Joe’s Ex-Girl Says God Is Punishing Commissioner


Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion ex-girlfriend says she knows the reason why rumors are sweeping the county commissioner and the media that he under investigation for corruption. 

josephus eggelletion two

Josephus Eggelletion


It is the hand of God for Eggelletion’s inequities, says Angelita Sanders.

“I prayed and gave it to the Lord Look how it worked out. As I have always said, Eggelletion has to pay for his behavior, Sanders wrote

That behavior includes fathering a child with Sanders.  He was married at the time, about two decades ago.
Eggelletion admitted the affair after a court ordered DNA test proved he was the father.

Sanders says Eggelletion started the affair when she was an underage student and he was a teacher at Dillard High. He continued the affair about eight years later, when Sanders was 25.

She sued for child support in Broward several years ago and lost.

 He offered $17,000 to settle the child-support case.  Sanders rejected the offer, claiming the offer was a pittance of the  money she has spent to raise the boy.

The court ruled she had waited until her son Omar was 18, too long to file the suit.  They also ruled against her because she signed a birth certificate that said her ex-husband fathered the child. 

Sanders is still angry.

“I must admitt I was very upset when Joe Eggelletion walk away free from supporting his son, she wrote “Joe Eggelletion stands for corruption. I wish him luck. He will pay for all that he has done.

Sanders e-mailed that she remains married to her husband Mark. Omar  is going into the military this month.

She wrote that Eggelletion has a new grandchild.

“I have a beautiful Grandson now, Sanders wrote. “His name is Omar jr.

Eggelletion's grandchild

Josephus Eggelletion’s grandchild

8 Responses to “Joe’s Ex-Girl Says God Is Punishing Commissioner”

  1. Time To Go says:

    Ethic violations, corruption allegations, having affairs with underage girls and having children out of wedlock. You are a fine example of a human being! Quit now.

  2. come on says:

    Is this news? This woman was and is a fraud. She lied and conned another man into being the father of her child and then when the money dried up went after Eggletion? She is not better than he is because she engaged int he coverup and tried to pawn off her son to another man. What a joke

  3. Marsha says:

    But she is not a county commissioner. She doesn’t have to have ethics, he should.

  4. Come On Come On says:

    I can’t believe that you justify a teacher Eggelletion screwing a 16-year-old student and later having a baby with her, while all the time his wife is at home. What a role model.This many has babies out of wedlock all over. You blame the women. I’m glad you are not a county commissioner.

  5. Resident says:

    Our elected officials represents us and are a reflection of us.

    So how in the world did Eggelletion ever get elected and get re-elected. The only answer is that those that elect him must be like him, and approve of his behavior. That they would like to be like him. They don’t see anything wrong with it.

    Well everyone deserves representation. I am only afraid that the district he represents will elect someone else just like him after he is termed out, since that is what they want to emulate.

    If true, his district will never achieve what they are truly capable of achieving.

  6. wow says:

    Resident, I think you should be named Racist. What District do you live in that your representatives are perfect, I would like to move there.

  7. Resident says:

    One where the Commissioners aren’t constantly in the paper over their illegal activities and questionable morals (as described in this article). Which is all the rest of the Commissioners.

    I may not agree with them, or even like. Heck sometimes what they do may have some problems, but none of them combined continue to rise to the level of this one.

  8. Willie Shear says:

    If he was molesting his student today, he would get life in prison. Eggelletion is lucky.