Joe Alu Delusional About Rothstein

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As a criminal defense lawyer, I understand it is my job to defend the sinner and not the sin.

Joe Alu, who is Scott Rothstein’s former bodyguard, has  taken it to the limit and a bit beyond.
Joe Alu
Joe Alu
No one — including Rothstein’s wife, siblings or even his mother and father — is suggesting that Scott was not the capo di tutti capo (the boss of all the bosses) in this billion-dollar scam.
No one except Alu, who says, “some people led Scott astray to do some bad things.  I don’t think it’s Scott’s fault.
What if Alu had been friends with others?  I wonder
  •  Pablo Escobar:  “Pablo was a legitimate businessman in the pharmaceutical supply business.  He had no idea that people were misusing his products
  •  Ted Bundy:  “Ted is really the victim here.  He was invited to a sorority party when he was attacked by a bunch of drunken coeds. It was self defense. He’s lucky he got out alive.
  •  John Wilkes Booth: “It’s all a terrible misunderstanding. You see John was a Method Actor.  He was doing an improvisational piece. He was told the gun had blanks. Personally,  I think Andrew Johnson set him up so he could become President
  • Osama Bin Laden:  “Negligence sure.  But not murder.  His family is in the construction business and he was misled to believe that they were rebuilding the Lower Manhattan area and he had the demolition contract on the Trade Towers.  I can’t begin to tell you how bad he feels.
 Notwithstanding Joe Alu’s protestations,  there is not a scintilla of evidence to support the notion that control freak Scott Rothstein was taking orders from anyone.
Far from doing Rothstein a favor, Alu’s remarks will infuriate the public and more importantly piss off the U.S. Attorney.  The latter may see Alu as part of a clumsy attempt by Rothstein to gain sympathy.
The only thing it will gain Scotty Boy is more jail time.

8 Responses to “Joe Alu Delusional About Rothstein”

  1. james says:

    very funny!

  2. CuriousO says:

    to Mr. Fields:

    as a criminal attorney, IS it your job to defend the sinner and not the sin?

    please elaborate.

  3. CuriousO says:

    to Mr. Fields:

    what defense would you use in defending Christian Chiari’s behavior? INSANITY?

  4. Willie Shear says:

    Mr. Fields,

    You are very funny.

    Joe Alu looks like a Loser. I find it hard to understand how beautiful woman like Kim Rothstein has fallen for him. He is disgusting with all those tattos and his steroid build.

  5. get real says:

    Alu is a GOOD Egg…a bit eccentric of late but can you blame him…Seems like he is having fun, enjoying life with everything it has thrown at him !!

  6. CuriousO says:

    to get real:

    he was married to sheila; he should be nominated for sainthood, and has already lived a hell on earth that being his marriage to sheila. anybody else married to her would have already killed themselves or committed themselves to an institution.

  7. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear curious
    If my client is arrested it is my job to make sure that the only evidence that is usable against him is that which is legal. Not withstanding the popular view, trials are not truth proceedings. Twelve people voting that O.J. was Not Guilty hardly means he did not do it.

    We are there to do justice which means that the truth may have to take a second place. Justice may mean that bad people go free. That is the price of having an independent judiciary and a government of laws and not of men. Integral to that system are lawyers free to fight for their clients without a fear of retribution from the government.

    In the history of the world there has never been a dictatorship that allowed these qualities.

    The “the first thing we do is kill all the lawyers” remark from Shakespeare comes from someone describing the steps to set up a dictatorship.

    Criminal defense lawyers are the first line of defense against an overreaching government…notwithstanding that our clients are bank robbers and child molesters, i.e. scumbags

    Even if proved reliable do we want tortured confessions admitted into evidence?

    Do you want the IRS to be able to make a case of tax fraud when they obtained the key evidence by breaking into your house without a warrant. And they selected because you because they wrote a letter to the editor demonizing the agency.

    When you can figure how to limit rights only to the wrongly accused let me know. I will be nominating you for the Nobel Prize.

    On the day a lawyer can no longer separate the client from his bad acts —hence the sin from the sinner–he needs to start doing real estate closings.

    Not sure who Christian Chairi is.

  8. CuriousO says:

    to Sam Fields:

    hmm, interesting.

    do you believe the system, as you described, is good for society? are we better off because of it?

    please elaborate.