: Actually for a Broward Democrat to pass nine bills is a good record. House members can only file a limited number of bills a year. I forget the exact amount, but it is something like six. Mnay of the major bills passed and talked about are committee bills and Rs control those committees.

  4. sidelines says:

    Will be an interesting race. Key to win is voters and having more than the standard 15%+/- show up. Current BCC had a budget workshop yesterday and revenue shortfalls are already being acknowledged and may play a role.

  5. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    Just what we need another red head. As if Comm.Lieberman wasn’t enough. Eat your Wheaties sport going up against Charlotte rodstrom and Co.(and i stress the company). Good luck.

  6. Barry Sacharow says:

    Tim is terrific, smart, honest and a hard working guy from an untainted family. My personal bet is that in a head to head race, as the district is now drawn, he will beat Evan, hands down. Also Tim’s brother is one of the state’s top fundraisers. He would make a great addition to the Broward County Commission.

  7. Be afraid very afraid says:

    Yeah Tim, wise up… Look at Judy’s record…

    2008-Loses the Sheriff’s race with a Jewish Democrat against a Republican.

    2009: Lost Joe Eggelletion to the penal system

    2010: Angelo Castillo is a heavily hispanic County Commission District

    Roger Wisher twice, Mayor to Mike Ryan and the same year Roger loses his City Commission seat

    Her own daughter Barbara to George Moritias by almost 20 points.

    Of course the Rodstrom will be gunning especially for her and Jenne after she dumped them.

    Tim, be sure to be aware of Judy’s good political instincts, getting her candidate Chris Mancini to represent corrupt felon Joe Eggelletion while he is running for State Attorney, is political genius.

  8. Dem. Activist says:

    It won’t help Evan that his father is behind the scenes “not really” working with Scott Israel big loser in the 2008 sheriff’s race with a horrible reputation and Ron Caccitore an indicted fired BSO Captain.

    Israel, Caccitore and Ken Jenne were all involved with Scott Rothstein and accepted money.

    I hope Ken Jenne knows everyone is aware of his activity and relationship with Israel, which won’t help Evan. This will help Tim Ryan for sure. I like Evan. He is a great person, but relationships with these people are already swinging people away from him.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “be afraid, very afraid” should be saying that to Catherine Greig, not Judy Stern-Can you see the bozo-who??(speaking on my little friend Catherine-getting your teeth cleaned once a month ?-probably since you are going to testify against Whitey-oh sure your life was in danger when your spending hundreds of dollars(Whitey’) at 7-11 at 4 in the morning for your calling cards to Iceland-(remember the 2mill-).Back to Judy Stern she is a poltical consulant. You don’t like her than don’t hire her. Simple. And also to point out if her canidate loses(rarely) then its all her fault? .Come on. Some of you w/ you cheap shots. Keep them coming….

  10. Demboy says:

    I looked at the map-no plantation and it picks up Wilton manors. Ryan’s move into the race helps Keechl and Rodstrom. No doubt. Can’t wait to see how this one ends.

  11. Nick says:

    Trust me, this won’t be the most interesting race in Broward this year.

  12. Tim Ryan - Hooray!!! says:

    In this field, nobody can seriously claim that Rodstrom, Keechl, or Clair will have even the slightest chance of winning. Evan Jenne has done a good job in the state House & his star is rising, but Tim Ryan has been awesome for a very long time – Jenne is just getting started.

    Tim Ryan will be a hurricane’s worth of fresh air for our stale County Commission. And if both he and Marty Kiar win, that’s a double bonus for Broward County!

  13. Some Advice for Evan Jenne says:

    Evan Jenne would be well advised to go take a look at County Commission District 3, where only two candidates are running… he could beat them both.