I’ve Heard That….

Barack Obama snuck away from his press entourage on Friday in Miami-Dade County for an unscheduled fund raiser thrown by Tim “Timbaland Mosley, the hip hop entertainer and music producer.

Timbaland had been a Hillary Clinton supporter in the primary and threw her a $1,000-per-ticket fund raiser in March.

Sources inside the Obama campaign say Timbaland’s event raised several hundred thousand dollars.  A number of National Basketball Association players were at the fund raiser, along with hip hop stars.



Timbaland, 37, owns two expensive homes in Miami-Dade. There is his $2.6 million apartment on South Beach.  Four bedrooms and five baths overlook Biscayne Bay.

Then there is his sprawling $3.5 million, seven bedroom estate in Pinecrest. 

Timbaland is known for shaping the music of Ludacris, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and many others. 

 ….By Buddy Nevins

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