Joe Biden To Visit Enemy Territory: Broward






Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to raise money later this month for Charlie Crist in enemy territory — Broward County.

Most Broward’s Democrats are almost certainly going to back Hillary Clinton for president against Biden, if he runs.

Broward’s Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceasar is close to Clinton.

How close? She personally called Ceasar to congratulate him on his wedding.

No one can excite a crowd of Democrats in Broward like Hillary, except maybe her husband former President Bill Clinton.  When Hillary is mentioned in local Democratic clubs, the audience breaks into applause.

Broward Democratic machine was among the earliest supporters of Bill Clinton during his first run for president. In 1991, Broward Democrats gave Clinton the largest margin of any Florida county– 113 to 27 — in a straw ballot at the state Democratic convention, propelling the Arkansas politician from obscurity to a presidential contender.

Bill and Hillary have visited here many times since.

It is not that Broward Democrats don’t like Biden.  They just like Hillary more.

Biden will be the featured schmoozer at a fund raiser at the Parkland manse of millionaire lobbyist and political activist Mike Moskowitz, a former Broward Democratic committeeman. County Commissioner Stacy Ritter and her lobbyist husband Russ Klenet are co-host of the event.

Ritter and Klenet were among the handful of Broward Democratic activists who backed Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton in 2008. Are they telegraphing they will be supporting Biden in two years?

Biden is also planning a public event for those Democrats who can’t fork over five figures to break bread with him. It will most likely be at a local condominium complex, perhaps Wynmoor in Coconut Creek.

You weren’t on the guest list for the reception, where the top tickets are $25,000 for two? You can still get a look at the invitation below:


Dear ?????

Russ and I are co-hosting a dinner for Charlie Crist with our friends, Michael and Marilyn Moskowitz at their home in Parkland on Monday, October 13 at 6 p.m.

The special guest for dinner will be Vice President Joe Biden.

The Invitation is attached.

Arrival time for guests is at 4:30 p.m. We will be serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvres starting at 4:30 p.m. so that everyone will be in the house before 6 p.m. when the Vice President will arrive.

While the Invitation mentions personal checks, contributions can be by corporate, partnership or personal checks or credit cards. Payment can be made to Charlie Crist For Florida Or the FDP (Florida Democratic Party).

We are asking that you join us in what will be a unique opportunity to attend a small event and have dinner with Charlie and Vice President Joe Biden. We promise you a great meal; excellent wine and spirited discussion.

We would be honored and grateful if you would attend this evening with us and help support Charlie to become the next Governor of Florida.

I will call you this week to follow up.
Thank you for your consideration and friendship.

Stacy Ritter


3 Responses to “Joe Biden To Visit Enemy Territory: Broward”

  1. Ed Sconey says:

    We need Biden tying up all the roads in Parkland at rush hour to raise money for loser Democrats.

  2. Amazing says:

    Moskowitz can be so busy throwing these events and his law firm cant find time to comply with a Court order to mediate the LaMarca foreclosure? Heck Mike, how about churning out some discovery requests or having Chip deposed?

    Mike, does your firm usually allow Defendant’s in the cases you firm represents the bank in foreclosure matters to stay in the house a couple of years for free without your firm doing anything to forclose?

    Is Chippy just special?

    No need to answer, the scoreboard for the panthers with beach nourishment bed tax money supported along with favorable by Chippy for Sheltair and Metropica is answer enough.

    Unfortunate that no one will call on Moskowitz for comment about his role with LaMarca.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I frankly haven’t pad any attention to Ft. Lauderdale City or Broward County politics for decades so maybe I am off in my facts. But didn’t Parkland lawyer lobbyist Mike Moscowitz get his “start” as a lobbyist for developers when the Ft. Lauderdale City Commission appointed him to the Planning Board in 2004 or was he already a lobbyist? I believe the Ft. Lauderdale City Commission which holds official meetings and receptions on Jewish Holidays and names “Special Days in Honour of retired official” on ROSH HA-SHANA also named lobbyist Judy Stern to its CHARTER REVIEW BOARD during that time! At least Mrs. Stern is a Ft. Lauderdale City resident, a question in Mr. Moscowitz’s case.

    As for Mitch Caesar, who screams left wing sloans on MS-NBC then uses his Democratic Party position to make a fortune as, get this advocates for the poor and working class, A LOBBYIST!!!!!, he can’t control 1,000 votes in Broward County because everyone knows he’s a greedy phony.

    I know Joe Biden gets himself into trouble for stupid comments, and Jews, in Broward County or elsewhere HATE STUPID, but the election of 2016 is TWO YEARS AHEAD and a lot can happen in ONLY DAY!

    But the “elected” Democratic Party officials in Broward or even Miami-Dade or Palm Beach Counties don’t count for much!


    Moskowitz has been a lobbyist in Broward for decades. He has also been a Democratic activist and fund raiser for many, many years.