Jeeze, Can’t They Leave Us Alone! Candidate Files For 2024.




Jeeze, can’t they just give us a break?

We just got over a very stressful election. My guess is most people are sick of campaigns and candidates for awhile.

Yet Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Robert McKinzie’s mind is already on his next election .

McKinzie filed papers to run for Broward County Commission.

In 2024!


Robert McKinzie


I know the common wisdom is to jump into a race early. But four years early?

This is getting ridiculous.

McKenzie is actually running for County Commission before he gets sworn in next month to latest term on the Fort Lauderdale Commission, which he won without opposition this year.

He doesn’t even know what District 9 will look like in four years. It will no doubt be redrawn after the next census is released. 

Right now the district leans heavily to Lauderhill and Lauderdale Lakes. Maybe McKinzie of Fort Lauderdale believes he needs four years to get known in those two communities. 

One potential drawback for McKinzie — Lauderhill and Lauderdale Lakes are filled with voters who have a Caribbean heritage. Like Jamaican-born Holness.

Caribbean voters may decide to back one of their own rather than McKinzie, an African-American who was born and bred in Fort Lauderdale.

Holness, who also just got reelected, appears to be termed out in 2024. He is widely assumed that he wants to run for Congress or some other post.

So Holness won’t be a factor on the ballot in this race. But he will surely influence who replaces him. 



12 Responses to “Jeeze, Can’t They Leave Us Alone! Candidate Files For 2024.”

  1. Is Plantation in the district? says:

    It really does not matter to him , he lives in Plantation. Everybody knows it, ignores it.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. City activist Robert walsh says:

    First the description ” bred” can come across as racist. I know from following u for over decade know u r not but the wording is questionable. U make a very valid point about Caribbean residents not in line w/ voting for an African American.One could ponder would former senator Chris Smith run again.Mr.Smith gave Comm.Holeness a real run for his money.

    Mckinzie is and has been a very good commissioner for his district. Just look at all the CRA monies he gets for his district to open and operate businesses. Oh he scores,big time.By filing the paperwork now and becoming a candidate I’m assuming he could start accepting campaign contributions. Could be a good strategy.

    Look at Trump he starting campaigning the day after he won in 2016.U bring up a good point in reference to people are over elections for a while.This past recent election and being the yr.of the Black vote(every Black candidate won) again

    I would have ran for mayor and tried bumping Trantalis. Yes,w/ winner take all and area residents voting to eliminate Trump every ft.lau Black voter would of course vote forMr.Mckinzie.Plus those two meaning Robert/ Dean there is no line in the sand.One would ask can’t stand each other more.Oh yeah no love lost there.If again being so early the strategy must be thr money and taking in cash etc.

    Again his biggest obstacle would be former state Sen Chris Smith.Will see.

  4. Fowl says:

    Watch the money. By filing now and collecting money and continuing to do so over the next four years, his lifestyle and meals will become campaign expenditures. He might collect $1,500-$2,000 a month and he’ll also spend that amount. It’s his meal money.

  5. A reader says:

    The wheels on the bus go up and down.
    Up and down.
    Up and down.
    The wheels on the bus go up and down,
    All through the town.

    The pols on the dais go round and round.
    Round and round.
    Round and round
    The pols on the dais go round and round.
    All through the towns.

    OMG!! Another retread do nothing politician skipping from office to office.
    Broward County citizens deserve better.

  6. Johnny come lately says:

    Dale doesn’t even have a college degree. Congress. That community is screwed

    Mckenzie didn’t do a thing for the people he represented.

    Do better

  7. Johnny come lately says:

    Dale doesn’t even have a college degree. Congress? That community is screwed

    Mckenzie didn’t do a thing for the people he represented. He probably wants contracts…like his predecessor

    Do better

  8. Bob says:

    McKinzie has claimed a homestead exemption on property in Plantation for years. Why the City of Fort Lauderdale allows a non-resident to sit on the commission is beyond me. (Although Jack Seiler didn’t have a problem with it when he drafted McKinzie to replace Bobby DuBose). It might be understandable if McKinzie actually offered something productive while he sits on the dais. Alas, he simply consumes oxygen in the room. He’s the most useless, non-responsive politician in the county. He won’t even answer the S-S candidate questionnaire.

    Just one more example of the slipshod governance in Fort Lauderdale that is ruining the city.

  9. Tell the truth says:

    BCC get over $600k A YEAR to ‘run’ their office, including staff salaries, travel, etc. expenses. Plus a pension. Who wouldn’t want that? And any ‘left over’ tax payer funds they haven’t spent, they can donate/give away to 501-3-c’s as they wish.

  10. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    If the voters in his District didnt support him HOW DID HE GET ELECTED TWICE DESPITE HOLNESS MOVING HEAVEN N EARTH TO DEFEAT HIM? MAGIC BEANS? If he is NOT QUALIFIED WHY HAS NO COURT AGREED? I mean VOTES n LEGAL DECISIONS determine govermance AND THE FACTS not unnamed bloggers or social media wackos

  11. Meredith says:

    McKenzie has done an awesome job for the FTL district he represents. He helps and gives freely of his time and resources whenever possible. Of course there will be those who have a different opinion, if it did not serve their agenda. But no sane onewith knowledge of the community can Truthfully say he’ s done nothing.
    Oppose if you wish NOMORE (slandourous liar)! POLITICS MAKE STRAMGE BEDFELLOWS

  12. City activist Robert walsh says:

    I will tell u this Comm.Mckinzie is well liked in his district. I over the yrs.have had several of his friends call me.Regarding when he was under investigation for precisely what some of u have pointed out.Once the SAO finished their investigation and he was cleared I made it a point that be put in the newspaper.It was.So that being stated I wish him well.Again ,Buddy have u gotten .comment from former State Sen.Chris Smith.Does he plan on running for county comm?