Scott Israel’s Toughest Job Begins–Sheriff




Scott Israel is soon going to find out – it’s much easier to run for sheriff than to be sheriff.

He can’t depend on all those hypocritical Democrats strutting around his swearing-in ceremony Tuesday. Most of them sat on their hands during his campaign or covertly backed defeated Sheriff Al Lamberti.

He can’t depend on the county commission. The worst thing he could do is let this bunch tell him how to run the department.

No, the Broward Sheriff’s Department works well when professionals and not pols run it.

And Israel is a professional cop.

The job is not going to be easy.  It is biggest than anything Israel has done in his life.

BSO has 5,500 employees and a $680 million annual budget. It has one of the biggest jail systems in the state. It has the largest road patrol in Broward County, policing everything from West Park to Parkland.

Israel can say goodbye to quiet evenings at home.

His time will be taken up 24/7 by everything from jailbreaks to crime waves to county commissioners pressing him to cut the budget.

Add to that the management pressures of running such a big business – hiring decisions, developing rules, disciplining out of line staff, negotiating with unions, etc.

There is no tougher, more high-pressure elected job in Broward.

Israel will have help.

He has surrounded himself with a new collection of veteran law enforcement types.  He has bought on board Ron Gunzburger, the whip-smart lawyer son of County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, who should keep all the “I’s” dotted and the “T’s” crossed.

In the end, there is only one sheriff.  For the next four years, that sheriff is Scott Israel.

Only the sheriff can stand before cameras on those tear-stained nights when a deputy has been shot.

Only the sheriff can reassure the frightened when a hurricane is raging.

The sheriff is our symbol of right in a world where much is wrong.

There are nine county commissioners. Can you even name them?

There are dozens of judges.  Can you name any?

But Scott Israel stands alone.

And his big, big, big job starts today.

I believe he is up to it.  Let’s hope I’m right.



16 Responses to “Scott Israel’s Toughest Job Begins–Sheriff”

  1. Dear Abby says:

    Sadly SB Member Abby Freidman is playing politics again. While all the other SB Members were doing their job at the workshop today, I saw Abby was whooping it up at Israel’s swearing in. We who make up your District do not want you to be out schmoozing we want you working. Show up to work Abby.

  2. Disrespect says:

    I see on Facebook that Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca appears to have blown off the Sheriff today to hang out with Rick Scott.

    As a Commissioner representing BSO cities like Deerfield, Pompano, and Oakland Park it seems the Republican LaMarca put partisan politics above his residents yet again.

    It seems obvious that LaMarca is not going to be receptive to the Sheriff or BSO from here on out.


    Actually, he was at the sheriff’s swearing-in. The schedule worked out so he could go to both events.

  3. Sw neighbor says:

    Oh boy. We can expect a lot of glorious blogs (scripted by none other than Ronnie Gunzburger yes the son of Suzanne Gunzburger and the Ronnie Gunzburger that ran for judge and lost) to appear from time to time. Ronnie don’t forget you have a day job

  4. voter says:

    I am sure (and confidant) he has mentally prepared himself after his second campaign run for the job. He’ll do just fine as long as he puts us the paying public and our interests first.

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Dear Mitch

    Why such sour grapes bro?

  6. Typical says:

    I guess Chip didn’t want his Republican peeps to see he attended, since he puts it on facebook every time he passes wind. Good for Chip though the Sheriff will probably not forget any time soon that is was Chip as BREC Chair waiving around Israel’s BREC application in 2008.

  7. Chip??? says:

    How can a grown man call himself Chip?

  8. Whatever way the wind blows says:

    Interesting I see Chip just put on Facebook he attended the swearing in of the Sheriff. Do you think it is because of the posts on here? Ah Chip good to see how much control blog posts have over your thought process.

  9. Just saying says:

    Chip was hoping his BREC friends wouldn’t find out he went to the swearing in. He was outed. What a hypocrit,after all Lamberti did for him.

  10. Whatever way the wind blows says:

    From LaMarca’s Facebook today…

    Chip LaMarca
    I plan to continue to use Facebook as a resource to let everyone in Broward County (who is interested) know what I have done on behalf of the county because I believe that much of my time is there investment. Thank you!

    Dear Chip, slack must be given due to your lack of higher education beyond high school, but you improperly used the word “there” instead of “their”. May I suggest getting the latest copy of MS Word, it actually does spellcheck on your FB posts.

    I look to your next FB post in response to what is written on this blog.

  11. Just saying says:

    Did Chip LaMarca graduate high school? The man is a disgrace. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame , Chipster.

  12. Don Turner says:

    Buddy is correct in pointing out the tough job Israel has but Israel has hit the ground running. In the first 24 hours, he suspended Poole and Wheeler, something that Lamberti would not do. Now the foul air of corruption is finally leaving BSO. The innocent woman in Tamarac might be alive now if the new sheriff had been afforded a transition period by the corrupt Lamberti. Lamberti’s office had 79 reports of this woman’s insanity and Lamberti did nothing to correct the problem. The result is tragic.

  13. Dear Moron says:

    Uhh, Wheeler retired, he suspended Benjamin.

  14. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    # 11

    If by “graduating high school” you mean third grade, then yes… Chip graduated with honors.

  15. Don Turner says:

    I erred in my comment about some of the Lamberti clan and thank the commenter for correcting me. It was indeed Benjamin and Poole who received paid suspensions. Frankly, there were so many scandals during the Lamberti reign that it boggles the mind and unless your a full-time community activist which I am not, you need a scorecard to follow the action.

  16. Chip at Congress Swearing In says:

    Chip great seeing you hamming it up with Lois Frankel and DWS today at the Federal Courthouse for their swearing in. Cant believe this has not made your Facebook page yet. Oh wait Harrington supporters already hate you for double crossing her for BREC Chair and Hasner, he knows how little, I mean how much you helped him against Frankel. Smart Chippy, keep sucking up to those D’s they are going to be quick to support you against your Democratic challenger next year, lol.