Israel Roasted With Humor: See The Videos


The best weapon in campaigns is humor.
Sheriff candidate Scott Israel is going to find that out soon.  Israel has been the target of screamingly funny robo calls featuring an impersonator using the voice famous Republicans who are highly disliked by many Democrats — Richard Nixon, Pat Robertson and George W. Bush.  They also have YOUTUBE.COM videos using the same script, which you can see here: Richard Nixon, Pat Robertson and George W. Bush
The message:  That Israel is really a Republican. 
The truth: Israel switched from being a life-long Republican to a Democrat right before filing for the sheriff’s race.

4 Responses to “Israel Roasted With Humor: See The Videos”

  1. Lame-o Buddy says:

    Pretty sad Buddy. At least now you can’t claim to be an unbiased reporter. Why the venom towards Scott Israel? Then again, it really doesn’t matter given that all of about 10 people are reading this blog at the present time.

    Predictions for tomorrow:

    Israel 42%
    Lemack 34%
    The rest of the pack: 24%

    Preductions for November:

    Israel 57%
    Lamberti 43%

  2. anonymous says:

    Hey Buddy

    Why did you fail to mention this 527 is for Lemack. You seem to be checking the 527’s latle you will see it mission statement is for rick lemack. As always you are a shill for Barbra Miller. This stuff is not funny its actually sad. Back in the day I never heard you say anything bad about Ed Stack, Butterworth, Lippman, Cochran when they switched parties. While I thik Udollf is a piece of crap as well at least he was man enough to say his problems with Israel to his face at Wynemoore who unlike Lemack who still tries to claim he has no ties to the group. I give credit to the Israel campaign, they have not gone negative on any of thier opponents.

  3. Frank says:

    It’s 32-30 and closing lame-o

  4. anonymous says:

    and its closed lameO

    the lemack pack has packed it in