Is Postelnik Running For State House Or Congress?


Yomin Postelnik has had enough.  Enough of national health care.  Enough of what he believes is Washington’s anti-Israeli slant.

Enough of Barack Obama.

The only problem is that he is a candidate for Florida House, not U. S. Congress.

Postelnik is running for state House District 91 to replace Ellyn Bogdanoff.  The other Republicans are David Maymon and George Moraitis Jr.

Maymon and Moraitis both live on the Planet Earth.  Postelnik is living on the Right side of the Moon.

Like the wacky Republican Scott Yardley in northeast Broward, Postelnik is more focused on using his campaign to rant against the traditional Right target of Obama. 

Yardley is more dangerous.  He appears filled with visions of God and seething against those he views as not righteous enough. 

Postelnik, who is running in northeast Broward, is just goofy.  

Yomin Postelnik

Postelnik’s latest campaign vow is a whooper:  

“I pledge that upon my election to the Florida House, I will introduce a bill of censure against President Barack H. Obama. While this should ideally be done by Congress, the states cannot fall asleep at the wheel or shirk our duty as parts of a greater America. Being a state representative is an awesome responsibility and one that demands us to stand up to this insanity.

He explains why a state representative candidate is taking on the president:

Being a state representative is an awesome responsibility. Had local politicians and the equivalent of state representatives stood up in Chile in the late 1960s there would have been no radical government of Salvador Allende that terrorized the populace.

“Had local politicians stood up in Venezuela in the early 1990s, there would have been no Hugo Chavez.

“And had local leaders raised their voices in Cuba in the 1950s, the murder squads of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would have gone to Russia instead of wreaking havoc 90 miles off of our shores.

“We need to be keenly aware that failed dogmas have been allowed to take hold on every continent of our globe because local leaders have failed to articulate their sound beliefs. I am aware of this and I pledge to do something about it.

“We must also take measures at home to prevent the spread of terror. There’s a reason why radicals have recently been able to recruit supporters in record numbers.

Really?  Postelnik needs a new history book.  That’s not the point.

He is another example of the loony Right infesting the Republican Party.  He is using House races not to run a real race, but to fume against Washington.

Luckily, Postelnik seems to be going nowhere if contributions are the measuring stick.  He raised just over $5,700 and kicked in $17,650 of his own money, as of March 31.   

District 91 voters have better choices:

David Maymon, who has about $113, 000 in the bank as of March 31, is a non-practicing lawyer and a health care executive who grew up in Hollywood.  He is single.

George Moraitis Jr., who has about $45,000 in the bank, is a lawyer and former U. S. Navy submariner who grew up in Fort Lauderdale. His wife, Heather, is a community activist and he has two children.

Either one would be a more effective leader with realistic goals than Postelnik, who would use his position as a sounding board for the right. 

A vote for Postelnik is a wasted vote.

9 Responses to “Is Postelnik Running For State House Or Congress?”

  1. Communist Plot says:

    “A vote for Postelnik is a wasted vote.”

    Thanks for the advice Buddy but I think it is time for Republicans to stop letting Democrats decide our primaries.

  2. T. R. says:

    Postelnik is crazy. He doesn’t have any idea how the Legislature even works. All he writes and talks about is Israel. Guys like him destroy any good will Israel has left in this country.
    He’s from Canada and I wonder if he is even a citizen

  3. Yep Thanks Buddy says:

    Anyone who you’re making a fuss about is probably someone Republicans should look at. Censure Obama? Sounds good to me.

  4. No State Issues? says:

    A look at his website shows a whole lot on state issues. Just saying….

    Property Taxes

    At a time when our district is faced with record home foreclosure, the problem does not need to be made worse by confiscatory government taxation. First and foremost, assessment values need to come down to reality. Government must find other ways to sustain revenue without further endangering the homes of families and individuals in our district, especially those of thousands of seniors who live on a fixed income.

    This issue is profoundly important. Every attempt to address it has been met with an outcry that if we lower our property tax rates we endanger our essential services. But why is that police, fire and other emergency services are always the ones brought up by proponents of unsustainable property tax rates? Why is no discussion given to curbing arts funding, city sponsored recreation events or other noble, but non-essential projects that should not take priority over protecting the homes of our citizens? The answer is clear. We must find new and better ways to make government work, ways that do not involve endangering homes or otherwise harming families in the District.

    Encouraging Local Business Development

    Small business is the bedrock of the livelihood of families and individuals in the District. Across the nation, most jobs are found in the small business sector. Simply put, family run businesses are vital parts of our community.

    But family businesses have been ignored for far too long. As the federal government concentrates its efforts on propping up large banks and corporations, Florida must take a different route.

    The most comprehensive solution is to allow struggling small businesses that are still deemed viable, to hire pre-approved counselors to help with restructuring and other critical needs. Such a move would enable teetering businesses to stay afloat. Unlike most government spending, this form of aide is quickly recoverable. It’s a step up, not a hand out, and it enables the bedrock of our economy to sustain itself.

    Protecting Our Shores from Terror

    National security is also a State responsibility. Much talk is made of our porous borders, but all too many ignore the most porous of them all and the most rife for terror; our Atlantic Seaboard.

    While protecting our coasts remains on much of the nation’s backburner, you can be sure that terrorists aren’t putting it on theirs. It’s our responsibility to do something about it, fast. My plan is to strengthen monitoring along our entire coastline, including the Gulf of Mexico. Doing so is essential to our security. No part of Florida can be allowed to become a point of entry for those who seek to harm this nation.

    Protecting the Rights of Our Seniors



    I never wrote he didn’t have state issues.

    He just concentrates on national issues. Just look at his Facebook page, where he fumes against Washington daily.

    As far as the ideas you mention, they are as unrealistic as his views on Washington.

    His plans don’t make sense.

  5. Danny Levine says:

    Our security is a local issue, and it is connected to our nation’s foreign policy. We need candidates on all levels of government who understand the dangers America faces, and are prepared to meet these challenges.

  6. Frank White says:

    Property taxes are a local issue. The state constitution prohibits state property tax. So is business development to some extent. What is preventing businesses from hiring consultants already?

    The third issue is a federal issue. It is unlikely he will acomplish anything if these are his main goals.

  7. Open Letter: House candidate Postelnik Responds To Buddy : says:

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  8. Richard Pratt says:

    Buddy you have no idea how looney Postelnik is. In fact you better watch what you write about him because he has a history of going off on people who criticize him online. A few years ago there was this blogger in Texas who totally tore apart some article Postelnik wrote where he “proved” the existence of God, and Postelnik just slandered the hell out of the guy for months and months, vandalized his wikipedia page, called him a drug addict and a thief and child molester and then when he got caught (because his IP was totally all over the wiki vandalism), tried to say he was being set up. He isn’t just part of the fringe–he’s past the fringe and into the 8th dimension. And the “No State Issues?” guy who commented above? Thats probably Postelnik in sock puppet form, who else would just copy-paste from Postelnik’s own website? I don’t doubt there are plenty of serious GOP candidates to vote for. There’s only one way to react to this guy…back away slowly…!

  9. Chris Klemow says:

    Pretty dumb, saying you want to censure a president who just cut taxes for 95% of Americans. duh