Jaemi Levine’s Clemency Letter For Gallagher


Candidate Jaemi Levine’s letter asking for leniency for convicted embezzler Bev Gallagher has become an issue in her northwest Broward School Board race.

I don’t think the letter is all that much. 

I don’t know how close Levine was to Gallagher.

Were they really friends?  

I do know that this letter is nothing more than what one friend would do for another. 

Some claim the letter shows a lack of judgement, sticking up for a crook .  I disagree.

Levine clearly tells the judge that Gallagher “must pay for her mistakes.”  She was just asking for some mercy, and is that so wrong.

I believe Gallagher got the right sentence.  Levine had a different point of view.

Below is the letter with its innocuous language.  You decide.

(click on it to enlarge)

10 Responses to “Jaemi Levine’s Clemency Letter For Gallagher”

  1. Broward Parent says:

    I have to agree with you on this one. It is what one friend would do for another. However, this is the problem for her: she aligned herself with a guy running a web site and facebook that uses guilt by assocication to slander good people. She can’t have it both ways.

    She either decries the tactics of her chief benefactor or she takes her lumps as being associated with a covicted felon who took bribes from the FBI. She also should explain why she was friends with Patti Akins-Grad, if she is going to allow her followers to throw mud at civic minded people who beleive in participating in the democratic process.
    When you are complict in trying to ruin people’s reputations, however unsuccessful her machine is, excpet Karma to slap her hard.

  2. Git R Done says:

    Excuse me, they didn’t know each other at all. There is no way that they had EVER met each other either. She was just doing this to show like she was being nice feeling sorry for her.
    She isn’t and NOT doing that at all for Kraft, is she? She’s not implying that Kraft did nothing wrong, but, she sure did in the letter about Gallagher.
    She keeps saying that she’s running to stop the corruption on the SB, well, what the hell did she write a letter about Gallagher then? WTH? BUT, not about Kraft?
    You can guess why because “she” wants to be elected.
    OMG, what a “drama queen” and how she lies. She’s a dumbass for sure.

  3. What she says & what she do says:

    Jaemi SAYS shes against corruption BUT didn’t she write a letter for corrupt Gallagher – who apparently she does not even know

    Jaemi SAYS shes for honesty BUT did she pay the required deposit before installing signs in Coral Springs

    Jaemi SAYS shes for transparency BUT has she filed her financial records for this election Q

    Jaemi SAYS she doesn’t drink BUT didn’t she polish off a bottle of tequila last Thanksgiving

    Jaemi SAYS she us ethical BUT didn’t she campaign on school property during a school day in front of staff and students

    Jaemi SAYS shes 100% disabled BUT doesn’t she spend hours at campaign sites on the hard concrete

    Jaemi SAYS she wants a positive race BUT has she stopped her friends/BCS from posting disgusting and unproven comments about other people

    And then there’s the question of the police report of July 20, 2008

    Your actions speak far more loudly than your words, Jaemi

  4. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    @What she says & what she do says:

    I don’t drink either, but having to listen to you bitch and moan is liable to find me downing a bottle of booze.

  5. Broward Cleansweep says:

    Hey Chaz, these shills can drive anyone to drink

  6. Willie Stark says:

    I always look at the candidates finance filings before I cast my vote. It’s scary how much these “public servants” are in the pockets of the lobbyists.

  7. Question for Willie says:

    If you were a candidate running for office and a lobbyist gave you a check would accepting that contribution cause you to become a dishonorable official?

  8. Jaemi's Wrong says:

    Levine has bad judgement to write a note like that. It shows she will not clean up corruption, but be blind to it.

  9. SimpleMan says:

    I hope that Jaemi’s clemency letter for Stephanie is just as nicely written. I would actually like to see a writing a clemency letter for Stephanie contest. I also want to say that I find the ugly comments from the Dave Thomas supporters to be quite over the top. Do you shills not realize that this is a campaign for the local school board and the level of personal attacks and ugliness is not appropriate. I cannot believe that Dave has not come out and distanced himself from the petty personal attacks coming out of his misguided group of on-line supporters. This is not the kind of leadership the district needs and looks like more of the same arrogant bullying behavior that Kraft exhibited.

  10. Broward Parent says:

    The Shills for Jaemi Levine have done the same and far worse. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

    You have to wonder what or whom Jaemi has seriously wronged to have that kind of info leak.

    I am glad this is almost over.