John Rodstrom Considering A Race For Congress


Does County Commissioner John Rodstrom dream of becoming Congressman John Rodstrom?

“It’s not the night to talk about it,” Rodstrom told me while at a Fort Lauderdale City Commission reelection campaign celebration for his wife, Charlotte Rodstrom.

But Democrat Rodstrom’s name immediately surfaced Tuesday after Republican U. S. Rep. Allen West said he was abandoning his seat to move north to a more friendly district.

West’s district is anchored on the south by a big piece of Fort Lauderdale, Rodstrom’s base for two decades.

House District 22, which stretches from Northeast Broward through Palm Beach County, already has two Democrats running in it – former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel and environmental firm executive Patrick Murphy.  They have already raised more than $3 million between them, which would make Rodstrom’s entrance into the race daunting.

“I’m familiar with the district. A couple of people have come to me about it,” Rodstrom said.  “I can’t give you an answer today.”

A personal aside:  I believe Rodstrom would make a great member of Congress.  He is smart and has a solid background in local government. He is a moderate who is well-grounded in finance, which is the country’s biggest issue.

He really has little to lose, since he is term limited from the county commission later this year. Too bad such a race would be so tough for the Broward veteran.

Meanwhile, talk continues to circulate about Charlotte Rodstrom running for John’s current commission seat.  She has a good, solid  record on the Fort Lauderdale commission.  She won a major victory Tuesday night, crushing her opponents with almost 80 percent of the vote.  She would make a very credible candidate.

The problem: Former County Commissioner Ken  Keechl is already running for the seat. Thus, Charlotte Rodstrom would be the second major Fort Lauderdale area Democrat in the race.

But 60 percent of the seat after redistricting is now south of State Road 84. It’s an area largely represented by the third Democrat about to jump into the race, state Rep. Evan Jenne of Dania Beach. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaigns in that part of the district in the last few years.

Would Keechl and Charlotte Rodsrom divide the Fort Lauderdale vote, leaving Jenne the bulk of the rest?

And 2012 is just getting underway!


8 Responses to “John Rodstrom Considering A Race For Congress”

  1. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    He would make a great congressman.

  2. ENOUGH!! says:

    Please spare us… both of the Rodstroms are scumbags who care about no one but themselves! Broward County will be a much better place when they have both fallen off the politcal horizon. It can’t happen soon enough!

  3. Johnny C says:

    I agree with you, Buddy. How will John Rodstrom raise $1 million?

  4. Tiny Bubbles says:

    Charlotte is terrific. I think it is not premature to talk about her running for county commission since she would have to start campaigning now to catch up with the “men”.
    She went a long way towards forcing the city to look at development in a more sensible way. She is not a tool of the police or fire fighters. If anything, she is a tool of “the people”. I hope the people in Dania will soon realize that we just can’t say enough good about the woman.

  5. Floridan says:

    West cuts and runs . . . some hero.

  6. Nick Steffens says:

    John Rodstrom could not win a Democratic primary. He would probably have a better chance running as a NPA in November. He would just hurt Murphy and make it easier for Frankel. Frankel already has most progressives, women, Palm Beach people and jewish voters. Murphy and Rodstrom would be fighting over moderates, Catholics/Christians, Broward and men (non-Jewish.) Lois wins that three-way in a walk.

    Now, what about Kristin Jacobs?

  7. Truman says:

    Rodstrom would be fine…but Kristin Jacobs would be great! I seriously hope she enters the race. Would be shocked if she didn’t…she’s a natural.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Comm Charlotte Rodstom could beat Ken Keechl-3000 grand to the boyfriend-All day long.. Show this prissy, tacky queen a lesson Char-