Israel Raises $39 K; Granteed Kicks Off Sheriff’s Campaign


Scott Israel is off and running in his second race for sheriff.

Israel raised $38,685 in the first quarter of his campaign, according to a report filed Thursday, July 7.

Israel’s fund raising sounds like a big number.  It must be remembered that the sheriff’s race is expected to cost at least $500,000 per candidate.

Most of the money came from bail bonds folks and cops.  He wisely spent very little this early in the campaign.  He did pay a little to his political consultant Amy Rose.

The same day Israel filed his report, Louis Granteed formally opened his campaign account at the Supervisor’s of Elections office.  Granteed is the assistant police chief of Hollywood in charge of investigations and support services.


Hollywood Assistant Chief Louis Granteed begins run for sheriff.

The two are vying for the Democratic nomination, which means they will have a costly primary.

The winner will presumably face incumbent Sheriff Al Lamberti, a Republican, who has not formally announced his re-election yet. Lamberti will probably not have a primary, thus he can save all his money to campaign against the Democratic nominee.

Israel lost a close race to Lamberti in 2008. Grandeed is a political novice.

21 Responses to “Israel Raises $39 K; Granteed Kicks Off Sheriff’s Campaign”

  1. LOKI says:

    There are a few political novices out there that are doing pretty well. I would prefer a novice over a career politicial. I’m am concerned about some of the stories Granteed. I would like to see Granteed clear some of it up. If it is the Isreal team pushing out propaganda so be it I don’t vote for negitive campaigning anyway. Does anyone really know Granteed ?

  2. Up Close says:

    I know people in the Scott Israel campaign and they are focused on defeating Al Lamberti. They do not consider Granteed to be a serious challenger in the democratic primary and don’t plan on wasting their time, energy or resources in that race. That was Lamberti’s strategy last time. It will not work again.

  3. Up Close says:

    Forgot to mention that it does seem strange that Granteed and his handful of friends have not so nice things to say about Israel but only fine comments to offer about Lamberti. Granteed needs to be asked directly if he is a shill for Lamberti. He needs to say why he thinks Lamberti should not be re-elected. He needs to state publicly that he will refuse any employment in the Lamberti administration. Until then nobody will take him seriously.

  4. Siobahn says:

    The negative stories being spread about Granteed are all false. Just as you suspected, they are being spread by the Israel campaign. Scott Israel told Chief Granteed that he was going to say and do anything it took to win.

  5. Change The Record says:

    All you Israel people do is spread lies, false information because that’s all you have. I am voting for Granteed because of all office your constant negative attacks. It obviously shows he is a true professional and really Cop not a politician because you can’t get him to bad mouth people like Sheriff Lamberti. Good for him, finally someone that will not fall for your usual bull. Granteed for Sheriff. I would definitely be worried about him if I was with Israel….

  6. dems for dollars says:

    Here’s one of the many sun sentinel articles from the time.

    You could ask Kevin Companion about what happened, but he’s in federal prison today. Lou Granteed: if you want a single woman to vote for you, tell us the truth about these incidents! If it was all made up, why did the city of hollywood settle for more than half a mill?

  7. says:

    It appears to me that Lamberti’s people are stirring up dirt on the blogs like this about Israel and Granteed. He is the only one who benefits from smearing Democrats.

  8. Death Frog 3 says:

    These smear tactics are from the Israel team. I know for certain that Ron Cacciatore is looking for and spreading exaggerations and innuendo with hopes of being the undersheriff for Scott.

    I have personally had the conversation with him right outside the TAO. There were witnesses too.

  9. IsNotReal says:

    You can find the truth yourself if you knew how to read. Granteed was never accussed of any type of sexual harassment you idiot. All thiese lies and false allegations are from Scott Israel and his frends. It all desperation because Granteed is a much better candidate who is a real Democrat unlike Israel who switched from Republican to Democrat after FAILING AGAIN to not get a job.

    Also, Granteed doesn;tsay anything bad about Lamberti, but he also never says anythign bad about Israel. Why pick on Israel when everyone already knows how dirty he is and how terrible his character and record is from 2008. He can try and smear anybody he wants, but he is totally smeared all over Broard and will never recover from it.

  10. LL says:

    what happened to the story about my neighbor Adele and her big endorsement of a candidate for Sheriff? Did her candidate decide he couldnt afford both her and Gert Weinberg or did Ron Mills realize he was violating party rules by endorsing one Dem over another?

  11. Smart Move says:

    Here’s the difference between someone slow and a fucking moron. It may take a little effort but you can teach a slow person a thing or two and help make them better people. A fucking moron is a fucking moron and no matter how hard you try they will die a fucking moron. Best to avoid them.

