John Rodstrom Not Running For Congress; Backs Kristin Jacobs


Broward County Commissioner John Rodstrom is not running for Congress.

Instead, he will introduce his colleague Kristin Jacobs at her campaign kickoff Monday.

“I came to the conclusion that I can’t do it,” Rodstrom said. “She’s been a colleague of mine. She has tremendous integrity. She’ll make a great contribution.”


Rodstrom: Jacobs Has “Tremendous Integrity”

Rodstrom was exploring a race for House District 22 in northeast Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The seat, reconfigured in reapportionment to contain more Democrats, is approximately the one now held by U. S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation.

The idea that Rodstrom would ever challenge Jacobs was somewhat puzzling to those of us who have been around Broward politics for awhile.  More than anybody else, Rodstrom helped Jacobs get elected to the county commission.

Rodstrom was in the minority in 1998, fighting some questionable fiscal decisions by commmissioners like purchasing land at Port Everglades for twice some its appraisals from developer Michael Swerdlow. Rodstrom moved to clean up the county commission in 1998.

He helped recruit the political novice Jacobs to challenge incumbent Commissioner Sylvia Poitier, who was a reliable vote for the developer-friendly majority controlled by then-Commission Strongman Scott Cowan.  Rodstrom helped Jacobs raise money and provided campaign advice.  In a stunning come-from-behind victory, Jacobs beat the incumbent despite being overwhelmingly outspent.

With Rodstrom out of the way, Jacobs becomes the only candidate challenging former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel for the Democratic nomination.   Former state Rep. Adam Hasner is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

Update: Here is George Bennett’s story in The Palm Beach Post on Jacobs’ kickoff.

7 Responses to “John Rodstrom Not Running For Congress; Backs Kristin Jacobs”

  1. Ben Graber says:

    Kristen is invited to call in on my show Feb.26 at 1 pm to state her opinion.
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    This week…The Birth Control Controversy…Who should be in charge?
    All male testimony in congress. All male panel on The Hannity Show.Was this representative of the issues? Where do women fit in? If you have a position call in Sunday at 1 PM Feb. 26, 2012.
    We’ll ask Former Mayor and congressional candidate Lois Frankel…, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Senator Marco Rubio to be invited guests. What do you think?

    The Dr. Ben Graber Gynecology Hour is a radio talk show devoted to women’s health and political issues. Ben Graber is a board certified MD, Gynecologic specialist who is a voluntary clinical associate professor in OB/GYN at the University of Florida and The University of Miami’s Medical Colleges. He is also a former F…lorida State Representative ,Broward County Commissioner and Mayor of Broward County. His Co-Host is the well known Karen Curtis( see bio)

  2. Kristin Fan says:

    John will be an asset to Christine in the east Fort Lauderdale community. She is closer to Washington with his help.

  3. residentofsunrise says:

    Lets see what happens next….
    Kristin will endorse Charlotte?
    We will soon find out!

  4. Zoltar says:

    This is awesome…Kristin belongs in Congress (much more than the tired old Frankel). Great move by Rodstrom.

  5. No Graber Fan says:

    Here we go again. Perennial loser Ben (I won’t take no for an answer) Graber rearing his ugly head over another congressional seat. A radio show on WFTL? What next? Gonna usurp another Democratic club from under dementia saddled leaders (Tamarac Dem Club, Joe and Mae Schreiber)? What other tricks does he have up his sleeve?

  6. Dr. Ben Scraper says:

    Nice shameless plug for your irrelevant radio show Ben.

    Here is what the sign says outside of Ben Graber’s office:

    ACME Abortion Agency
    You rape ’em,
    we scrape ’em.
    No fetus can beat us.

  7. Ed Cohen says:

    I also hear Graber is gonna run against Ritter. There is a poll being done. Watch out he’s a cagey guy. He may also try to topple Caesar and company.He’s no fan of Obama either. He’s a pro-Israel Zionist. He’s gonna make trouble for a lot of people.