Is Lieberman Squealing On Others?



Now that it is clear that County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman is talking to prosecutors, I’ve got to wonder:

Is she talking about anybody else?


Ilene Lieberman: What’s She Saying?


Let me speculate a little.

Assume that prosecutors would like Lieberman to squeal on others. Tamarac politician Beth Talabisco is small fry compared to some of  the political insiders Lieberman knows.

She was never shy about calling me at the Sun-Sentinel to drop a dime on her political enemies. Is she being as free with Satz’s guys?

Most likely her attorney has confined her cooperation to the developers Chaits and Talabisco.

But what a chorus she could sing!

What does she know about other commissioners like Stacy Ritter, another good friend of hers?

How about the waste industry?  How about the gambling industry which she cozied up to when casinos were approved?  How about the bail bonds folks?  Developers?

The list of special interests Lieberman knows and supports is endless.  After all, she’s been a commissioner for 15 years.

What she must have heard commission corridors!  Can’t she point prosecutors in the right direction?

What strikes me is that the Chaits were largely unknown in the public until this scandal.  They weren’t major players in the development industry.

Lieberman’s familiar, political consultant Bev Stracher, was a minor league player.  She was neither the top consultant, nor even a big-time lobbyist.  The Chaits were probably her biggest score ever.

If Stracher was allegedly receiving $100,000 to lobby for this project, can you imagine the other deals that went down at Government Center?

The biggest question remains:  Why let Lieberman and Stracher go to snare a small fish like Talabisco?

If Lieberman was willing to rat on Talabisco one of her best friends and a neighbor — why not others?

Are there others she will stab in the back for Satz?

Are there others who, to paraphrase a famous playwright, will be crying tomorrow:

Et tu Ilene?

10 Responses to “Is Lieberman Squealing On Others?”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Is Comm.Ilene Lieberman a “squeller” you guest it. What I don’t like Buddy here she sits as a Broward County Comm. running around all over town(state Att off) making deals etc. to keep herself out of jail. She is no better than the people she is giving the 411 on. What gets me these “stool pigeons” know about all these shady deals etc. but do nothing about it until the shit hits the fan or in Lieberman’s situation when the state’s Att. Off. comes calling. Why didn’t you drop your dime so to spek when you knew what Talabisco and others where up to. Was ok then huh. So anything goes for little red riding hood as long as she (and don’t forget her husband here,)gets immunity.I’ll say this anynoe that has played ball should be very careful of her. No wonder she and Att/Comm. Alu are friends. I’ll bet Alu is coaching her every step of the way,from how to answer questions from her (alu) office to down right what to wear. (remember make-over-although nice taste). In exchange for lIeberman endorsing Alu for her County Comm, Seat.Dig deeper Buddy ,your getting there. As far as Lieberman a squeller, but of course she is. Pathetic all the way around. Lieberman should resighn at once. All this information that I am getting lately is all about Comm.Lieberman. Once everything is in order I am going to ask for her to step down during a Delegation, but first I want to see how far she takes this and more importantly what the State’s Att. Office plans on doing w/ her. Full immunity? will see. Remember Att.Satz your election is around the corner. Step up to the plate and instead of making plea deals and granting i’m assuming Immunity how about putting people like Lieberman & others behind bars. Good work Buddy….

  2. Chaz Stevens says:

    Hey Walsh;

    Your writing is so fucking bad, I think it gave me cancer.

    Thanks bro!

  3. Where the bodies are buried says:

    Since Ilene has been soooo close to Stacy Ritter over the years, I can only guess what she knows about Stacy and Russ and their dealings that she could squeal about.

    My hunch is that the state or feds have been investigating her for awhile, and she has been singing like a bird about all kinds of things she knows to help her get her charges reduced and make a deal.

  4. Bob Adams says:

    “Lieberman should resign at once”??? Think about this… regardless of what you think of Ilene Lieberman (or others), the LAST thing Broward needs is Governor Rock Scott APPOINTING tea partiers of his choosing to the Broward County Commission!

  5. NoseBleedSeats says:


    The Chaits are amateurs, not players at all. They have demonstrated this in so much as they got causght doing what most developers do all the time.

    Stracher went to work for Lieberman after her RRA hubby filed for divorce. They are codependant and should be co-defendants.

    Tamarac Elected Officials are small fish in a big game. Satz rep as being soft on other elected officials continues with his current “I’m tough on corruption farce”. He hasn’t touched anyone who could hurt hurt him in 12. The Portier crowd will continue their support. Lieberman/Ritter, etc… Feds nabbed everyone, but Wasserman-Rubin and she was finished anyway.

    The Chaits corrupted one single project in a way that was simply stupid. None of the real corruption is being dealt with and won’t, that’s the “Broward Way”

  6. Dee Dee says:

    Brilliant analysis.
    You are right that Lieberman must be talking about others. I would like to know if she recorded her conversation with other commissioners and lobbyists.

  7. Right says:

    Stracher should be in jail. She appeared to be in the middle of it all.

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To Stracher should be in jail. She is what they call a soldier. She will do & say anything Comm.Lieberman states or demands of her. W/out “little red riding hood” Ms.Stracher has no job. So she is motivated to keeping her job. You work for a woman who’s sense of values and intergrity is severely compromised. At the end of the day run from that postion as fast as you can. One would try to read between the lines was Starcher given immunity also?? Stands to reason by all accounts Comm.Lieberman must have been given this(immunity) because why else hasn’t she been arrested?? This is actually a bullet point for Mrs.Talabisco. Comm.Lieberman stated in her dispostion that she tried to persuade Talbisco to reconsider her support for the Chaits project that was going before her. So by what lieberman states could be stricken on grounds this is hearsay. One word against another. I;m sure if Talabisco takes this to trial she will then suponea Lieberman. Will see. Bottom line Comm.Lieberman’s aide is just as shameful as Lieberman. Good point previous blogger.

  9. Yo Walsh says:


    go ask your gal pal judy who the unidentified female informant is in the joe eggs invesitgation. i dont dispute your view it just seems silly that you defend Judy so much. Dont you find it interesting that she never sued new times to find out who the ghost of whitey bulger was? why would someone of judy’s wealth not sue to clear her name and expose who wrote it? unless it was true?

  10. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “Yo Walsh” hold on a minute there. So your saying because Judy Stern did not get a court order to get the IP address for “ghost of whitey bulger” makes all of what he said true?. That statement is pushing it. My father was good friends w/ Whitey Bulger(nothing to brag about-birds of a feather)and I never heard Judy Stern’s name before until I got involved w/ politics. To say that Judy turned Eggeletion in is a long shot.Who squelled on Egge? So you think it was Mrs.Stern. Ok.