Browardbeat Takes You To Big Fundraiser




State Rep. Jim Waldman is running for state Senate unopposed and the election isn’t until 2016.

That didn’t stop roughly 100 of Broward’s movers and shakers from taking time off Sunday from the holiday weekend to attend a Waldman fundraiser.

The event was in Property Appraiser Lori Parrish’s backyard at her Davie home.

Parrish asked to do a fundraiser for Waldman because of a bill he passed recently.

During the recent real estate bust, Broward was plagued with a wave of squatters who were moving into unoccupied homes. Exploiting a loophole in Florida law, the squatters were taking possession of the homes and were very hard to move out.

Parrish contacted Waldman, who rounded up a Republican co-sponsor and passed a bill curbing the abuse.

In addition to those in pictures below,  attending the fundraiser were Democratic lawyer and activist Larry Davis, lobbyists George Platt and Bernie Friedman,  real  estate investors Bill Murphy and Ira Cor and many others, including candidates and electeds.

Here are some pix (click on any of them to increase their size). Photos courtesy of David Brown, Waldman’s campaign consultant (campaigns are welcome to submit pix):

Waldman 4



Jim Waldman speaks while former County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman listens. 


Waldman fundraiser 2


House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston (left) and Dan Reynolds, head of the Broward AFL-CIO


Jim Waldman fundraiser

Behind Jim Waldman from left: Lawyer Mila Schwartzreich holding her daughter and Jim’s son Steven and daughter Jackie.   


Waldman 3


Lori Parrish and Jim Waldman




Ron Cacciatore, Parrish’s chief investigator, and state House District 96 candidate Steve Perman

5 Responses to “Browardbeat Takes You To Big Fundraiser”

  1. West Davie Resident says:

    Darn. Why wasn’t I invited? I could have walked to Lori’s house. And glad to know the Reps and Governor Scott actually allowed a bill against squatters to become law. Good job Rep Waldman.

  2. Lisa Franz says:

    Got to love Jim, Lori, Dan and Ron.

  3. Guess who says:

    Write it down, there is going to be a very competitive primary for this seat. Waldman is no shoo-in. Remember when Stacy Ritter was definitely going to win this seat?

  4. Coconut Creek Voter says:

    Same old story. Waldman’s wife is a sleazy lobbyist.


    Jim Waldman’s ex-wife is a lobbyist/lawyer. They have been divorced more than a decade. His current wife is non-political.

  5. Sam The Sham says:

    Wow! All those Democrats and not a single arrest.