JAABlog: Superlobbyist Ron Book Daughter’s Fairy Princess Wedding



My pals at JAABlog — the source for Broward Courthouse news — always have something interesting online.

This one is about a television show videotaped at Lauren Book’s recent wedding. She’s the daughter of Ron Book, the multi-millionaire lobbyist.

Book’s wedding was the talk of Turnberry, where it took place.  There were 755 on the guest list, according to the Miami Herald.

Lauren, 23, graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in education (That makes two of us!). Her groom was Kristopher Lin, 22, a high school sweetheart and a scratch golfer on the Hooters Pro Golf Tour.

Sexually molested by her nanny in a well-publicized case, Lauren recently wrote a children’s book which encourages kids to report abuse.  It is called “Lauren’s Kingdom.”

She is also starting a non-profit group to help abused kids.

Much of Florida’s political establishment was at the June 7th wedding.  Now you can see it on WE tv’s Platnum Weddings series.

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4 Responses to “JAABlog: Superlobbyist Ron Book Daughter’s Fairy Princess Wedding”

  1. Davie Resident says:

    Now we know what happened to all that money paid to Book to get The Davie Commons approved. He pushed a bad cause. He used the money for a good cause.

  2. Bill says:


    Thanks for the kind words about our blog.

    I want to stress, however, that oftentimes our “interesting” stuff comes from our readers via anonymous tip or a comment in the comments section. The wedding story is just one example, which was a comment from someone going by “Ron Book is a waste.”

    The blog, and the changes finally happening at the courthouse, are now taking off because people aren’t so afraid anymore to voice their opinion or drop a line when they see something shitty going on (or find something just plain weird, which is my take on the wedding).

    Thanks again,

    Bill Gelin

  3. Tonto says:

    Anbyody who spends $1 million for a wedding when people are starving in a recession is like Marie Antonette — “Let Them Eat Cake.” Remember what happened to her, Mr. Book. She was overthrown and her money taken away. Your day is over. You are old and you are through. You should have saved the $1 million.

  4. Ron Book Fan says:

    Ron Book is one of the finest lobbyists and most honorable lobbyists I know. He always gives a large percentage of his fees back to charity. If he wants to throw a big expensive wedding for his daughter, who are we to complain. It keeps the economy going and God knows the economy needs it.