    If you don’t see how clear the signals are that Lou Granteed is a full fledged member of the Al Lamberti campaign then you are a fucking moron and no amount of teaching otherwise will make a shit’s worth of difference.

  12. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Good luck to him. I mean anyone has a chance to beat Al Lamberti. Stick to his record and all the incidents under his watch. Deputies bringing in contraband, the steriod scandal, . Deputies pulling people over and stealing there money from their wallets(not kidding). I mean really Sheriff, go work for Gov.Gooober there up in Tallahasse. more the merrier.

  13. prolific guest says:

    Hey Smart Move, did someone drop you on your head? Al Lamberti is a lifelong Republican. Louie Granteed is a lifelong Democrat. If you are trying to get people believe they are in cahoots, you are the moron!

    I assume based on your lack of intelligence and vulgarity you must be a Scott Israel supporter.

  14. Smart Move says:

    See, I told you. No amount of teaching will make a difference. Best to just leave it alone. People out there already see it.

  15. Broward Politico says:

    Israel has baggage that he can’t overcome. Many people won’t vote for him, and rightfully so, because of his baggage, which was exposed in 2008. Granteed is not the answer. He has baggage too. The Hollywood PD is the cesspool law enforcement agency in Broward. There is a 3rd person waiting to jump into the Democratic primary.
    He is someone with no baggage and with a strong reputation for integrity, honesty and professionalism. Hopefully, our next Sheriff.
    He is a breath of fresh air.

  16. Death Frog 3 says:

    Your “breath of fresh air” must not be a cop. The fact is anyone who has been a cop long enough to be Sheriff has too much “baggage” to win an election.

  17. Broward Politico says:

    He’s not a cop and he’s not a politician. He is highly qualified and will be the breath of fresh air in a county rife with corruption.

  18. Captain Marvel says:

    Broward Politico,

    What’s your special candidate waiting for? Until all the campaign contributions have dried up? Perhaps until all the endorsements and pledges have been made? Does he like to enter the game when the score is already 36-0?

    You can’t just label someone as having baggage. You have to prove it. Granteed doesn’t have baggage. What he has is nervous competitors who wish he had baggage!

  19. Death Frog 3 says:

    We’ll see.

  20. Central Broward says:

    The only reason people attack a particular candidate is because he or she is more popular, creditable and experienced.

    A real candidate doesn’t have to negatively attack his or her opponent. I don’t buy any of the attacks on Hollywood Assistant Chief Granteed. I do believe all the poor character ad ethical issues with Scott Israel because I followed it through the 2008 Election.

    It is amazing that Hollywood Assistant Chief Granteed has been negatively attacked with lies and false information by the Israel group for months. He has only been an official Candidate since the beginning of July.

    It becomes clearer and clearer, Hollywood Assistant Chief Louie Granteed is the best candidate and can rise above all the negetive attacks and remain focused. I like the fact that he gets accused of not attacking Sheriff Lamberti, which obviously coems from the Israel camp. This shows he is highly professional, ethical, experience and has a lot of character, which is needed in the Sheriff’s Office.

    It is unfair for the Broward Politico to characterize a person and label allegations against someone that are not true. I have done extensive research on the issues for years.

    The Hollywood Assistant Chief has never done any of the things accused of in these blogs. He has tremendous character by not responding and getting caught up in it. Smart move!

    Up until these recent blogs, I would consider the information posted by the Broward Politico respectful and note worthy, but not anymore.

    I work at the BSO and have met the Hollywood Assistant Chief many timesand have heard him speak to many groups. The negative attacks are from his opponent who is scared and knows he can’t win against him. The attacks are to try and muddy up a perfectly good candidate.

    Granteed clinched my vote. He stands for all the right things and through all these blogs definitely shows he is strong and a true leader that can rise above it all.

  21. Parkland Resident says:

    I am not a blogger as some would presume. I am a business woman in Parkland for many years and have met and heard Louie Granteed talk to groups of business people.

    I think he is a very professional, intelligent, knowledgeable and trusting public servant.

    I have discussed the race with several friends that have known him for many years. It is quite refreshing to hear the positive feedback and the fact that everyone holds him in very high regard. He is well respected and a sincere warm person.

    It is troubling that people post such negative things without any substance or truth. However, I trust my friends and the people Louie Granteed is associated with over the years. That tells me more than anything about him and his character.

    The person listed as Central Broward said it very nicely and I agree. My friends and I will support Louie Granteed for Sheriff.