John Rodstrom Pledges To Keep Shaking Up County


We don’t know yet whether this will be John Rodstrom’s last year at the Broward County Commission.

If he does leave, the last year should be an eventful one.

“I’m not leaving quietly,” Rodstrom said.

Oh, boy!  If just the last few weeks are any indication that just might be the understatement of the year:

*The Florida Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider whether Rodstrom can be forced from office because of term limits.  A commissioner since 1992, Rodstrom said he will run again if the court throws out Broward’s term limit law.

*Rodstrom met with officials from the Transportation Security Administration Monday after he made international news for suggesting that body scanner security devices to be removed from Fort Lauderdale International.

*Rodstrom was on the lips of Fort Lauderdale’s political world last month as the Svengali of the upcoming city election. Being spread by at least one political operative, the rumors credited Rodstrom with engineering opposition to Mayor Jack Seiler and City Commissioners Bruce Roberts and Romney Rogers.

Wrong. False. Bogus.

Rodstrom took the rumors so seriously that he called Seiler and Roberts and told them he would endorse them.  So far he hasn’t endorsed Rogers, but pledges to take no role against him.

Whatever the Supreme Court eventually decides, Rodstrom will be having fun, making news and setting agendas as long as he can at the Government Center. He says he has more initiatives ready to go.

“Being a county commissioner is the only job I ever wanted,” Rodstrom said.

Expect him to make the most of it right until the end.


11 Responses to “John Rodstrom Pledges To Keep Shaking Up County”

  1. Wrong False Bogus says:

    If the above is true maybe Charlotte could explain why she went to a fundrasing event hosted by Earl Rynerson for Shippey House at Tap 42. Also there with her was good friend Jackie Scott. What makes this event really interesting is that it was announced on Rynerson’s website and not sent to Shippey board members.

    Also didnt Mary Graham, Roberts opponen,t give $$$ to Charlotte? I didnt hear she gave it back…

    The rumors are true its the Rodstroms who are Wrong False and Bogus.

  2. Rodstrom Fan says:

    we already have term limits and they are called elections. the voters should say whether Rodstrom should leave, not some arbitrary date.

  3. thetruth says:

    Everyone knows that John and his wife were behind the opponents. Suprised you got this wrong.

  4. Crabgretch says:

    I hope the Florida Supreme Court supports term limits! Commissioner Rodstrom and others like him need to move on. Time for a change. Him and his wife have been lucky to have the jobs they’ve had for this long. Time to take turns……………

    Thank you!

  5. Privacy 101 says:

    The President of the United States has term limits. Why shouldn’t Broward County Commissioners??

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Whats this John $ Charlotte Rodstrom endorsing Earl Rynerson. Hell no. First of all even though Earl does not say boo to either one of them states volumes. This whole Mayor run in my opinion is a prelude to him running after charlotte is term’ out. So he (Bo-Bo) can “bs” both the Rodstroms. They will never go against Mayor Seiler unless I was running,(well) oh wait minute Bozo there would sue me. So run there big Earl, run until the cows come home. As far as the Rodstroms going against bruce Roberts same deal. The only possibality is (long shot) i s Charlotte may want to discredit Bruce in the point that Charlotte runs for Mayor in 3yrs she somewhat discredits him. I doubt it since the Rodstroms where very influential in getting roberts elected in the first place(67 votes). If what stated is true don’t underestimate Comm,.Bruce Roberts by a long shot.Lastly as far as the term limits “Oh thank heaven for Att.bill sherer(eat your heart out Tim smith). I think all bets are off lets see what the Judges do. Hold off, before you place your bets.

  7. Wrong False Bogus says:

    Thank you Robert at least you dont insult us like your good friends Judy Stern and the Rodstroms trying to convice everyone they are not behind Jackie Scott in Romney’s race. You ignoring the Rogers race in your post confirms what is obvious, the Rodstroms are trying to take Rogers out.

  8. Frank White says:

    Robert: I see you post on many blogs in town but can never figure out what you are trying to say. Why do your posts always ramble on and on, and never make any sense? Can you have somebody look at your stuff before you post so that people can understand what you are trying to say.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Whats not to understand? there Frankie. i mean what i say bypass the grammar is pretty straight forward.

  10. JR equals BS says:

    What a crock, the only job he ever wanted. Then why did he receive $870,215.22 income from Wachovia Bank in 2007. Yes that’s right the financial disclosure form is on line. Over $800,000 jsut before the banks colapsed. He’s the problem not the solution.

  11. Charlotte Will Run says:

    Mr.Rodstrom won’t win anyway because the voters believe in term limits regardless of what the courts do.

    Charlotte Rodstrom will run in his place. Then he will be the de facto commmissioner with his wife following his orders on how to vote. She can beat Keachl. John can’t and he knows it.