I’ve Heard….

From The Courthouse grapevine:

  •  Judicial Qualifications Committee has completed its investigation into the case of a Broward judge whose alleged indiscretions were widely publicized in the media. The JQC isn’t making anything public, which usually means either a quiet slap on the wrist or they threw the complaint out.  Bottom line:  What was billed as a big scandal apparently didn’t impress the JQC.  


  • Another judge is worried about being challenged for re-election.  So he has put out the word: “Any judge supporting a challenge against me, will face a challenge themselves.from my wife.


5 Responses to “I’ve Heard….”

  1. Pistol Packin' Justice says:

    I don’t think Seidman has his wife run for office. I think he pulls out the gun from under his robe and handles it that way.

  2. First campaign ad says:

    Broward Taxpayers do you know where $250,000.00 of your hard earned money went last year….

    To pay severence to the former general counsel of the North Broward Hospital District who was found to be incompetent at her job and only worked 3 days a week while spending the rest of her time at her mansion in North Carolina.

    Running for office hmmmmm, thought she was so ill that is why she never came to work, yet now she can campaign full time, interesting.

    Disclaimer: FBI, DEA or other LEO Agency you may get an anonymous tip from that claims this was a threat, this email was merely a work of satire and not a threat.

  3. So Many says:

    There are at least five judges under investigation in the past year by the JQC. My guess this is Gardiner. That is the assumption of JaaBlog today, also. Did your readers know about the rumor that chief witness against Gardiner, ASA Sheila Alu, filed a Bar grievance against Howard Schienberg over this incident?

  4. Finally Get 'Em says:

    The JQC can’t look at Seidlin or Speiser. I believe they are out of the clutches of the JQC, but there is always the Bar.

  5. LOL Laura says:

    Jeez. The Adjudicator is threatening judges with his wife????

    That’s pretty funny if true.

    Oooh…run against Laura Seidman…..how is she going to campaign? From Ashville? What will they do up NC when the First Couple of North Carolina isn’t there to judge at the County Fair?

    What will Lee Jay do when he has to stay in Broward County for five full days a week since he and the little woman can’t spend their usual 4-day weekends up at the McMansion in the Mountains.

    What a joke…..She’s got more baggage than him…and given all the crap he’s done, that’s saying a lot.