Joe Gibbons Tells Washington To Stop Special Cell Phones Taxes

Joseph Gibbons


State Rep. Joe Gibbons, the Hallandale Democrat who is on almost everyone’s short list for higher office, raised his profile by speaking out in Washington last week.

He asked Congress to prevent Florida from targeting cell phone users for special taxes.


A legislator who asks Congress to stop his own House from imposing taxes.  An anti-tax Democrat!

This one will look good on his resumé.

Gibbons appeared before the U. S. House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law.

He told the subcommittee he supported the Cell Tax Fairness Act of 2009.

The act would prohibit states or local governments from slapping any discriminatory tax on mobile services, mobile service providers, or mobile service property for five years after it passes. 

It defines “new discriminatory tax” as being imposed on mobile services, providers, or property, but not on other types of services or property, or that is generally imposed on other businesses at a lower rate.

Gibbons said the proposed act walks the “fine line of when federal intervention makes sense(preventing)  my state from targeting these consumers for additional excess taxes.

He noted adults living in poverty are more likely to use only wireless phones, which made Florida’s cell phone tax unfair. 

Gibbons told Congress that the current Florida cell tax rate was more than 20 percent!

He testified that taxation should not “punish disproportionately those who can least afford it and in Florida that is the system in place today.”

Being a cynical ex-newsman,  I checked Gibbons’ past two campaigns for the House and his current re-election. Maybe Gibbons was just a lacky of the wireless industry. 

I found no evidence of that. 

Gibbons received a pittance from the wireless industry.  His big benefactors are health care and construction businesses and the usual gaggle of Tallahassee lobbyists.

Gibbons, 60, came to politics late in life. He was first elected to the Hallandale commission in 2003 and three years later got elected to the Florida House.

Many insiders say he would make a great state Senate or county commission candidate.

Here is Gibbons testimony before Congress.


8 Responses to “Joe Gibbons Tells Washington To Stop Special Cell Phones Taxes”

  1. Why He's Popular says:


    Joe Gibbons’ political success comes naturally because of the kind of person he is. First, he’s a very regular guy with a great personality, his ego is always in check, and it’s easy to talk to him. People want elected officials who they like and can relate to easily. Second, he genuinely cares about his community and that shows in everything he does. Third, he’s smart. He has good ideas and knows how to put them to work, but if somebody has a better idea, he joins them. For Joe it’s never about getting credit. It’s always about doing the job right.

    When Joe gives you his word that’s as good as money in the bank. No contract has greater binding authority. There are never any surprises with Joe and that’s too rare in our political experience.

    Joe is my friend and I wish him, his family, his beautiful new wife and his soon to be born twins, all the best. You’re right. He is a great guy.

    Angelo Castillo, Vice Mayor
    City of Pembroke Pines

  2. its the bought and owned by Judy Stern club... says:

    Angelo and Gibbons

    wonder when Jenne, Sieler, Thurston and the Rodstroms will chime in.

    No need to ask about Eggletion he has his own problems.

  3. Seeing Judy Stern says:

    By seeing stern everywhere, you empower her. She is a loser. Ever hear of Scott Israel?

  4. Winner says:

    Joe is a future star of the Broward Democratic Party. Unfortunately Mitch Ceasar hates Gibbons and vows to defeat him in the future. That is an indication of how out of touch Ceasar is.

  5. Winner not says:

    If Mitch wants to hurt Gibbons its because of Stern. Someday these guys will learn buy sticking with her it just holds them back and creates enemies they would not otherwise have.

  6. All of them Stars says:

    Every single official listed is a star including Israel. People lose elections and come back to win all the time. All this focus on Scott Israel hints that Al Lamberti fears a big Israel comeback. He should focus more on cutting his budget, arresting drug dealers and so forth.

    But that’s not even the point here. This is about Gibbons who is doing a good job and his latest work to not raise cell phone taxes. Think of that a Democrat fighting a tax. Sounds good enough for me. As a resident I couldn’t care less who his friends are so long as I get value out of an official that way.

    Why do people have to be so hateful all the time?

    Get a life.

  7. Hallandale Guy says:

    It is disturbing that several posts contend Mr. Gibbons is a puppet of Judy Stern. Mr. Gibbons is his own man and votes his own way.

  8. fort lauderdale says:

    It is amazing that Judy Stern has any pull at all. Have you had conversations with her. Is she a high school graduate?