Is This Judicial Candidate Kosher?


There is no member of the Florida Bar named Mardi Anne Levey
Wait a minute. 
Wasn’t Mardi Anne Levey on the ballot August 26 running for Group 3 Circuit Judge?  Isn’t Marti Anne Levey due to be on the ballot in November in a runoff for the same post against Bernard “Bernie Bober?
How can a candidate run for judge if she’s not licensed to practice law under the name that appears on the ballot?
Marti Anne Levey’s bar license is under her married name, Marti L. Cohen
What’s all this name changing about?
She lost a race in 2006 using the name Marti Levey Cohen. So when she came back this year, it was as Levey.
I have no idea why she thought Levey was a better name on the ballot than Cohen.
The question of the day:
Is it kosher to change your name on the ballot at will when you are running for judge?  Like kosher food, judicial candidates are held to a higher standard the Judicial Code of Ethics.
I’m not a lawyer.  Someone else will have to decide.
Maybe the Judicial Qualifications Commission?





2 Responses to “Is This Judicial Candidate Kosher?”

  1. anonymous says:

    interesting point, but its been done before, marina garcia wood was her name on the bar website and then it was marina wood on the ballot.
    FROM BUDDY: Marina only moprhed her middle name into an initial. The woman I wrote about used a last name different from the one on her law license.

  2. Zzzzzzzzzzz says:

    God only knows she deserves to have herself brought before the JQC (and others). She’s actually licensed as Mardi Levey Cohen with the Bar.

    Don’t know if the Bar allows you to license yourself under your maiden/married names when your legal name is something else. Maybe a JOURNALIST (hint hint — Buddy, or if not, maybe Bob Norman) could look into that issue.

    All I know is that in my opinion, she is heinous and would be an abomination to the bench.

    And I agree, I have no idea how Levey is better than Cohen for a ballot — maybe she wanted last position on the ballot (Bober, Dijoles, Levey) instead of the middle position. Her name is plenty Jewy, regardless of which she uses.

    In this case, a Rose(nberg) by any other named doesn’t smell as sweet.